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Health & Alternative Medicine Web Sites

Site Name: Carter's Twilight, Corporation

Site Description: Information about the Physical Force of Love, the most powerful force in the world. They offer many different products including Prill beads to restructure water.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Q-2 Water Energy System

Site Description: Offers education and products and presentations to assist in activation and realization of unlimited potential to achieve wellness for us and our world. Products i.e. Q-2 Detoxifier. (To order: call 310-410-1173 and leave a message)

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Clark Enterprises

Site Description: Information on Exerciser 2000, a high quality passive aerobic exerciser for ones to experience "chi". Chinese for "Life Giving Energy". Also distributor of commercial grade therapeutic massage and aerobic exercise equipment of the very highest quality.  They have the Ultimate Formula 2000(tm) Nutritional Products available that others can use and/or market.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Dr. Hulda Clark Store

Site Description: Over 270 self-health products. Author of 17 books i.e. Cure for All Cancers, Cure For All Diseases.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Biophysica, Inc.

Site Description:  Consultants on Alternative Medicine, Energy Medicine and Subtle Energy related devices and systems matched to specific needs.  Proto-type devices for health professionals and manufacturers.  They offer a course covering Biophysics underlying Energy Medicine, Vibrational Medicine and Alternative Medicine.  Silver and Gold Generators and other products available. 

Category: Health and Alternative Health Care

Site Name: Colloidal Silver

Site Description:  Excellent information on Colloidal Silver.  This information is one of the menus offered on the home site of

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Robey Colloidal Silver Generators

Site Description:  Excellent site for purchasing on line Colloidal Silver Generator(s).  Information on generators and uses of Colloidal Silver

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name:  Tetrahedron LLC

Site Description: Website of Dr. Leonard Horowitz.  Tetrahedron LLC is a non-profit educational corporation that produces some of the world's most revealing books and tapes in the health science and government cover-up genre.  Educates people around world on health, risks of terrorism, etc.  Provides resources for natural healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Category:  Health & Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Welcome to

Site Description:  Discover the Latest in Technology and Health Products, along with ground breaking freedom education for you and your family.  Products available and Information and services offered.  Among articles for education is the Missing 13th Amendment.

Category:  Alternative Technology Products and Freedom Education

Site Name:  The Age of Aquarius is The Age of Water Consciousness

Site Description:  The aim of this website is to promote the healing of the waters on Planet Earth.

Category:  Health:  Healing Planet Earth's Water

Site Name:  The First Inexpensive Zapper, Smaller, more convenient

Site Description:  Manufactured by Don Croft, modified from the original circuit published by Dr. Hulda Clark at in the links above

This Zapper is hand only size, costs only $25 to make destroys parasites, viruses, bacteria, worms, yeast, fungi, etc. throughout the body.  See Dr. Hulda Clark's book The Cure For All Diseases on her site.  You can order this Zapper on-line:

Category:  Health & Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Harmonic Innerprizes

Site Description:  Supplements for the spirit.  High quality nutritional supplements, assisting in the facilitation of the advancement of human consciousness on our planet.  Read about these amazing products, including a Cell Phone Neutralizer, an adhesive disc to place on your cell phone to neutralize the harmful effects of radiation to your brain. 

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name:  Earthwalker Farm

Site Description:  Earthwalker farm was created in response to needs that are present in our world today.  They actively work to grow foods that have complete nutritional value and create technology that improves standard of living through self sufficiency and better health.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name:  Dr. Marijah McCain Under Attack

Site Description:  This article from the website discusses the legal attack by the Attorney General of Arkansas against noted herbal healer, Dr. McCain.  Another attack to stop herbal healing.   Dr. McCain's web address:

Site Name:  Abraham-Hicks Publications

Site Description:  Esther Hicks is a motivational speaker who dialogs with a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham.  Abraham's teaching of deliberate creation can lead you - to finding your soulmate, healthy relationship, manifesting prosperity, health and well-being, and having everything you want in life.  Workshop recordings, books and videos available on this site.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine and Inspirational & Spiritual

Site Name:  Immuners

Site Description:  Immunics is the conscious, immediate, and intentional control of the physiological & psychological aspects of your immune system and the use of your control to do methodical immunological actions that effect cure.  Audio versions, books and films available.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine and Inspirational & Spiritual

Site Name:  Natural Health Expertise With A Nutrition and Lifestyle Focus

Site Description:  Dr. Joseph Mercola is a natural health expertise doctor.  He has a free weekly newsletter, with straight forward, keen insights on the latest healthcare news and trends that matter. A weapon against misinformation.  He encourages independent health.

Category:  Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Global Light Network

Site Description:  Global Light Network is a book and product discount club.  Join by purchasing any product.  A good source for colloidal silver and books such as Children of the Matrix--Aspartame  and Find Your Soul Mate.

Category:  Health & Alternative Medicine

Site Name:  Health Freedom Resources Public Awareness Announcement #1, 12 June, 2000

Site Description:  This site has an article written by Anthony Wayne and Lawrence Newell about the danger of microwave oven use and what harm our government is perpetrating upon the unsuspecting American public through  its use.

Category:  Health & Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Young Living Essential Oils

Site Description: Young living is one of the world's leaders in the cultivation, distillation, and production of organically grown, guaranteed pure essential oils. Young Living Essential Oils was founded by Gary Young in 1993, and this company is world renowned for high quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products and other unique products for healthy lifestyles. Business opportunity available.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.


Site Description: To educate the public on all aspects of the substance generically known as "aspartame", a fake sweetening agent created in part by useing genetically-engineered E-coli bacteria. In over j9000 products world-wide, it poisons a wide range of products, many aimed at children and infants.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Jurak Corporation World Wide Inc.

Site Description: In 1997 Anthony Carl Jurak founded the JCWW INC., a dietary and herbal supplement network distribution organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada. This company is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, fully registered and reporting company. They have re-introduced the product Jurak Classic Whole Body Tonic and have begun to turn the tide of the disastrous health situation/challenges of the American people. Network distribution, Tonic-Man Radio Show. They are developing new standards of excellence in health & educating the public on ways to reverse the body's degenerative process. It is an anti-aging solution that really works; cleanses all the body system at once; space age formula maintaining body vitality; counteracts stress; increases physical and mental energy; balance the immune system; improves endurance; increases stamina & circulation; detoxifies and maintains cellular health. Jennifer Lee advertises this on her phone message.

Category: Health & Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: XanGo Mangosteen Fruit Beverage

Site Description: A unique product with the nutrition of the mangosteen fruit, used as beverage, which helps to invigorate, rejuvenate and energize one. A "new superstar" in the world of health supplements.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Jump Start Your Health

Site Description: Live radio talk show by Robert Scott Bell on health every Sunday, 2-4 PM, EST. One can also download past programs on health, listen to the broadcast. Choose from many different broadcasts concerning health, diseases, aliments., helpful websites, and health insurance.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: The New York Open Center

Site Description: The New York Open Center is a resource for holistic learning and world culture - Independent, non-profit, non-sectarian. They wish to explore and develop a new paradigm or world view --"holistic" and "integrative" --and to promote cross-cultural understanding. The term holistic is related to wholeness, holiness and health. They use it to indicate a context where multiple starting points and assumptions are brought together in order to achieve a healthier engagement with the human mission.

Category: Health & Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Red Flags Weekly

Site Description: Raising issues, facing controversies, exploring ideas in health, medical science and personal growth. Check the News and Information Section under Health and Alternative News for the article "Creating Diseases For Profit". This article gives you the web address for many pertinent articles on Creating Diseases for Profit.

Category: Health & Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Colloidal Silver Discovery Center

Site Description: The Colloidal Silver Discovery Center is an interactive resource of the latest news and uses of Colloidal Silver. Here you may do research or chat with people around the world who are relating their experiences with colloidal silver. Sign up to get our FREE email newsletter to stay up to date with the latest news and uses of Colloidal Silver! For a Silver Generator, contact: ROBEY Silver Generator, 2140 S. Reservoir St. Pomona, CA 91766, Phone 1.888.474.7557.

Site Name: Rife Technology

Site Description: A Royal Raymond Rife website which is dedicated to passing on and sharing whatever information on Rife & related research and technology that is discovered. A variety of sources and used, and it is intended to assist anyone who wishes to experiment with Rife technology and the use of audio frequencies in the elimination of dis-ease and unnatural conditions that can affect any body. No claims are made as to the effectiveness of this technology and it is not legal to use it on anyone other than yourself or test animals. Other menus on this site are Rife Frequencies; Interview with Raymond Royal Rife; many articles i.e. Anthrax, Bioelectric, Rife machines. Two other important websites connected to Rife are: which is the Rife/Ces Generator by Altered States; and, featuring the Lightwave1 the Advanced Rife Healing Machine.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Free Coral Calcium

Site Description: Coral Calcium promotes wellness in your body so that your body heals itself. Free Calcium by working the business.

Robert Barefoot(founder) is recognized as one of the world's leading scientists in the field of Coral Calcium. One has only to scan the cable channels throughout North America and one will see ubiquitous Robert Barefoot being interviewed about the benefits of Coral Calcium. He is co-author with Carl J. Reich, M.D. of best-seller The Calcium Factor, and author of Death By Diet.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: The True Red List

Site Description: Exposure of the U.S. Government and their Human Experimentation with millions of Americans who have been implanted and as a result have, suffered illness,, electromagnetic pulse experiments, and many more. Implantation may occur through a dentist, or surgery, vaccinations, chem-trails, etc. Millions of Americans have been murdered already. The U.S. Nazi like government has had despotic control over the mass media. There is a way to neutralize these implantations. Go to

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Oughten House International

Site Description: Site of Dr. Robert V. Gerard. Promotes DNA Activation program; books, scheduled events, training and certification, product list, latest articles, latest commentary. Free DNA Healing project; DNA Activation Kits, DNA Healing Meditations, and more. Jennifer Lee advertises the DNA activation program on her phone message.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: V.I.B.E. (tm) Vibrational Integration Bio-photonic Energizer

Site Description: The people at V.I.B.E. Technologies are committed to raising the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vibrations of each living individual on the plane. What is the V.I.B.E. Machine? The V.I.B.E. machine is an electronic device that brings the vibrational level of your body back to its natural state of being. What can it not do for you may be an easier question. The V.I.B.E has proven to help every body that has stood in front of it. This machine is a technological breakthrough that enhances the human body by helping it reach its optimum vibration and energy. It has many long-term positive effects on the body, as it automatically eliminates the "unwanted vibrations" inside your body.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name:

Site Description: Xylitol.Org has been created for you, the public, as an educational tool. The many benefits of xylitol are largely unknown to the general public, and it is our goal to enlighten you. Please peruse our site at your convenience and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge made available by our contributors. What is Xylitol? Pure xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and tastes like sugar. On food labels, xylitol is classified broadly as a carbohydrate and more narrowly as a polyol. Because xylitol is only slowly absorbed and partially utilized, a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 2.4 calories per gram or 40% less than other carbohydrates. Xylitol has been used in foods since the 1960’s. It is a popular sweetener for the diabetic diet in some countries. In the U.S. Xylitol is approved as a food additive in unlimited quantity for foods with special dietary purposes.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: DOD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program: Unproven Force Protection

Site Description: Summary. Responding to service members complaints of program insensitivity to adverse health effects, inadequate medical record keeping and heavy-handed program operation, the Subcommittee initiated an oversight investigation into the design and implementation of the Department of Defense (DOD) force-wide, mandatory Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP). Because the anthrax vaccine is still being studied as a potential causative or contributing factor in Gulf War veterans illnesses 1 , the Subcommittee measured the program against this standard: Any expanded use of the same vaccine should be undertaken only with the greatest care and only to the extent necessary.As currently designed and implemented, the anthrax vaccine program fails on both counts. The AVIP lacks a consistent standard of care and is designed to reach far beyond those at risk.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Wilderness Family Naturals

Site Description: Wilderness Family Naturals is a supplier of quality bulk herbs, nutritional products, and spices as well excellent Virgin Coconut Oil, Natural Palm Oil, Raw Ghee, "Real" Wild Rice, Kefir Culture starter, Vegetable Culture Starter Caucasus Kefir Capsules, High Lignan Flax, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Cream, Creamed Coconut, Coconut Knives, Coconut Graters, Freeze Dried Coconut, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Chips, a wonderful Green Foods product, Great Books and the list goes on.... Owned and operated by the Fischers of Northern Minnesota and who are a home-schooling, home-birthing, homesteading, home-businessing family.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Utopia Silver

Site Description: Site of Bill & Denise Fernald. This site is a supplier of colloidal silver and the generators. Quote: "We are neither scientists nor geniuses, just ordinary people who have found an alternative solution to many of our health concerns. That is why we have sought out both doctors and scientists to broaden our knowledge. Our purpose is to share this knowledge and the products we have developed with those who have like interest in this amazing curative potion.

We do not claim that our products will "cure" or in any other way benefit anyone. All we can say with assurance is that colloidal silver has changed the way we look at our own personal health and how to protect it."

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Mr. Oxygen - Oxygen Therapies

Site Description: Ed McCabe's 1988 bestseller Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease sold over 250,000 copies by word of mouth and without a major publisher! He has also appeared on over 1,500 TV, radio, and lecture platforms. The people want what he has to say! Now, after 14 more years of intensive international researching, visiting clinics, lecturing to huge crowds, and interviewing thousands of successful oxy-therapy users, Mr. Oxygen , wrote it all down for you and announces his brand new project, the best Oxygen Therapy book in history, Flood Your Body with Oxygen .

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Awakening Spirit

Site Description: Site of Kathleen Flanagan. Natural line of aromatherapy and personal care products. "Awakening Spirit, Inc.'s mission is to effectively assist you in harmonizing your mind, body and spirit through the use of aromatherapy and herbs in personal care products.

Our goal is to become internationally recognized as a leading provider of healthful, natural products that help your body to heal and empower you with a higher quality of life."

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Cure Zone

Site Description: Educating instead of medicating. Learn how to take responsibility for your health. A not-for-profit web site.The web site is Educational Foundation, a nonprofit operating website dedicated to Health & Education. It started in Norway, but today, members of CureZone Team are health enthusiasts from all over the world. There are many articles, and answers to health problems, i.e. Dr. Schulze's Patient Handbook for cleanses, etc. Amalgam, root canal and cavitations cleanup. Over 80,000 health pages.

Category: Alternative Health and Medicine

Site Name: Not Milk

Site Description: NOTMILK's goals are to help you find the whole truth about cow's milk and dairy quickly ... and to provide quality online resources. If you see something we need to fix or add, please tell them. There are hundreds of articles on milk. Some of the menus which includes more articles are : Political Intrigue, History of Milk, Cancer, Second Opinions, Science, Journals, References, The Stroke, Recommended Reading, Reasons for Breast Feeding, and much, much, more.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Dr. Rath Health Foundation - Responsibility for Health, Peace and Social Justice

Site Descripton: This site is in Enlgish, Dutch and Netherlands. Quote: "This website is the leading resource of natural health information for patients, health professionals and health politicians everywhere. We are continuously developing the site to ensure that the information is up to date and available in as many languages as possible.The development of a New Global Healthcare System to replace the outdated and pharma-influenced World Health Organisation is possible and necessary right now. Throughout this website there are pages of vital natural health information that will enable YOU to implement these measures in YOUR local community."

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Power Organics

Site Description: Power Organics is located in the mountains of Northern California, at the base of majestic Mount Shasta. This area is known for its clean air, water, and beauty. Mount Shasta has long been considered a sacred mountain and is now a center for spiritual activities. Power Organics realizes that our health is our greatest wealth. Power Organics is dedicated to offering products that are for healing. For years, we have been emissaries of alternative health supplements. One of our main focuses has been utilizing resources from the earth that already exist naturally. We strive to provide products that we can get to the public cost efficiently. We are a team of dedicated people determined to offering quality products and information. Contact us anytime. Please check out this article concerning Krystal Salt:

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: The Institute for Molecular Medicine

Site Description: A nonprofit institute dedicated to discovering new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for chronic diseases. IMM is formally affiliated with: Contaminated Veterans of America, Albuquerque, NM;Center for Complex Infectious Diseases, Rosemead, CA;

Molecular Hyperbaric Medicine, Inc., Huntington Beach, CA; Rhodon Foundation for Biomedical Research, Huntington Beach, CA;The Healthy Foundation,Murrieta, CA; and the James Mobb Clinics of Harare, Zimbabwe.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Internet Health

Site Description: The UK's largest alternative medicine, complementary therapy and natural health care resource. Main menus: Health problems A-Z; Alternative & Complementary therapies, products, medline search, diet and nutrition, diet and lifestyle, homoeopathic library, and much more. See for information on dangerous products that may be in your bathroom.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Paul's Place

Site Description: Site of Paul Winter. This site contains proof that the cancer research industry falsifies test results of alternative (safe) cancer treatments and slants the statistic regarding the performance of pharmaceutical treatments such as chemo. Mr. Winter is an author of several books, i.e. "My Intuition Book" the "down-to-earth approach for putting your higher self to work for you". This site also has information about our sun, solar winds, gamma burts, medical madness and much more. Please check out the menu,, the real story of chemtrails. Are they really "cloaked" spray machines? Check it out!

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: BSF BioSuperfood. Bio Nutrition

Site Description: BFS is a nutritional supplement of Micro Algae. This nutritional company is run by Dr. Michael Kiriac, PhD, N.D. one of the world's brightest minds in cellular nutrition and recipientof international awards and medals for finding in bio nutrition. The mission of this company is committed to the best superfood, guaranteeing safety, security, and the highest manufacturing safeguards. REad about their products, usages, and readings on anti-aging, water, etc.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Lafayette Miracle II

Site Description: Loren Stejskal of Lafayette Miracle II offers products to help us have better health. Products promoted on this site have no toxins nor any hazardous or Chemically laden ingredients. People must clean the fats accumulated on their skin without any animal by-products in that which they use. Loren Stejskal's e-mail address is:

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: The Aspartame Poisoning Information Site

Site Description: Owned and operated by Mission Possible Canada. " The information you are about to view has been gathered from many sources, and is to the best of our knowledge and personal experience, true, factual and informative. What you will read is not pretty, in fact some is downright terrifying to contemplate. It discloses the lying, cheating and falsification of information provided to you by those you thought you could trust, your government and its politicians, ministries/departments, well known multi-national companies, universities and research institutions. We intend to call it as it is. We will not lie to you. Your life and health is important to you. So is ours." Check out the article "Death by Medicine" at

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Body - Earth - Self Improve yourself, change the planet!

Site Description: The concept of Body Earth Self.

It's quite simple really, if we take care of our bodies and respect them, then we will have respect for the Earth, our home. Because we are not polluting our bodies we will not wish to pollute the Earth. As we respect our bodies and the earth we have greater respect for ourselves or that higher aspect of ourselves. It is not enough to say "respect your earth". We must also respect the body as an extension of the earth. If this concept spreads like the story of The Hundredth Monkey has then the future of life on Earth may be a lot saner and brighter! Here you'll find information you need to help you improve yourself and change the planet. You'll learn about Earth-friendly products and ideas to help simplify your life. The information will give you the power to make healthy choices!

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Healthexcel

Site Description: As a research-based organization since 1987, Healthexcel is the established leader in the rapidly emerging field of Metabolic Typing™, or customized nutrition. In addition to conducting metabolic typing research, Healthexcel provides technical consulting services to health professionals engaged in nutritional counseling and ecological lifestyle management. The company offers advanced computer-based services that enable health professionals to evaluate the highly individualized dietary needs of patients and clients, and to provide customized dietary programs for one's metabolic type.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Cocoon Nutrition

Site Description: 196 Herbal products were studied; 5 were shown to be both non-toxic and effective. 97.5% were toxic or did not work. Cocoon Nutrition carries a line of products that are both non-toxic and effective. This is an amazing accomp-lishment. Up to 70% of American adults use some form of dietary supplement. At Cocoon Nutrition, Nutripath Stephen Heuer has found an entire line of products that are 100% excipient, toxin free and effective. This line of products is called Premier Research Labs, created by Biochemist Dr. Bob Marshall. He has traveled the world to find areas in South America, East India and elsewhere where no contamination exists.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Perfect Waters

Site Description: Bringing You the Perfect Science/Ayterion Agua™ Line of Bio-Health and Environmental Products. Perfect Science Water Formula Reduces toxicity in the body and aids in the healing process. Helps in tissue cleansing and digestion. Acts as an anti-oxidant to slow the aging process and removes stress from the body helping to detoxify the skin. Brings balance to your body and mind. Strengthens the immune system.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Alien Medical Teams Collaborate With Humans

Site Description: Original Report by Adrian Dvir M.Sc. An on going strange extraterrestrial activity is taking place in ISRAEL since 1995. Alien medical teams from other realms or dimensions cure humans at Healers-Mediums alternative medicine clinics. Patients feel strange sensations during the treatments (etching, hot or cold, increase or decrease in gravity sensations and many more) and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical team. The number of clinics has increased steadily and now ( 2003 ) there are 50 clinics in ISRAEL and 464 in the USA. Alien alternative medicine clinics exist also in other countries ( England, Denmark, Australia ). ET medical activity help to raise the public awareness and acceptance of Aliens existence

Category: Alternative Medicine / UFO's & ET's

Site Name: NCP Miracle II

Site Description: This site provides natural products to help reduce the toxins in our body cause by polluted air, water and food. They are called Miracel II products. The company is interested in helping people improve their physical health and well-being.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: The True Food Network

Site Description:The True Food Shopping Guide.Go behind the label and get the facts on genetically engineered foods. What's going on 'behind the label' of the food on our supermarket shelves in the United States? A secret genetic experiment... and you should know that just because it's not listed on labels, doesn't mean it's not there. So what's an American consumer to do? Go behind the label: Print a shopping list of non-GE brands and take it to the store with you. Find out exactly which fruits and vegetables, dry goods, nuts and seeds.Learn about sustainable alternatives to the GE industry. Non-GMO labels are popping up all over.You can Take Action to demand labeling of GE foods. There is a shopper's guide of food that is non-genetically engineered and a list of what is genetically engineered food. Sorted by "Shopper's Guide" list.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Wellness Goods

Site Descripton: A Global Resource Center and Marketplace for Conscious Living, Body-Mind- Spirit Medicine and Alternative Healing. "We have greatly expanded our information knowledge base and now have vast offerings throughout our site, something for everyone, from our diverse and intensive article libraries, to our selection of free informational eZines, as well as our ultra secure and exciting Marketplace where you will find a rich, unique and diverse selection of services and merchandise, intended to inspire, nurture and refresh your mind, body and your soul." One area they have expanded on is water, and its miraculous messages for our planet.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Yerba Prima

Site Description: Yerba Prima is a company that started in 1981, and which has develped, manufactured, and marketed a range of fiber and internal cleansing products that are of the highest quality, are natureal and respond to the needs of health conscious individulas. It is the only company that manufactures a complete range of all-natural fiber and internal cleansing products.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Earth Pulse

Site Description: "Magnetic Therapy (magnet therapy), Pulsed Magnetic Therapy (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy) and EarthPulse® Pulsed Magnetic Field Supplementation; a comparative pulsed magnetic field research review. Online resource for non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic field therapy researchers. Peer reviewed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research conducted worldwide for 3 decades shows diverse improvements in neurological, physiological and psychological disorders. Pulsed magnetic field therapy research has shown absolutely NO adverse reactions and proven to have significant degrees of effectiveness (even where conventional therapies have failed). See published pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research through their links; this peer reviewed pulsed electromagnetic field therapy research is not to be mistaken as EarthPulse® promotional material."

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Gary Null's Health Article Library

Site Description: Gary's Library contains one of the largest collections of health articles and assorted educational material available anywhere on the Internet. One can search by keyword, topic and title.

Category: Alternative Health and Medicine.

Site Name: Saurabh Farms Limited

Site Description: Saurabh Farms Limited is committed to the discovery development and commercialization of medicinal plants/herbs . It is driven by the desire to bring to market plants that are a rich source of pharmaceutical applications and that will significant make a difference in human health care. We grow the best quality of medicinal plants/herbs having high medicinal value and optimum yield capacity. We are leading producer and exporter of medicinal plants/herbs in the country with a highly skilled work force. In our farm, the medicinal plants are ultivated on over more than 100 acres of land. We supply best quality of every type of medicinal plant. We have highly skilled staff members who select the best quality of medicinal plants/herbs from the total production which goes for international market. We take care to give best quality goods at the most reasonable price and right time for the one who cares to keep good health.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Ed Skilling Institute of Technology

Site Description: History of Energy Medicine, and the Photon Genie. The Photon Genie is a revolutionary new electronic machine, distinct in that it is based on the concept that the biophysics underlying the body's biochemistry also plays a significant role in regulating all of life's health processes. Electricity is found naturally in all of us. Certain electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance and healing. Check this site out.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: The Wolfe Clinic

Site Description: Site run by Dr. Darrell L. Wolfe Ac, Ph.D.Darrell L. Wolfe guides people, many chronically ill, with private personalized instruction. As President of the North American Institute for the Advancement of Colon Therapy and owner of his own clinic for the past 25 years, Dr. Wolfe has developed a self-help strategy for health regeneration that is on the leading edge of today's holistic health care field. Dr. Wolfe teaches people how to care for themselves and protect themselves with proven natural but extremely effective methods. All consultations are done by telephone.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: Bush Flash Animations

Site Description: Flash movie on Bush's Wars, zeroing in on the depleted uranium used in Bush's Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Graphic pictures of depleted uranium affecting the birth of children.

Category: Health

Site Name: Cure Your Cancer--Your guide to Gentle Non-toxic Treatments

Site Description: Site promotes Bill Henderson's Cure Your Cancer. After his wife died of cancer with much pain and distress, Mr. Henderson wrote this book concerning a guide to gentle, non-toxic treatments for Cancer cure.The book "Cure Your Cancer" is the result of his search. Not only has he found more humane and effective treatments for cancer, he has discovered that our medical system is dominated by big drug company money. Instead of pursuing research into natural substances that seem to have great promise, our system suppresses them. His aim with the book is to arm you with information. You do not need to be a victim of the "system," as his wife,Marjorie, was. The power of the Internet will allow you to co-doctor intelligently with the knowledge he gives you in the book.He will even show you how to find a doctor who is sympathetic with your quest for a gentle, non-toxic therapy with NO side effects. See for archive of Mr. Henderson's newsletters.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine

Site Name: The Meatrix

Site Description: Animation of how our dairy and meat products are produced with factory farms, unhealthy conditions, animal cruelty,chemicals. This animation is a "take off" on THE MAXTRIX, featuring "Neo" the pig and "Moopheus", the cow. This site offers what we as the consumer can do to stop this "food tragedy". VERY clever website!

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: Centre For Implosion Research

Site Description: Since 1997 The Centre For Implision Research has been involved in subtle energy and water research, following largely the ideas of Viktor Schauberger. This has resulted in the development of a unique range of products, which are manufactured by us in-house and despatched all over the world. According to customer testimonials and independent scientific reports, their products… Improve the taste and quality of water, food and beverages. Increase the vitality in water, food and beverages. Increase the freshness and shelf life of food. Increase the user’s vitality. Speed up the healing process. Relieve pain. Protect from electromagnetic pollution, incl. mobile phone and computer radiation. Enhance the subtle energetic environment in buildings. Increase soil fertility.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine.

Site Name: The Vitamins & Nutrition Center

Site Description: At the Vitamins and Nutrition Center one can find information about vitamins and nutrition, including research on vitamins, articles on vitamins and common vitamin profiles.

Category: Health and Alternative Medicine