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THE BETRAYAL OF CHRISTOPHER STORY (Updated by Comment from Benjamin Fulford - Sept. 24, 2010)

George Karavelis

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The tragedy of life or the fatalistic existence leaves us with a multitude of dual meanings. The infamous Play writer just might be focusing the theatrical tragedy on the audience ( ie, the citizen) themselves. Was Christopher Story’s tragic death, the real tragedy ? After all, the “ Editor” endowed his extensive following with a sense of a sophisticated, but complex ideology of economic reality, and the extortion that it breeds.

The Editor’s professor like analysis and theories that encompassed the mechanics of fraudulent financial instruments, and their misappropriation by international financiers for deceptive and chaotic purposes, has no equals.

Therefore, antagonistic and self defeating statements towards the Editor, by immature and divisive contributors, well known to the Four Winds family, are detrimental in the larger scope of things.

My focus and ultimate concern is to call upon the positively recognized of Christopher’s impeccable sources and his unrelenting distractors, at the same time. Not enough credit, or credence is given to one specific source( Christopher’s credible and reliable informant), that has been relentless in his pursuit of re-educating the misinformed. My wish is that one day, very soon, that everyone will know this gentleman’s name, as his dedication and exhaustive research is second to none.

The other side of the spectrum, will be to call out, two writers, that for all intent and purposes, are in the business to crucify Christopher Story, rather than write a brief testimony to him, with all ill feelings they feel, temporary neutralized.

I will address both distracters, here and now, in a professional manner, nothing less is appropriate. Both players ( writers) are quite appropriately distinguished, without their full names attached to this writing.

The first distracter, is of Canadian extraction, and is more self conscious with “ Rumor Mill News” posting his “subscription based” Newsletter than to inform his readers when he actually was privy to the (dis) information that Christopher was indeed alive. If this writer, was not threatened, as he indeed claims he was, would the gentleman have shared the latest scenario ( Story’s temporary resurrection) with his reader’s as soon as advised. In addition, am I to interpret sir, that British Intelligence confides in your trust, regarding Mr. Story’s tragic and heartfelt demise ( or is it hypothetical).

The second writer, based out of Venice , California , is well known for his periodic blog, weather it is unadulterated fiction or fantasy, the call rests on each individual reader?? This gentleman, not only believes Christopher is alive, but he now resides in Toronto , Ontario !!! He also believes, that Christopher Story, as an MI-6 operative( his words, not mine) took part in the murder of Dr. Kelly, in the UK . Sir, you have some major questions to answer, including how Christopher relocated to Toronto , without his family having knowledge of this. Was Christopher invited by the Bronfman Family for a permanent vacation, and never asked his family to come along??

These questions will open the Pandora box to the abyss, it seems more likely, than not.

George Karavelis

September 21, 2010



----- Original Message -----
From: Fulford Benjamin
Sent: Friday, September 24, 2010 1:01 AM

Response to George Karavelis about Christopher Story,

George Karavelis has publicly asked when I found out about the death of Christopher Story. The answer is that I was informed he was alive by a senior member of MI6 that his death was fake because they were afraid I would set in motion actions to avenge his death. The article I wrote about the group behind his murder is something I wrote before I found out he was still alive so I did not deliberately lie in that article. It was after that article appeared that "they" informed me he was still alive. That would have been sometime in early August. 
I have not heard any details other than that he was alive and his death was faked in order to put pressure on certain factions in the battle for control of the new financial system. They asked me not to mention his death and, usually if a source tells me to keep something off the record, I do so in order not to lose the confidence of that source. Th at is why I kept silent for a while. In this case, I was forced to break my promise to the source because there was an intensive campaign on the net to blame me for Story's death. Story did not help his case because he falsely accused me of threatening him. He can be a prickly character but that is part of his charm. 
I have also since heard that Story was forced to agree to his faked death and become silent or else be "horizontalised" because certain very powerful people were upset with his disclosures. 
We are hoping to use money earned by our subscription blog to hire a reporter in London to try to fill the gap he left. This may take a couple of more months to set into motion. We all miss his reporting and the gap he left will be hard to fill.