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How the Big Tech cabal is killing WND

Joseph Farah

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How the Big Tech cabal is killing WND
And how only our long-time friends, fans and allies can save us

By Joseph Farah

For more than two years I’ve told you how the Big Tech cabal has been killing WND.

I wish I could tell you that things were getting much better, though if anything, I have downplayed the crisis.

Nevertheless, as you'll see below, I can share one really hopeful development that could make a big difference in our future.

As you may know, for more than 22 years WND has blazed the trail in independent online journalism.

  • We were the first to enter the playing field in 1997.


  • We were the first to begin publishing books – many of them bestsellers.


  • We were the first to begin making documentary films – some of them bestsellers.


  • We were the first to incorporate a Judeo-Christian worldview into our reporting, books and movies.


  • We were the first to be approved to cover the White House and the Congress.
But, as I’ve told you, beginning in January 2017, with the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Big Tech declared war on us and the rest of the independent media it blamed for his victory in 2016. They haven’t forgiven us.

And their assault on independent media goes far beyond just censoring, shadow-banning and rigging search results against us. They've destroyed the essential advertising-based business model of online news.

Recently, as revenues have continued to plummet because of the Google-Facebook hammerlock on 80 percent of digital advertising, we have had to stop publishing books. We have had to stop making movies. And we have had to appeal to readers for donations just to continue to report and publish the news.

Worse yet, there is no end in sight. There are only three forces on Earth powerful enough to take on this hateful, un-American, leftwing, anti-God monopoly – this new Tower of Babel. Those three forces are God, the U.S. government and you, the American people.

I pray every day for relief. God has provided us with daily bread as He has promised. Government has held lots of hearings but, in the end, done nothing. And you have answered the call every time we have asked.

Still, it’s been a nightmare for us.

We’ve lost 80 percent of our revenues since 2017. We are essentially operating on fumes.

If WND means something special to you, we continue to need your prayers and your financial blessings. While some of our friends in the independent media have billionaire patrons, you should know that we do not, and never have. We've always operated the old-fashioned way, earning our own way. We spend only what we take in through revenues and donations.

But we do have some good news on that front.

Recently, I formed a non-profit company that can take in tax-deductible donations to support this work. It’s called the WND News Center. If it’s successful, it will allow us not only to survive, but to grow again – maybe even to recover to where we were back in 2016.

If tax-deductibility makes it easier for you to make donations, large or small, to the cause of the free press, free speech, freedom of religion and a future in which America can maintain free and fair elections, now is the time.

It’s as easy as any online donation can be – either one-time or repeat transactions. Just remember

If you prefer to support the WND News Center by writing a check for your tax-deductible donation, the address is WND News Center, 580 E Street, P.O. Box 100, Hawthorne, NV 89415-0100.

If you don’t care about the tax deduction, you can continue to make your financial donations the old way through WND’s online store. It’s up to you.

And, please, don’t forget to keep us in your prayers. We can feel their effectiveness. They give us great encouragement to keep fighting on.

These are tough and crazy times in America. I’m sure you see that. We thank you for recognizing our unique work, our determination, our courage and our fearlessness. We thank you for yours.

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