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PLANDEMIC: China had a covid “vaccine” ready and waiting long before the pandemic

Ethan Huff

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A prominent Indian virologist by the name of Dr. T Jacob John claims that communist China had a “vaccine” ready and waiting for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) long before it made its appearance on the world stage.

In a new report, John explains that there are “some mysteries” about China’s “pandemic” that suggest foul play. It was “unique” in the way it manifested in that part of the world, he adds, compared to how other countries were hit by it.

Strangely enough, China appears to have “prepared for this in advance,” John says, adding that the situation there “is not what meets the eye.”

John would seem to be of the persuasion that the Chinese Virus originated at a lab, and likely the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) where Tony Fauci was sending millions of taxpayer dollars to conduct illegal gain of function research on bat coronaviruses.

One example John points to is the young Chinese scientist who was caught applying for a license for a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine “as early as February 24, 2020,” which is a full two months before the pandemic officially broke out across the world.

“It is far too early to work on a vaccine in just two months,” John says. “They must have started at least a year earlier. That young man (the scientist) is dead. There are too many loose ends. China seems to be covering something up, just like any criminal would cover up.”

Dr. John says “smoking gun evidence” points to lab manipulation

As we also reported, there have been a number of mysterious deaths among scientists and researchers who were working on things associated with the Wuhan Flu.

Many of them were just about to announce important information, or were privy to details about what was going on in the laboratories that Fauci and other medical fascists have long claimed are not in any way connected to the plandemic.

There is also evidence to suggest that some of these researchers knew about the AIDS insertions that were artificially spliced into the Chinese Virus. Once the full manifestation of this is realized, likely during the next “flu season,” many people who were injected with this poison will likely suffer immune failure.

All of this traces back to the work that was taking place in China, which just so happens to have had the script all laid out in advance, it would seem, to have a “vaccine” ready and waiting, along with a conjoining blueprint for global tyranny.

We know that Fauci played a key role in all this, not just in terms of funding it with U.S. tax dollars but also in threatening key scientists to keep quiet about their incriminating findings.

Two of the top scientists in Great Britain’s response to the Chinese Virus plandemic have also been exposed for colluding with Fauci to keep a lid on the illegal gain of function research that was taking place at the WIV, and possibly elsewhere.

“Vaccines have never been about health,” wrote one commenter at Great Game India. “Viruses, virology, and vaccines are orchestrated deceptions to manipulate and sicken the masses.”

Another pointed out that this particular virus sequence has never been isolated, purified or sequenced, so there is no telling what is really taking place in terms of what is making people sick and how it is being spread.

“Just because most people believe in something doesn’t make it true,” this person added.

“Most people believe the evening news and corporate newspapers. Most people think democracy and elections are real. Most people believe national sovereignty is real, and the world is not subject to a ruling elite.”

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