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Blue Star The Pleiadian-Blue Star Speaks -- "The Illuminati and the Trojan Horse"

"The Illuminati and the Trojan Horse"

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11-11-03 to 2-11-04

As we once again prepare to share valuable information with you ones, I must again caution you to not read this transmission if you do not really desire to hear truth. It is apparent indeed that many earthlings are so "complacent" in their everyday routines that they do not wish to pay much attention to matters which are considered "unsettling" and "far fetched." We here at HOME do indeed understand your position. When the priority is to maintain the status quo AT ALL COSTS then in truth, you are not ready to hear the truth. It is far better that you remain as the proverbial ostrich, this way you will not hear or see the end of your life approaching.

Since this does interact with the "no pain no gain" belief, then you deserve what you get. Indeed this is not a criticism, it is what it is. This may be considered my "dis-claimer." Now, if I have the attention of those who truly have a "need to know," please be patient, relax and allow your Soul Essence to use discernment regarding what you are about to read.

Many millennia ago, far before the current history of your world was logged and saved for you, a great battle was fought. It was one that brought the unsavory factions of the darkest of the dark Souls to enter into mortal combat with the gladiators of the Christ Light.

It was at that auspicious time that a term was coined that symbolically represented "lack of light," this term was "Illuminati." In it's basest sense, it means those who have no light to shed. The combat of which I speak was initiated as a direct result of the dark LEGION'S desire to perpetuate pure evil amongst all worlds. In order for this to be successful all life forms that opposed this Spiritual slaughter would have to be eliminated.

It was not then nor is it now an issue of disbelief regarding Prime Creator's existence that so fueled the fires of the unclean's desire to gain total control over all galaxies, all worlds. It was and STILL IS considered to be the ultimate revenge against Creator Spirit for adamantly rejecting and exiling those forces that promulgated dis-ease of the heart, the mind and SPIRIT. The anomaly present at that time was that the very force that sought to destroy and to establish anarchy was composed of life forms of very low intelligence. Those ones were ROBOTIC in nature and were supplicant to a group of highly evolved but lower based vibrational beings. It was those who were the leaders who had carefully designed a type of blueprint which if followed without any interference, would have birthed a race of analogous misfits, a race of carnivorous life forms possessing a dis-eased DNA which because of the non-ceasing inbreeding would ultimately cause mutated births. A small segment of their plan was to interface with both male and female beings and thus spread their seed throughout all galaxies until such time that not one shred of Spiritual Essence would remain within the physical vehicle. Now, if that had been permitted to occur, all of the worlds that Creator and the Creation had so studiously formed, all life forms Created "in the image of God," would have become hideous caricatures of THE BEAST.

So it was that those who held the reigns of the lower realm of the children of a lessor god, sought to promote the veils of illusion and deceit amongst all life forms, INCLUDING the various genetically encoded ones who performed their nefarious deeds. These "leaders" had for centuries segregated themselves from all other less evolved beings. In so doing they chose to breed only with those male and female entities that were on the same level as they themselves were. Thus it was that the progeny of these matings were raised into maturity while having learned of dark alchemical methods to taint and destroy all others.

Now, Prime Creator God and all other Spirit Forms and Star Keepers did indeed design a Divine Plan to serve and protect all the soon-to- be forms of God I Am. This plan required volunteers from all "NATIONS" to enlist in this, the grand battle. Creator and His Creations engaged THE BEAST in his lair, that which is known as "The Flaming Sword" was hurled by Creator into the midst of the very, very large world occupied by these creatures. Immediately upon the issuance of the sword, ALL the volunteers, ALL Beings from ALL other worlds set upon the LEGION while issuing the cry "No quarter shall be given no mercy shall be shown." And indeed, it was not.

No words in human language can adequately describe the FIREFIGHT that ensued. The battle was fought with lasers you are as of yet unfamiliar with. The firefight raged for 6 earth days before it ended. All rested on the 7th. day. Extraordinary numbers of animal life which had been used for sexual purposes with these genetically altered monsters engaged in the battle against Prime Creator's forces. These "animals" were part humanoid and part animal. Indeed they were crazed beasts. They too were destroyed. Many brave and generous Souls ascended to God during that time. All were aware prior to battle of the enormous responsibility each possessed. All performed in such extra-ordinary fashion to attain victory while being mindless of their wounds, even though many, many wounds were mortal.

All were the most evolved of the warrior and teacher realms. Each had dedicated his and herself to the most evolved personal and planetary objective. This was the processing and expansion of Creator and Creation teachings of the totality of the INFINITE expressing of God in each and every molecule of energy, both then and in all possible futures. Each knew the truth of "futures," they were well aware that it was idiocy to doubt possible futures, rather to KNOW that the futures were possible.

Now, as the great battle abated, many of the leaders of the Illuminati escaped to distant but isolated galaxies that were generally sparsely inhabited. It was there that they remained for a very long time, it was there that they slowly over the centuries began new generations of "themselves." These ones had learned a truth, in order to control any world; they must first be able to control their minion. Thus it was that they educated their offspring in a far different manner. They sought to raise children of intelligence and cunning. Not for a moment had they forsaken their previous plan of the domination of worlds. They simply formulated a different plan with the same objective.

These ones have been able to evolve and inhabit many different worlds that are also parallel earths. They have learned to utilize power and mankind's greed to their own advantage. They have formed insidious cartels and use technology which is highly advanced to influence humans to aid them in all their endeavors. The Illuminati long, long ago, aligned with the "greys," a race of Star Keepers that is facing it's demise. The greys are today what the ancient opponents once were, still robotic in nature and not very intelligent, however the greys succeed where the former beasties could not.

It is the Illuminati which has now, today, been able to govern your governments, your religions, your military, your CIA. Now, it is the average, ordinary person on the earth star planet that joins these groups and organizations totally unwittingly, not in the least aware that they are joining the BEAST. Those men and women in command of these cults do not for the most part, know of the true nature either. Certain select individuals are "chosen" to KNOW. Indeed it is these ones who then are OWNED by the Illuminati, no differently then ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN.

So, there have been, there are, and will continue to be those who "accidentally" learn the true realities prevalent on the earth star planet. These "whistle blowers" have been strategically "placed" to learn, to expose and die for their truths. They are the few who are willing to LIVE THEIR BELIEFS. Thus, they are prepared to die a physical death in order to assist in the balance of the scales. This too separates them from the earth star citizens. Everyone knows how to die, not everyone knows how to live. Now, in the beginning of the 19th. century, dissatisfaction amongst the Illuminati occurred. They had failed to foresee that their own descendents would themselves become greedy and unsatisfied with "sharing" with others of the Illuminati. It was an auspicious timing for the Creator God. In His Wisdom, He allowed these ones to take the action that ALL those of the lower realms take. The viper always turns upon the host when it can no longer receive the sustenance it craves. So it was that the factions were formed. Some separated and linked to the political arena in a parasitic fashion.

Others chose to be of like-mind with the debauchery which was taking place in the medical fields of that time. Others cleverly chose the female species to contaminate through the teachings of "LUST for life." Each faction was determined to win. These ones were smart enough to know that none of them could engage in battle against the other. Above all, they were determined to ensure the survival of their species. That was innate, natural instinct. Thus, those who would be king, those who would be queen, those who would be president were carefully watched over until such time as they came into power, or were ready to ascend to power. It was then that strategic assinations, murders most foul did occur. It was then that humpty dumpty fell off the wall and ALL the kings horses AND ALL THE KINGS MEN could not put him back together again.

Ironically, none of these men or women CHOSE to be consciously aware of WHO and WHAT they were dealing with. They CHOSE to think of the end result rather than the nefarious deeds. The Illuminati have been quite successful in their overall plan. They ARE the drug coalition; they ARE ALL orthodox religions, they ARE the MASTERS OF YOUR UNIVERSE. You ARE their fodder. Entry into top security meetings with the lower echelon of the Illuminati is reserved for such as presidents. Private interaction does indeed take place with those occupying the highest level of the Illuminati hierarchy. However, these times are reserved for meeting with the leaders of the Star Keepers with whom they are aligned. Also, they tend to meet with the different levels of Illuminati descendents involved in the international cartel of banking, etc.

Many Illuminati now occupy PHYSICALLY positions of great authority on the earth star planet, this is in ALL fields. You were forewarned in our last transmission (When Walk-Ins Time Walk,) that august of this year was a time of a cyclical change. You were told to be aware of the great silences that sweep over the earth star planet. Now, for those who feel a personal desire to live, I shall share with you a secret. Don't tell anyone. All of the military and governmental horrors, the wars, the bombings, the riots and all other things that have plagued your planet for so long, are initiated by the Illuminati with the collusion of your governments. Deal with it. Your presidents, governors, mayors and popes are "preselected" but most definitely NOT by the people or religious "signs."

The bad news is the Illuminati is waging war against all humanity, the good news is, it is still at war with itself.

Many who are walk-ins and others who are not, are also here. These by the Creator's request. These ones seek office in politics and medicine, in teaching and religion, in the police and military to name but a few, for the SOUL purpose of countermanding the presence of the Illuminati. I have been asked many times how to differentiate between the clean and the unclean, the answer is simple. You will know them by their fruit.

Now, here and now, you need to be aware that all wars are fought for a purpose that is not revealed to "the people." Wars are predicated upon the principals of power and money, your human lives are expendable. None of you is "indispensable." The Iraq war is but another sorry example of a sick joke. There was no war, merely an exchange of commodities. The Illuminati is so powerful on the earth star planet that none can withstand the dire consequences reaped by individuals who have come forth to reveal this reality. The answer to "how to" in this case is to form your own coalition, in a peaceful manner. Information can be more easily processed this way, the more who gather together in "just cause," the more protection the numbers of people will afford. So much data shall be sent to select groups of you ones that it shall cause a ripple effect to permeate this planet. Do not think it is not enough. It is the ripples that shall create the rivers.

Now, there has been for many years now, a devious plan created by the Illuminati to takeover the country of the united states. It is laughable indeed since they already control it, however they have been negotiating with another to bring a different race of people into activated physical control. Long ago this culture of which I speak, fell dramatically into moral and Spiritual morass. The leaders and followers of this country have unstintingly worked covertly with the Illuminati both on this planet as well as those off planet, with the goal of final domination of the united states.

It would be most difficult indeed for you ones to grasp the totality of the "rewards" which have been traded by each in their quest for this nation. This nation would become a main location for destroying other less compliant countries. These ones already possess a nuclear technology that is not known about by the common man. It is not from this earth. You have been brainwashed in believing that the Chinese are the ones to watch. Congratulations, you have effectively assimilated the propaganda.

Now you can welcome the Trojan horse, for indeed the Illuminati have worked long and hard to bring into the united states the very force that can destroy it. Now, before I bid you a fond adieu, for those of you curious about what is in the belly of the Trojan horseS.the correct answer is..North Koreans.

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