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Michael Snyder: “We need to bring Christian values back to D.C.” – eye-opening new interview with the Health Ranger

Mike Adams

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Michael Snyder joins the Health Ranger to discuss good vs. evil, Christian values, “demonic forces” in Washington D.C. and why there is a spiritual battle in play right now for the future of our world. (See full interview video, below.)

Covered in the interview:

  • The culture wars in America
  • Is God judging America for its sins against life?
  • The mass killing of children in “abortion mills” across America: “God is going to continue to warn…”
  • Doing battle with demonic, Satanic forces that seek pain, suffering and destruction
  • “The evil that is in Washington D.C. is palpable… Behind closed doors there is evil on a scale it’s hard to imagine…”
  • How Michael Snyder plans to bring justice and the rule of law back to Washington D.C.
  • Revelation and current events: Does the Bible really foretell events to come?
  • The coming spiritual awakening for our world: “We’re going to see people turning to God like never before…”
  • Transhumanism, artificial intelligence and the socialist “utopia” run by totalitarian government.

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