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The Alt-Media’s Answer to Fake News

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Alt-media websites are being demonetized by the gatekeepers of the mainstream internet. Without steady, dependable revenue, these alt-media websites will close down.

That would be a huge loss for everyone involved in the alt-media space — content creators, website visitors, as well as advertisers.

That’s why we have come up with the Commodity Ad Network — the answer to the not-so-hidden agenda of getting rid of the alt-media. We are bringing together alt-media websites with advertisers who care about the alt-media and want to help keep the alt-media message alive.

With the Commodity Ad Network everybody wins. Website owners can monetize their content without being censored. Website visitors can enjoy 100% privacy while browsing these websites. And advertisers can get access to millions of individuals focused on several niche markets, such as precious metals, cryptos, energy, sound finance, prepping, and many others.

Watch one of our videos below to learn more about the Commodity Ad Network. Or go ahead and apply now to become part of our ad network either as an alt-media website or an advertiser.