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Ruins Of Kadath Found In Antarctica?

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nt said it will seek to block the airing of a video found by Navy rescuers in Antarctica that purportedly reveals that a massive archaeological dig is underway two miles (3,200 meters) beneath the ice." "The AtlantisTV production crew that shot the video is still missing."

"Attorneys for the Beverly Hills-based AtlantisTV stressed that the company's primary concern is for the safety and welfare of the crew. But they stated they will 'vigorously oppose' any attempts to 'censor material that is clearly in the public interest and public domain.' The icy continent of Antarctica, they point out, belongs to no nation. The U.S. has no jurisdiction there."

"'That video is the property of AtlantisTV,' said a company spokesman, 'We shot it. It's ours. And as soon as it is rightfully restored to us, we're going to air it. End of story.'"

"Two Navy officers who saw the tape described its contents to National Science Foundation (NSF) researchers upon their return to the Amundsen-Scott Station at the South Pole, according to sources at McMurdo Station, the main American base in Antarctica."

"'They said it showed spectacular ruins and other things they couldn't go into,' an NSF scientist reported. 'We chalked it up to some kind of subzero-induced delusion until a chopper (helicopter--J.T.) full of Navy SEALs landed and picked them up and took off. Now, we're scratching our heads.'"

"Officials of the U.S. Naval Support Task Force, Antarctica deny the story or the possession of any video shot by the missing AtlantisTV crew." Science fiction author Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) claimed in several stories that a prehistoric city existed in Antarctica called "Kadath of the Cold Waste."

Lovecraft described its "discovery" in his novel At the Mountains of Madness, written between January and March 1931. Incredibly, one of his passages is a precise description of a scene in the AtlantisTV video.

Lovecraft wrote, "But the salient object of the place was the titanic stone ramp, which, eluding the archways by a sharp turn outward into the open floor, wound spirally up the stupendous cylindrical wall like an inside counterpart of those once climbing outside the monstrous towers or ziggurats of ancient Babylon...The thing was excellently preserved up to the present top of the tower-- a highly remarkable circumstance in view of its exposure-- and its shelter had done much to protect the bizarre and disturbing cosmic sculptures on the walls."

"As we stepped out into the awesome half-daylight of this monstrous cylinder-bottom--fifty million years old, and without doubt the most primally ancient structure ever to meet our eyes--we saw that the ramp-traversed sides stretched dizzily up to a height of fully sixty feet (18 meters)."

"According to the sculptures, the original tower had stood in the centre of an immense circular plaza; and had been perhaps 500 or 600 feet (150 to 180 meters) high, with tiers of horizontal discs near the top and a row of needle-like spires along the upper rim."

"News of the video, which Navy sources said they found in an abandoned supply dump 100 miles (160 kilometers) west of Vokstok Station, came on the heels of U.S. attempts to strike passages from Raising Atlantis, the upcoming novel by Thomas Greanias that is the basis for AtlantisTV's popular online Atlantis Mapping Project channel."

"Federal officials agreed to allow an uncensored version of Raising Atlantis to go on sale in April (2003) at as an e-book. But they won court approval to 'block certain portions that might compromise national security' from the hardcover edition due in bookstores at year's end."

"The novel focuses on a secret US. military expedition that discovers ancient ruins two miles beneath the ice in Antarctica. Recent events in Antarctica have raised questions about whether the story is fiction or a novelization of actual events" during the years 2000 and 2001.

"Sources say the current federal review is focusing on the novel's depiction of "Federal Emergency Plan D," which officially doesn't exist, although parts of the plan have become public in the wake of the September 11 (2001) terrorist attacks on America and calls for the activation of a 'shadow government' to operate in secret hideouts outside the national capital" of Washington, D.C. "to ensure the survival of the United States of America and the continuity of government in the event of a global catastrophe or nuclear Armageddon."

"'It's the specifics of Stage Two and Stage Three (of the COG Plan) detailed in Raising Atlantis that concern federal officials,'" an AtlantisTV spokesman said.

I didn't even know about Stage One and the shadow government until 9-11, let alone Stage Two or Stage Three,' said one CIA source on condition of anonymity."

(See the Atlantis Mapping Project news release for November 17, 2002, "U.S. discovers 'spectacular ruins' in Antarctica captured on video." Also The Annotated H.P. Lovecraft, edited by S.T. Joshi, Dell Publishing, New York, N.Y., 1997, pages 302 and 303. Merci beaucoup a Robert Fischer pour ces nouvelles.)


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