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After Democrats Let Biden Out Of The Basement – Video Catches Joe Saying He Wants To See Those Ladies Dance In 4 Years

Adam Casalino

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What’s Happening:

Joe Biden has a long history of saying troubling or creepy things.

And it seems nobody can stop him.

Sure, his campaign kept him in the basement for a long time. But good old Joe needed to come out sometime.

And since actually appearing in public, he’s continued his history of saying unbelievable things.

This creepy gaffe should be seen by everyone who cares about our young women and girls:

While at an event in “Little Haiti” Joe Biden pointed to young girls saying he’d like to see them dance.

In or out of context, it was a considerably creepy moment. And something you don’t want to hear from a candidate running for president.

Joe has had a bad track record when it comes to interacting with young children, especially girls.

We’ve all seen the videos of him getting too handsy with women. Then there were the times he literally sniffed little girls’ hair.

And the less said about his time as a lifeguard at a pool with black children, the better!

What’s even more troubling is the timing of this comment. Not that long ago, streaming service Netflix came under fire for a movie called Cuties.

Many Americans cut their subscriptions because they felt the movie was inappropriate and morally wrong.

It was about young girls dancing. Ouch, Joe. Don’t you read the news?

We can’t draw any conclusions about what this means for Joe Biden. What was he trying to say? What did he really mean?

No doubt, his campaign will try to spin it or ignore it. But the fact remains, Joe can’t help himself from saying just the very worst things at the very worst moments.

Regardless of why you think he said this, answer one question: do you want a man like this president?