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Pre-roll ads removed from Brighteon video playback; video transcoding capacity upgraded and speeds improved

Mike Adams

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As promised, — the free speech alternative to YouTube — has complete several core upgrades that enhance performance and video viewability. The site is free to join.

Over the last 10 days, the following features have been rolled out:

  • Removal of pre-roll video ads, which means your videos start playing immediately, with no pre-roll interruption.
  • Significantly upgraded video transcoding capacity, meaning your newly uploaded videos are processed very rapidly, often in 5 – 10 minutes. (This upgrade just went into place last night.)
  • Faster video playback initiation, thanks to adaptive bitrates that start out the videos at a low bitrate, then adaptively upgrade the bitrate as available bandwidth allows. This results in video plays starting almost immediately, with almost no perceptible delay.
  • Relaxed channel views requirements. We’ve slashed the channel view requirements in half, allowing users to unlock higher video upload capacity with fewer total channel views.

More features are coming to Brighteon this year, including subscribes, Twitter-like text messaging capabilities, home page video categories, donation button integration with SubscribeStar and more.

To help fund, we’ve rolled out a donation button in the site masthead, and we will be experimenting with text links that promote approved content sites (from the indy media) in the weeks ahead.

Importantly, all these new changes have dramatically decreased our operations costs, making Brighteon more sustainable. As it gets more popular, however, we will need to find creative ways to generate the revenue to pay for bandwidth, hosting, storage and video transcoding. All donations are appreciated.

Many new channels are joining Brighteon

The Truth About Cancer has just joined Brighteon and will be uploading hundreds of videos about cancer, vaccines and natural health. Episode One of their The Truth About Vaccines is live now at this link. It features Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and many other experts on vaccine safety and vaccine science.

John Mark, creator of the wildly popular “Civil War 2 – Who Would Win?” video has also joined Brighteon and is uploading many of his most popular videos (which will likely all be banned by YouTube soon). See his brilliant analysis of civil war 2 in this video, and check out all his videos at this link.

The popular commentator Josh Peck is also on Brighteon and has begun uploading new videos again after our new feature upgrades went into effect.

See more videos every hour of the day (and night) at

Request an invitation to join Brighteon at this link:

We are working hard to add more features to Brighteon while protecting your right to express yourself without censorship. The more you use Brighteon and share your videos and channel URL, the faster you help us grow and attract more users.

Thank you for your support.