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March 5, 2013


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From: KE


Sent: Tuesday, March 05, 2013 1:16 AM

In love and light Patrick and Anne,

As the fourwinds10 website was attacked, the unhived mind attack is gone all together.  Now maybe he/ or she has shifted elsewhere, I do not know.  However, I am sending you info of when the website was attacked back in 2011, and the site disappeared for awhile and came back of which I was able to send you his views.  These topics are from a forum that the unhived mind website presented of the historical view at what was occurring  throughout the world; might I remind you that this was the first shut down.  I was providing you information when the website resumed.  It makes sense to me that the fourwinds was attacked for information that you provided from the Phoenix Journals,  Pakalert, Natural News, Unhived Mind, and various others in that one may coordinate a pattern of deception that can be interpreted  by anyone.  By viewing Poof, Benjamin Fulford’s latest, Casper’s latest, and the newspeak of the propaganda from msm, it is no wonder why the unhived

mind had to be shut down and the fourwinds attacked.  However, in reading Benjamin Fulford’s  blog, we all know that Liz is a criminal as the rest of the ilk.  The attachement is depicts the flow of information from the first shutdown, and where this was going in exposing the truth.  The information is in alignment with the journals on truth telling for sure.  The blogger rates the website as number 2 of which I agree, because I rate fourwinds as number 1.  Note:  the rating does not say conspiracy theory, but conspiracy.


In love and light, KE



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