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A Generous Man

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In 1986 a farmer, Lenard Hill, took his own life on the morning his farm was to go to a courthouse auction, believing his life insurance would pay enough to save the cotton & soybean plantation in his family over 100 years.  A complete stranger in Queens N.Y. read about this story & paid off the remaining $77,000.

A USMC Sergeant spent 7 months in a Mexican prison for accidentally crossing the 


border with a firearm. He was beaten & tortured in jail. Once he was released, the man from Queens sent him a check for $25,000 "To get you started."

   2013 A black bus driver saves a suicidal girl from jumping off a bridge. Our Queens man sends him a check for $10,000.
A Rabbi's critically ill son needs to go from NYC to California for specialty care treatment in 1988. No airline will fly him. A generous man in Queens pays for a private flight for the child.
In 2017 after Army Corporal Dillon Baldridge was killed in Afghanistan, a generous man in Queens sent his father a check for $25,000.
This kind-hearted man from Queens has committed many other "quiet acts of random kindness."
A wise man once said, "If a man's heart is good, Nothing else matters, & if a man's heart is bad, Nothing else matters."


Who is this kind man?...

President Donald J. Tru mp - a man with a good heart.  

In case you have doubts about these stories, below are links  you can enjoy.