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Sorcha Faal / David Booth

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From: DG
Sent: Wednesday, December 30, 2009 3:49 PM
Subject:   Sorcha Faal / David Booth
17 August 2009   
Question: Concerning Sorcha, an Internet search revealed that she was discredited by David Booth in the "" site, yet some additional information written by another person indicate that David Booth and Sorcha Faal are one and the same person. Is that true? Cosmic Awareness: First of all, this Awareness does not see the latter part of the statement as true or accurate. They are not the same source or individual. As far as the discrediting of Sorcha Faal by David Booth, this Awareness does not see David Booth as highly sincere or to be completely trusted himself.
The Sorcha Faal information is largely being presented to the former Soviet Union bloc countries and others who are not, strictly speaking, part of the Cabal of the Western world, yet who still are somewhat involved as is evidenced by their own actions against their own peoples. They too are part of the global New World Order, but there is still far greater freedom in those nations to report information that is completely censored in the Western world.
This does not mean that Sorcha Faal is always completely correct either, or that there isn't a predisposition to attack the West because of former Communist temperments and opinions.  In other words, many of the reports feed that previous way of thinking that was held by those of the Soviet Union against their Western enemies. This does not mean that the reports do not have validity, as has been seen in the three examples that have been presented today. It is simple enough that this Awareness is suggesting that even though there is truth in these reports, there is still bias in the reports.
The entity David Booth is a source of "disinformation" as well as information. Often that which he reports is not entirely true or accurate, and yet there are those other reports that do have high validity and truth to them. The best way to disinform a people is by giving them the truth and then slipping in that which is erroneous, that which is deceitful, that which is meant to misguide. The individuals reading the truthful reports will not then question that which is not the truth, and it is through this procedure that many are led astray.
Thinking that they know the truth of the matter, they then present this truth to others, some of whom are taken in, some who reject the truth; but the important matter here is to understand that this information is best achieved and best served when there are elements of truth in reports that will mislead and misguide. This individual David Booth is seen to be someone who is a source of disinformation and is not entirely accurate in his own reporting.
Therefore, to suggest that Sorcha Faal is inaccurate is more a way of distracting individuals who may be reading reports by her on the Internet, a way to misguide and mislead, for if

those who read David Booth trust him implicitly, they will also trust that what he says about the individual Sorcha Faal must also be true and correct. This is simply not so. Does this answer the question? Questioner: It does to a point. If her information... I understand it is a group of people, so that just one person is not involved in this.

Cosmic Awareness: This is so. Questioner: If the majority of her information is correct and yet, as the Soviet Union Russia, some of the information is biased toward them, is the information that is not correct, is that what a person should be looking for? Cosmic Awareness: What this Awareness would suggest is the following: An individual always question "any" report. There is first and foremost a presumption that the information reported may not be correct, no matter what source it comes from, no matter whether it is from David Booth, Sorcha Faal, or even from this Awareness.

When one has such a philosophy, then one will not quickly fall under anyone's spell, will not quickly abdicate their own ability to reason and sort and figure out. The greater problem here is that there is always a tendency to believe the sources that provide the information, and this gullibility runs across the board for all humans. This is especially so when they value the source of the information and do not question its validity. Thus it is that many hold as completely valid information presented by the governments, their own government always being preferred to foreign governments, which are more suspect.
There are those in Iran in these very troubled times who still believe the hard line they are being given, although this is obvious to those who are observers of the event that there is deceit and there are lies, yet it is not as easy for someone in the United States to see the same in the reports that they read in their papers, or see being reported on the television. There is not that same willingness to question their own information sources, for it is assumed that they would not lie or misrepresent the truth, and yet this is exactly what does occur all of the time.
Then there are those who go to the Internet to find that which is the underground news, the news that comes from beyond the controlled press. Ironically, there is still a similar action

that occurs here also. Those who are seekers of the truth often still presume that simply because they have read this or that report from a source that they may consider as credible, for in the past the truth has been reported and has been shown to be valid; their assumption is that all truth, all reports from that source will always be valid.

The discernment that is needed and is absolutely necessary often fails to be carried out. This causes that disinformation, that belief in those

reports that are false as well as accurate, that lead those individuals astray. It is not a matter of whether or not the entity and organization of David Booth is more accurate than the entity and organization of Sorcha Faal. It is that these are sources of information available to those who seek this information out, and that neither is 100% without bias, neither is 100% true and accurate.

Indeed, this Awareness will say that "no source" available at this time that purports to send out information that goes beyond controlled information, controlled news, is 100% accurate or correct. This leaves the reader and recipient of such information in a position that they must always question. They must always discern. They must always recognize that there are certain biases

that are held by those who report the information. Much of theinformation that is reported does not contain a spiritual perspective or an idea that this may all be part of a greater picture, a greater reason and purpose for being. This must also be part of the analysis of any report. What is the greatest purpose here? What is the Greater Picture here? All of these factors taken together will allow the individual who is receiving such information to make up his or her own mind.

Ultimately  it is the responsibility of the reader, of the recipient of such information to walk the straight and narrow, to determine the truth as well as they can. This does not mean they will always be successful in doing so. It simply means that they will be less likely to be duped if they seek out alternative sources; if they seek to confirm the information even from within themselves and to feel it out and to sense that which is the greater truth that comes from within in regards to much of this information. If this occurs, then it is less likely that an individual will be duped by any single person or source that claims to be speaking the truth.