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30 December 2018
Dear Patrons and Readers,
It has been almost eight years since I spoke to you about the beginning of the Arab Spring and the Syrian Civil War. At the time I remember being encouraged by the reaction of regular citizens of the United States and other countries who refused to be fooled by the fabrications of the Globalists, and how each of you, in your own way, resisted the propaganda and said clearly to your respective governments - No, We Will Not Approve Your War. I remember too, that I warned you of how it would be likely that your wishes would be ignored, your objections dismissed. Sadly, this prediction was also proven true.



Finally, though, it appears that this chapter may be coming to a close. It seems to us to be an auspicious start to this New Year, and we pray that each of you hold true to your vision of your family, community and country thriving in the next phase of this great adventure.

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In God,
Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland