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10 days to WHO's next meeting .

Mat Staver

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We got a disturbing look at the goal of globalist radicals to coalesce power at the World Health Organization (WHO) last week. I believe it was an answer to prayer that this agenda was temporarily blocked. However, the next important WHO meeting comes up in just 10 days.

Like getting a glimpse of a gambler’s hand, we now know what they are trying to do and what cards they will likely play next. We must remain vigilant against the upcoming demands to establish WHO as a global cop over every “public health emergency.”

Below, I will outline the next steps WHO plans to use to push new IHR amendments and even a new “Pandemic Treaty.”

We must continue to activate members of Congress. Some have voiced opposition to WHO’s efforts after receiving your faxes, but many more need to take a stand. There are bills in Congress that can stop the WHO takeover of American sovereignty. Demand that members of Congress do everything in their power to stop Biden from subjecting American sovereignty to WHO and paying for it with our tax dollars! — Mat​​

WHO already has far too much control over its 194 member nations. This includes the United States, thanks to George W. Bush, who signed America on to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR) following the original SARS scare.

I want to be very clear that this threat is not over. A new Working Group on IHR (WGIHR) amendments will now push for new amendments. There are two tracks moving forward at the same time—one involves a new Pandemic Treaty and the other new IHR amendments.

The next meeting on this topic is just 10 days away. WHO tried to confuse people by claiming the meeting was “canceled,” but they just canceled the “public hearing” portion and instead will use double the time to block out your voice and strategize behind closed doors! These evil schemes are being deployed at a global level!

Proposed New Pandemic Treaty:

June 14-17, 2022 - WHO recommended that a subgroup would double its time to plan the next steps “regarding a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response” and what additional actions WHO can take to launch this attack on your freedom.

August 1, 2022 – Working draft of new Pandemic Treaty is submitted.

Proposed IHR Amendments:

September 30, 2022 – Deadline for proposed amendments to IHR.

October 1, 2022 – Director-General to convene IHR Review Committee to make technical recommendations on the proposed IHR amendments.

November 15, 2022 – WGIHR meets to consider IHR amendments.

January 15, 2023 – IHR Review Committee reports to Director-General.

May 2023 – Present proposed IHR amendments at the 76th annual World Health Assembly meeting.

As you can see, the push to enthrone WHO as the global public health czar continues on two fronts. When LC Action began writing about Biden’s plan with WHO, the members of Congress were not aware of the amendments or Biden’s scheme. Thanks to your faxes, many members have now voiced opposition. Opposition now also includes governors and world leaders.

We won a major battle, but the war to protect our freedom continues. Do not think for a minute that Biden, Gates and WHO will give up their vision for global control. Efforts to adopt new IHR amendments and a Pandemic Treaty are moving forward.

STOP THE WHO TAKEOVER OF THE U.S. by sending urgent faxes to demand members of Congress do everything in their power to protect American sovereignty.

On June 14, a WHO committee will convene for the second time this year. It plans to spend four days to discuss a new “Pandemic Treaty.” After that, a working draft of the treaty will be discussed at the meeting August 1.

We are at a very dangerous juncture. The African nations that objected to the amendments Biden is pushing apparently do not oppose the substance. Rather, they want all the changes to be consolidated into this Pandemic Treaty rather than in a piecemeal fashion.

The battle continues. The consequences of ceding sovereignty to WHO are unthinkable. Imagine suffering through these past two-plus years under the thumb of WHO, led by communist China sympathizer Director-General Tedros.

In addition to the Pandemic Treaty, WHO established a Working Group on IHR amendments. By September 30, new amendments will be presented. Then a series of dates and meetings follow, leading up to the next World Health Assembly in May 2023. Biden, Gates and WHO are not raising a white flag. Far from it. The fight continues.

Send your faxes to members of Congress to stop WHO from taking control of America.

Globalist Bill Gates wants to force everyone on the planet to be “vaccinated,” not just with COVID shots but with an array of injections. And other socialists and globalists back this scheme because they want centralized control of health regulations. They want nothing short of world domination.

While we decried the COVID lockdowns, people like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and rogue billionaire Bill Gates saw the lockdowns as a good thing. Leaders of the WEF cheered the lockdowns’ reduction of carbon emissions as the elderly in nursing homes were neglected and abused and family members helplessly watched them die alone.

The bottom line is that the COVID pandemic has been used as an excuse for global governance. Over the past two years, globalists have made incredible gains. They are not about to quit now. Nor must we think the battle is over. It is not.

STOP THE WHO TAKEOVER OF THE U.S. by sending urgent faxes to demand members of Congress do everything in their power to protect American sovereignty.

Liberty Counsel Action has been on the front lines helping you fight tyranny for YEARS. We just got a complex ruling on the military injection mandate that we will update you on soon. We ask you to consider partnering with us by signing up for recurring monthly donations to roll back tyranny now or giving your best gift to strengthen our efforts.

We must finish the job and stop WHO from controlling America and the world.

Mat Staver, Chairman

Liberty Counsel Action



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