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Abortion, 'Roe' and the left's futile war with God

David Kupelian

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Abortion, 'Roe' and the left's futile war with God

David Kupelian shows how the 'pro-choice' side is steeped in staggering denial of reality

America has become a war zone because of the utterly unprecedented revolutionary madness being served up daily by today’s radicalized Democratic Party, which fiercely insists men can get pregnant and give birth, that the full-scale foreign invasion of our country they’ve engineered is enlightened and moral, that Democrats are somehow able to magically control the world’s weather, and that the least racist nation in all of human history is somehow the most racist.

But now, things are getting serious.

America is heading toward full-blown meltdown over the Supreme Court’s anticipated repeal of Roe v. Wade, its most controversial and society-transforming (not to mention unconstitutional and unspeakably immoral) decision in a century.

Hysterically shrieking mobs waving coat hangers and promising violence are everywhere, firebombing pro-life headquarters and threatening the lives of its staffers, others swarming the private homes of Supreme Court justices and their families in brazen violation of federal law. A new Department of Homeland Security report reveals law enforcement agencies are now investigating “threats to burn down or storm the Supreme Court building and murder justices and their clerks” and to attack “places of worship.” All just the beginning of their widely proclaimed “Summer of Rage.”

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Meanwhile, congressional Democrats fan the flames of mob violence while insisting the “vital constitutional protections” of Roe must be codified into federal law, as establishment news organizations cheerlead their attempts to implement the most radical and brutal abortion laws in the Western world.

And yet – amidst all of today’s “end-of-the-world” rhetoric, criminal violence, on-air meltdowns and public hysteria, replete with screaming demonstrators bewailing the imminent destruction of women’s lives, health, happiness, economic productivity, “control over their own bodies” and “ability to choose when to have a family,” there is no discussion – ever – of what the abortion issue is actually all about.

After all, truthfully exploring that core reality would destroy their “pro-choice” fantasy world like a nuclear bomb.

That’s because what the “choice” issue is really about – of course – is babies. Beautiful, heart-beating, thumb-sucking, hearing, kicking, hiccupping, growing, pain-feeling, very much alive, learning, made-in-the-image-of-God human babies.

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It’s no longer even necessary to specify “preborn” babies, since today’s super-radicalized abortion proponents insist this doesn’t matter. Indeed, many states now allow abortion at any time throughout pregnancy right up to the very moment of natural birth, as long as the abortionist claims having the baby would endanger the mother’s physical or mental health – a notoriously cynical catch-all that routinely amounts to the practitioner’s affirmation that “My patient will be depressed, or suffer anxiety, if forced to give birth.”

Consider now the bill for which 49 Senate Democrats recently voted, but that has so far failed to pass, surreally named “The Women’s Health Protection Act.” Remember the rule: Democrats always name their legislation the exact opposite of whatever the law actually accomplishes, like Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” that radically increased the cost of healthcare. In the same way, “The Women’s Health Protection Act,” instead of protecting women’s health, would explicitly grant health-care providers the "right" to abort women's babies in all 50 states, throughout all nine months of pregnancy – period. No reason for wanting to kill her nine-months-in-the-womb child need be given by the mother, nor would any medical justification need to be offered by the abortionist (beyond checking off the “health-of-the-mother” box). Nor would the law require any disclosure to the mother regarding “fetal viability.” It would even explicitly invalidate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and all other bipartisan conscience laws that have exempted health-care providers from having to offer abortion services for moral or religious reasons.

In other words, the Senate Democrats are attempting to go beyond Roe v. Wade and make America’s abortion laws among the most barbaric in the entire world.

In an unparalleled display of reality-avoidance, today’s proponents of “choice” are maniacally pursuing an abortion culture that totally dehumanizes the child in its mother’s womb, reducing him or her to the level of an unwanted cancerous tumor. They manage this feat by doubling down on the same constellation of false, fabricated and astonishingly dishonest issues that has driven the abortion movement since its inception.

Indeed, the abortion movement has always avoided core realities, even back when the movement was founded in the 1960s, when it was carefully framed to obscure the real issue of killing human babies. That stark reality was long ago abducted and hidden away by abortion proponents, while an imposter narrative that had never before been seen or heard was presented to the public with a straight face: “Choice.” “Who decides?”

What? Never discussed was whether the “choice” was wise, moral, sane and decent or sinful, traumatizing, evil and criminal.

“Who will decide this most important issue of a woman’s life,” went one pro-abortion marketing slogan, “the woman and her doctor, or politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.?” Pretty slick. If one doesn’t stop to think about what’s actually being asked – “Is it OK to kill your children?” – the question almost sounds reasonable. After all, who wants “politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.” to decide anything about their lives?

Fast forward to today, when virtually everything America’s power elites obsess over – celebrating the first-ever “woman of color” vice president, the first-ever transgender four-star admiral, the first-ever black lesbian White House press secretary, and so on – is either meaningless or far worse than meaningless. So, it stands to reason that the issue leftist elites would most want to avoid discussing would be the most meaningful and central issue of our lives: the preservation of our progeny, of innocent human beings made in the image of God, whose safety, rights, welfare and protection constitute the sole purpose for our government’s very existence, according to the Declaration of Independence.

So this – the reality of human life and its preciousness and dignity – is the issue they pretend doesn’t exist.

This is understandable when one considers that the left is, at heart, in rebellion against the Creator and His laws of life, and is dominated at the highest levels mostly by sociopaths who care nothing about anyone or anything other than their own personal power, privilege, wealth and glory. They reject God in a vain and inglorious attempt to become little gods themselves.

No wonder this miracle of new human life – Imago Dei – would go to the very bottom of the list of “important things in life” for them.

Remember, in almost every area of public policy, the left’s fabricated “truth” constitutes the diametric opposite of actual Truth: On “voter integrity,” today’s Democrats insist Voter ID laws – which simply require citizens to identify themselves before voting – equal KKK-era “Jim Crow 2.0” racism, when in reality failing to ID voters is a clear invitation to widespread voter fraud. In the same way, Democrats insist gender is a state of mind, and if you don’t play along with their insane delusion, you’re a bigot and a criminal, when in reality gender is immutable and unchangeable. Likewise, Democrats claim their radical open-border policies are somehow noble, humanitarian and anti-racist, when they are literally destroying America, not just by replacing our nations’ population with foreigners who neither know nor care anything about America’s values, culture or laws, but by throwing America's doors wide open for Mexico’s drug cartels, making fentanyl overdose now the No. 1 cause of death of Americans aged 18-45.

The abortion issue is no different; everything they champion with regard to it is the opposite of truth.

Interestingly, in an age when those on the Left, on issues ranging from COVID to climate change, insist that “the science” justifies their ever-increasing control over the behavior and the thoughts of Americans, somehow when it comes to abortion they have almost given up arguing science. Embryology, after all, is highly advanced today and the characteristics of the developing human being in utero are stunningly documented and far beyond rational dispute.

It is a beautiful, miraculous, vibrant human baby – period. They’ve apparently given up trying to claim otherwise as they once did, when Planned Parenthood counselors routinely told frightened pregnant teens, “It’s all right, honey. It’s not a baby, it’s just a mass of cells.”

Instead, they simply ignore the reality of the infinitely valuable life at stake and instead angrily attack you for “hating women” and denying them “their right to choose.”

Not surprisingly, when the sanctity and blessedness of innocent human life is ignored and denied, into that moral vacuum rushes hell itself: The Satanic Temple is now issuing statements demanding "religious abortion access" for its members since it considers abortion both a religious right and a religious “rite” for its satanic faith. Pro-abortion activists are now seen carrying signs with phrases like “FETUS = GOOD SNACK.” Even taking a child’s life after being born – once considered unthinkable, since it literally constitutes the heinous crime of infanticide – is increasingly considered an option by the “pro-choice” movement, as in this recent on-camera exchange between a reporter for Live Action and a female pro-abortion activist demonstrating in favor of Roe v. Wade:

Live Action: Do you believe in abortion after birth?

Pro-abortion activist: I believe in whatever the woman wants to choose to do, that’s her choice.

Live Action: At any point in the child’s life?

Activist: At any point in the lady’s life, that’s her choice.

Live Action: To kill another person’s body …?

Activist: It’s going to always be her choice.

Live Action: Even after the baby’s born?

Activist: It’s always her choice.

Live Action: So if they’re two years old?

Activist: It’s always her choice.

Live Action: I can kill my two-year-old?

Activist: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

Live Action: To kill their child at any point?

Activist: It’s a woman’s right to choose.

Three decades ago, in 1992, President Bill Clinton insisted he wanted abortion to be “safe, legal and rare.” Twenty years later, in 2012, the Democratic Party expunged “rare” from its official platform position on abortion. Today, abortion advocacy has evolved to the truly radical position that women must be allowed and enabled to kill their offspring from conception until birth and perhaps beyond – no questions asked.

After all, “It’s a woman’s right to choose.”

Bottom line: Today’s gruesome, hellish reality – desperately half-concealed beneath moldy, smelly, half-century-old marketing slogans like “Women must have control over their own bodies” as well as newer (and even more meaningless) ones like “Reproductive Justice!” that serve mainly to provide an emotionally compelling distraction from ever-present truth – is that they are advocating the wanton murder of millions of American babies. That amounts to more than 63 million children already killed since 1973’s Roe decision, including the equivalent to close to half of the current black population of the United States, exterminated by abortion.

In response, many millions of good and decent Americans are now rising up and crying out, “For God’s sake, this has to stop!”

This, then, is the greatest challenge and opportunity in decades for pro-life Americans. If Roe v. Wade is indeed overturned and the issue of abortion is returned to the 50 states, it will be a time of tremendous national focus, debate and persuasion, and thus a golden opportunity for the expression of truth and genuine Christian love. Indeed, regardless of what the high court does, now is a golden opportunity – while everyone is obsessed with abortion – to let the truth shine as never before.


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