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Portlandís Coward Mayor Calls Police to Protect His Condo

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After weeks and weeks of enabling the riotous mobs of Biden voters, Portland has finally seen some arrests of Antifa terrorists. How did this happen? Did the Democrat mayor finally see how completely insane the rioters are? After all, Democrat mayors in Minnesota recently saw the light. 

Apparently, good sense is restricted to Democrats in the Iron Range. In Portland, we’re seeing a replay of the Mayor of Seattle, who sent in the police in tanks to smash up the CHAZ/CHOP commune after “protestors” appeared outside her home. Last night, the Mayor of Portland got spooked when he saw the fires threatening his condo. How the Dem elites tremble when the wild animals they use to attack normal Americans turn against them!

Portland Police, whose hands have been tied by the corrupt administration of their loony left mayor, finally were forced to tackle some of the terrorists and made some arrests. It remains to be seen how much of a difference it will make though.


In Seattle, just last week, Biden voters tried to set fire to the Seattle PD East Precinct building, hoping to burn its occupants alive. The local reaction? Disgust at the police for setting up concrete barriers to protect the building. 

There’s no saving these cities or the people living in them, but we can be confident, at least, that as long as normal Americans continue to exercise their right to vote, we’ll have someone in Washington to contain the insanity and keep it from destroying America. 

So long as that someone is named Donald J. Trump that is.