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Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Was Hiding This Disturbing Secret

Kelly Walsh

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Christine Blasey Ford


Many Americans thought there was something suspicious about Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

Her story did not add up.

And now a shocking report reveals she may have been hiding this disturbing secret.

Christine Blasey Ford May Be Caught In Another Lie

When Christine Blasey Ford testified before the Senate, she claimed there was nothing in it for her.

But critics accuse her of lying in light of new information.

One GoFundMe set up for Blasey Ford raised over $600,000 dollars.

She posted an update asking for more money nearly a week after she testified.

Ford claimed mounting security costs had required more financial support.

Ford wrote in an October 3rd statement posted on her GoFundMe page:

I cannot express how grateful I am for the outpouring of support and generosity that we have received through this GoFundMe account. I believed and still believe that it was my civic duty to come forward, but this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, much harder even than I thought it would be. And not just for me, but for my husband and our sons, for my relatives who still live in the Washington area, and the friends who have stood up on my behalf.

I feel like all of you who have made a contribution are on this journey with me, which is very heartening. And some journey it has been and continues to be. We have already had to move four times, our movements are limited even with security, and the threats are ongoing. Thanks to you, I am able to feel safe, my family can be together, and my children can continue to go to school.

The costs for security, housing, transportation and other related expenses are much higher than we anticipated and they do not show signs of letting up. Funds received via this account will be used to help us pay for these mounting expenses.

What Is Really Going On?

Paul Sperry published a piece on Real Clear Investigations that could shed some light on this matter.

He wrote that Blasey Ford may pocket over one million dollars from the GoFundMe accounts that were set up in her name.

GoFundMe also allows Ford to access the money at any time.

Sperry questioned Blasey Ford’s suggestion that she needed more money for security.

He wrote exclusively on Real Clear Investigations:

Some question the necessity of the financial assistance given that much of the costs associated with Ford’s testimony – including all of her legal fees plus a polygraph examination – were covered by Democratic attorneys assigned to her by the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, committee sources say; panel Democrats were allotted half of a $1 million committee fund for transportation, security, investigations and other expenses associated with the tumultuous confirmation process. The Senate Sergeant at Arms and Capitol Police also provided “heightened security” for Ford.

Sperry also reported that Congressional sources told him Blasey Ford’s relocation costs from having to move four times were minimal.

He wrote:

But congressional sources say that, while Ford and her husband and two sons left their home, their temporary housing costs have been nominal. They point out that they have stayed with relatives or at their beach house in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Another Theory Emerges

Sperry questioned why Blasey Ford needed all this money.

She and her husband are well off. They own a home valued over three million dollars.

They also own a beach house worth over one million dollars.

But she also applied for a permit to remodel her home.

Some critics wonder if she plans to use the GoFundMe money for that.

Of course, Blasey Ford’s defenders reject that suggestion.