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The Semjasa - Samjaza Misunderstanding

Rocky Montana

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une 8, 2019


Re:  ANCIENT ALIENS TV series   -   Episode:  The Satan Conspiracy  (2013)


To whom it may concern:

Within the above episode, at lease one of your narrators speculated that the one named Semjasa is possibly an evil being who worked against Earthman in millenniums past of little known history.   From all that I have read about the man, this is not true.  It was Samjaza, NOT Semjasa, who was /is of evil intent. 

Samjaza was born Lucifer, God Aton's first born son.  When Lucifer was given the choice, by Archangel Michael, to either behave according to the Laws of God and The Creation, or, to leave God's Lighted Realms, Lucifer chose to leave Heaven of his own volition.  Lucifer was given his choice of  three dimensional planets in which to live upon.  He chose planet Earth.  He was then renamed Satan by God Aton, stripped of his flight feathers (the ability to travel the cosmos) and transported to Earth along with his rebellious band of angels.  There, he was bound to the third-dimensional gravitational compression with no ability to get off the planet.  Since that time Satan has used many tricks in order to fool mankind and retard its spiritual progress and its understanding of truth. 

One of Satan's many tricks is to rename himself by a label that is very similar in spelling to that of an important, goodly and spiritually advanced person who came to Earth to help assist mankind in its development, thus corrupting his reputation in the eyes of Earthman and throwing mankind into the perpetual confusion of spiritual darkness.  Taking on the name Samjaza and rewriting history accordingly was one of Satan's dirtiest tricks. 

Another example of misdirection by the adversary is with Judas Iscarioth vs. Juda Iharioth.  Judas Iscarioth was the loyal and trusted life-long friend and scribe of Esu Immanuel, the great spiritual teacher of some 2000 years ago.  Juda Iharioth was the son of a Pharisee politician, who Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee soldier, convinced him to lead the PHarisees' guards to Immanuel for capture and to steal Judas Iscarioth's scrolls for thirty pieces of silver.  With the name identity switch and falsifying the historical account, Judas Iscarioth has been blamed for these evil deeds ever since.  By the way, it was Juda Iharioth, not Judas Iscarioth, who was overcome after witnessing what the Pharisees did to Immanuel and took his own life .     

The adversary likes to turn men with evil intent and reputation into men of good intent and reputation.  An example of this is the Pharisee soldier, Saul of Tarsus (Immanuel's greatest enemy, who schemed against Immanuel and oversaw the stealing of the scrolls of one Judas Iscarioth).  Upon Immanuel confronting Saul on the road to Damascus by a mixture of phosphorous and other compounds, Saul became very frightened and confused, thinking he had been confronted by Immanuel's spirit.  Temporarily blinded, Saul was led to Damascus by two disciples and for a brief time he was trained by two of Immanuel's disciples in the teachings of Immanuel, during which time Immanuel and his family and Judas fled to India.  Saul was renamed Paul and was instructed  to go forth and preach Immanuel's teachings.  Paul did go forth relentlessly and preached, but did not preach the Gospel of Immanuel, but the "Gospel of Paul".  He referred to himself as Apostle Paul and used the Judas's stolen scrolls to conjure his own concocted and confused false spiritual teachings which, to this day, continue to account for nearly half of the New Testament.  The evil powers made sure that Apostle Paul's writings make it into nearly every Chrstian Bible on Earth.  The Jefferson Bible is the only known bible that has been published without Paul's false doctrines.  Thomas Jefferson knew back then what modern man should know.     

Satan still likes to call himself Lucifer (the Morning Star), and uses his formerly God-given label for the purpose of further confusing humanity.  Example:  Lucifer and Lucis Trust (the false spiritual foundation of the United Nations).           

And if you read and believe every word in the Old Testament, you must consider Jahovah (Jehav) to be your God as did the anceint Hebrews and do the modern-day so-called Jews.  Jehovah or Jehav (another slight-of-hand  biblical misdirection) was a warring extraterrestrial who the Hebrew tribe revers as their god.  He was not the Lighted Creator God Aton who all souled beings rever as their God and who owe their very lives to.   

I think you get the idea.  Below are some excerpts from the PHOENIX JOURNALS and Phoenix Newspapers that should further clear up the Samjaza vs. Semjasa misunderstanding and who is the REAL Semjasa: 



... Samjaza (Satan) is NOT Semjasa, the heavenly son and guardian angel of God, the great ruler of those who traveled from afar through the space of the universe and from who springs the lineage of the entity you would recognize as Adam.  [1]

End of quoting.




This is the book and secret records of Jmmanuel which means "God with us", "God among us", who is a son of Joseph, of Jakob, the distant descendant of David, who was a descendant of Abram, whose lineage goes back to Adam, the father of man of the Earth, who was begot by Semjasa, the leader of the sons of heaven who were the guardian angels of God, the great ruler of those who traveled from afar.

Semjasa, the heavenly son and guardian angel of God, the great ruler of those who traveled from far away through the space of the universe, begot with an earth wife, Adam, the father of the white human race.  [emphasis added]

Adam took an earth wife and begot Seth.  Seth begot Enos. Enos begot Akibeel.  Akibeel begot Aruseak.  Aruseak begot Kenan.  Kenan begot Mahalaleel.  Mahalaieel begot Urakibarameel.  Urakibarameel begot Jared.  Jared begot Henoch.  Henoch begot Methusalah. Methusalah begot Lamech.  Lamech begot Tamiel. Tamiel begot Danel.  Danel begot Asael.  Asael begot Samsaveel.  Samsaveel begot Jomjael.  Jomjael begot Turel.  Turel begot Hamech.  Hemech begot Noah.  Noah begot Sem.  Sem begot Arpachsad.  Arpachsad begot Batrael.  Batrael begot Ramuel.  Ramuel begot Askeel.  Askeel begot Armers.  Armers begot Salah.  Salah begot Eber.  Eber begot Peleg. Peleg begot Regu.  Regu begot Serug.  Serug begot Aruseal.  Aruseal begot Nahor.  Nahor begot Thara.  Thara begot Abram.  Abram begot Jsaak.  Jsaak begot Juda.  Juda begot Anani.  Anani begot Ertael.  Ertael begot Perez.  Perez begot Hezron.  Hezron begot Ram.  Ram begot Aminadab.  Aminadab begot Savebe.  Savebe begot Nahesson.  Nahesson begot Sahna.  Sahna begot Boas.  Boas begot Obed. Obed begot Jesse.  Jesse begot David.  David begot Salomo.  Salomo begot Asa.  Asa begot Gadaeel.  Gadaeel begot Josaphat.  Josaphat begot Jara.  Jara begot Armeneel.  Armeneel begot Usia.  Usia begot Jothan.  Jothan begot Gadreel.  Gadreel begot Ahas.  Ahas begot Itiskia.  Itiskia begot Manasse.  Manasse begot Amon.  Amon begot Josia.  Josia begot Jajachin.  Jojachin begot Sealthiel.  Sealthiel begot Jegun.  Jegun begot Serubabel.  Serubabel begot Abiud.  Abiud begot Eliakim.  Eliakim begot Asor.  Asor begot Zadok.  Zadok begot Achim.  Achim begot Eliud.  Eliud begot Eleasar.  Eleasar begot Matthan.  Matthan begot Jakob.  Jakob begot Joseph.  [2]

End of quoting.

Semjasa was the ruler of a Pleiadiean civilization and supreme commander of its spacefleet.  He lived to an age of over 1,000 years, and he traveled to Earth some 13,000 Earth years ago with  "... some 200 leaders and sub-leaders who were competent in special fields of science for as you reinhabit a planet where only a remnant remains, it requires much diversified knowledge and abilities."  

 50,000 YEARS PAST

It is strange that man wishes to contradict that which he has no basis for judging.  How can man know, for instance, that some 50.000 years ago in Earth chronology our home world found peace and liberty.  Shortly before this time, 70,000 or so human beings fled under the leadership of one labeled Pelegon.  They used spacecraft and they fled through the cosmos and settled on Earth.  Under Pelegon were 200 sub-leaders, scientists, competent in their special fields of knowledge.  By these, and others, Pelegon was acknowledged as what you might call the "King of Wisdom" and he was at that time, regarded as God and regarded as such for he taught the word and laws of God and The Creation.

Wondrous things were brought forth upon Earth.  Regrettably, this lasted well for only a narrow span of some 10,000 years until desires for power and control prevailed once more and a deadly war raged over all the Earth.  Without exception all was destroyed and only a remnant, a few thousand human beings, survived on Earth while others fled once more into the cosmos and settled faraway worlds.  Does this sound like a rerun, chelas?

For some 7,000 years none returned to Earth and the humans left behind degenerated and became wild.  Then descendents of those who had settled on faraway worlds returned.  They were again under the leadership of God, under whose command they built on Atlantis and Mu.  They built huge cities on each of the two separate continents.

For thousands of years they lived in friendship and peace, until a few scientists were again overcome by the old thirst for might and power and tried to seize the government.  But having tired of wars, the nations rose up against them and they again occupied ships from space and fled into cosmic space some 15,000-20,000 years ago in Earth chronology.  For some two millenniums they and their descendents lived in a neighboring solar system. Why is this hard for you of Earth to conceive in understanding--do you actually have such little faith and belief in God?  Do you so limit God that you cannot believe beyond the physical features of your nose and that which the "controllers" would have you believe?

Ah dear ones, there were two millenniums during which they had become very evil and only maintained order under strictest control; but by mutation and their sciences, they extended their lifespans to some thousands of years.

Overcome by their thirst for power, they then left their world about 13,000 years ago, in your counting, and again returned to Earth.  Now, hold your breath, chelas.  Their highest leader was one who was called, "The Barbarian".  Like the God before him some 40,000 years, IHWH also had some 200 leaders and sub-leaders who were competent in special fields of science for as you reinhabit a planet where only a remnant remains, it requires much diversified knowledge and abilities.

In two groups they settled in the high north and the present Florida of North America while they continuously attacked Atlantis and Mu in war following war.  In only a few millenniums after their occupation of Earth bases, they succeeded in destroying the civilizations of first Lemuria, Mu and then Atlantis.  The few survivors went into servitude while many great scientists were able to flee and return to their homeworlds in the Pleiades.  But centuries before this point in time, the intruders boasted of their conquest of Earth and IHWH ARUS led a severe and bloody regime.

Still his sub-leaders assumed for themselves many things and became more and more independent.  Within only three decades they had gone far in their own decision making, even though they feared the punishments of the IHWH ARUS.  They advocated a code to under all circumstances maintain their own race and not allow it to fall to mutations away from themselves.

In a most forbidden manner and secretly, they went out and caught wild Earth creatures and mutations who were distant descendents of former human beings.  These evil tricksters called themselves "Sons of Heaven" and corrupted according to their own race.  It would come to be that these were put away into other places for they formed mutated tribes and did not follow the laws of God and/or The Creation.

It was at this time that ADAM was birthed--ADAM (meaning "Earth human being").  Meanwhile, others similar had been produced who formed groups and tribes.  From these, present Earth mankind developed.

This action angered IHWH ARUS and the sub-leaders were exiled, when he could catch them.  In time he changed his mind and recognized a new power he could exercise over the Earth beings.

With newly appointed sub-leaders and guard angels, he brought three human races under his absolute control.  These were the ancestors of those who today are known as "Indians"; then the fair-skinned inhabitants who had settled around the Black Sea; and the third were the "Gypsies" along the south of the Mediterranean Sea; and were called Hebrews.  IHWH ARUS subjected these races and forced them under his control.  As the highest ruler over them, he allowed himself to become venerated and adored as human ego-man is prone to do and promptly forgot the Creator.  He allowed them to venerate him above the Creation itself and his sub-leaders, were treated as "assistant" creators.  He imposed most harsh and severe laws demanding the blood of the guilty.  Does it not sound like a re-run of a scenario?  [emphasis added] 

Ah ha, then came his son, JEHAV, who took over this dominion.  He was little better for he too demanded only blood and death from the three enslaved races.  The later descendents of these "Gods" became more humane and developed a degree of spirituality.  I would guess it is time to straighten up and begin to fly according to the rules, little chelas!  [emphasis added]

Their spiritual evolution changed their minds and they decided to leave the development of the Earth beings to their natural course and retired to their home-world, so they departed Earth and returned as peaceful creatures again to the Pleiades where their own mankind had reached most advanced states of development.

United, we live together today and are an allied population in peace and liberty, under the Laws of God and acting in balance and harmony within The Creation.  Precious ones, it is most essential that you ones come into Truth of this writing for you have so many gaps and missing pages in your historical documents and the unknown causes you great fear.  Because your brethren of Pleiades feel responsibility and kindredship with your human Earth species, they come with the Hosts at this time to assist, to evacuate--to do whatever is required to help you in your transition.  They feel that they have vested interests in your place and are feeling great concern that they caused some of your own chaotic past and present circumstance. They, and we, are come to assist wherein we might serve in the service, first of and to God--in balance and Truth within The Creation and unto you, our relations.  May we come into understanding, one with the other that we might work toward Truth and again bring peace and wondrous magnificence unto the species.  [3]

To summarize:  Semjasa took an earth wife and begot a human-Pleiadian son by the name of Adam, the same Adam, of which the Old Testament mistakenly refers to as the first human on Earth.  With the birth of Semjasa's son, Adam, came the latest physical body upgrade between an Earth woman and an advanced Pleiadian ruler.  The point is that Adam and Eve were NOT the first two people on Earth

So, with this abbreviated version of what really happened in Earth history back to some 70,000 years ago and just who was Semjasa,  you will may want to consider revising your 2013 episode, "The Satan Conspiracy" regarding him,to correspond with the truth.  Semjasa was not evil; he jumpstarted the physical, mental and spiritual progress of Earthman some 13,000 years ago with his presence and progeny.  We should be extending our thanks to him. 

Thank you for your consideration.

Rocky Montana



[1]  PHOENIX JOURNAL EXPRESS, March 1991, Volume 9, Number 8, Page 4.

[2]   Phoenix Journal 2, AND THEY CALLED HIS NAME IMMANUEL--I AM SANANDA, Chapter 1, Pages 12-13.

[3]   Phoenix Journal 21 , CREATION - THE SACRED UNIVERSE - INCUBATION OF THE PHOENIX,  Chapter 24, Pages 203-205.