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LSorcha Faal

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22 April 2017

Hey Folks!

I know many of you listening, but how many of you are hearing? 

What part of you living in the midst of the greatest war in human history don’t you understand?

Is it because you don’t see the bodies of this war lying right outside your doorstep?  After all, in America alone, the past year has seen over 50,000 drug deaths and another 30,000 from shootings—and that get added to the 48,000 suicides and 250,000 yearly deaths caused by medical errors.  

At its most gracious adding up, this wars death toll in America alone for 2016 is over 378,000—and the planned civil war hasn’t even started yet!

You not recognizing these war deaths for what they really are is designed too—after all, how peaceful can any nation’s citizens really be when they realize how deadly globalization really is?

Last year too, when some of the top theologians gathered in America they said this: “Globalism is far more than 'geographical' or 'eliminating national borders and boundaries', it is spiritual and demonic at its core.  Few — very few — understand this.”

As to why globalization is demonic at its core is very simple to understand—it requires the elimination of all religious thought and the abandonment of all human morality in order to create a human society of “pets” whose lives are controlled by and for an elite class of individuals.

The path to globalization leads to societal decay that America and the European Union are prime examples of today—and the evidence is right before your eyes, if only you’d see!

Human beings, you must understand, comprise both physical and spiritual attributes, but globalization seeks to destroy everything spiritual—otherwise people would see it for the monstrosity it really is that falsely leads one to a dead-end path where death is more preferable to life.

Now let me tell you a “secret” you’re not allowed to know—what is happening in America and the European Union today was tried in Russia during the 1990’s after communism collapsed—but the Russian people rebelled, a civil war ensued, the economy collapsed and this nation was brought to the very brink of ruin.

Today, though, all Russian people are protected against medical errors, its drug use rate has fallen below that of the US, its suicide rate has fallen to a 50-year low, and as the Sisters recently told you about, the “Miracle of Russia” has poised this nation to be the richest in the world.

To understand how Russia came back from the complete ruin of globalization is simple—they returned to God and today have become the largest Christian nation on Earth!  

Also, where in America the globalist schools have become nothing more than indoctrination centers eschewing all religion and morality, in Russia, Christian education is now mandatory for all of its children—and if anyone doubts Putin’s motives let them beware—this is a man who has vowed to protect Christianity at all costs, even if it means nuclear war!

Now just yesterday, Sister Ciara had to ask you all for support again—and though many of you listened to her words, did you really hear them?

For nearly 15 years, in countless countries throughout the world, the Sisters have done nothing more than tell people the truth—with their having only one goal in mind, you’re right to know what is happening.

Today I’m despairing of their mission and am coming to believe that the vast majority of you reading these words have forgotten what the truth even is—can you prove me wrong, PLEASE?

It has always been astonishing to me that the Sisters, year after year, and month after month, have to humbly come to your “digital doorstep” begging for what is in essence their right to tell you the truth—when the fact is that if each and everyone of you just clicked HERE, and gave just $20, they’d be able to operate for a whole year!

I’m not trying to offend any of you either, it’s just me trying to understand why you don’t value the Sisters work for you that costs only 5 centone); __qcckel) a qca=P0-916and you can call me old fashioned if you’d like, but I, at least, still live by the words given to all of us by our Lord that promises: “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.[Luke 6:38]

Was our Lord lying to us?  Let me know.   

As always, please feel free to write me at with any comments/questions/suggestions and remembering to put ATTN:BRIAN in the subject line.

All the best folks,






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