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Planned Parenthood now sending ABORTION PILLS to Ukraine to exterminate more Ukrainian citizens

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The number-one thing that suffering Ukrainians need right now is more birth control, according to the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF).

Ukrainians caught in the fray of war do not need food or shelter as their top priority, but rather more “morning-after” abortion pills to murder their unborn children.

The corporate-controlled media claims that Russian soldiers are raping Ukrainians as a “weapon of war,” and that Planned Parenthood can help fix the problem but exporting more abortion to Eastern Europe.

According to reports, the IPPF just sent 2,880 packets of “emergency contraception” to Ukraine to ensure that no more unwanted babies have to be born there. The IPPF also sent “post-rape kits” that contain pregnancy tests and abortion pills that murder children up to 24 weeks into pregnancy.

Caroline Hickson, the regional director of the IPPF European Network, said Planned Parenthood went ahead and sent other things as well such as HIV treatments and intrauterine contraceptive devices.

“What we do know is there’s a significant demand from our partners, who are overwhelmed with the number of survivors presenting for services,” Hickson told Newsweek.

“We don’t need data to tell us that this is happening. We know that in ordinary life, violence against women is endemic in Ukraine … So the most important thing for us is to act to care right now, and to make sure that the medical services and the psychosocial services are there to support those women.”



Planned Parenthood wants to murder babies of Ukrainian women who no longer want to finish pregnancy due to war

Just in case the “Russian soldiers are raping Ukrainians” mantra does not sell – Russia denies these Western allegations, by the way – Planned Parenthood insists that abortion pharmaceuticals are still needed in Ukraine because of the war itself.

Many pregnant Ukrainian women, Hickson says, may not want to go through with their pregnancies after all now that Vladimir Putin has invaded the country. Her goal is to provide every single one of them with the drugs they need to murder their babies before they get the chance to be born.

“There may be many women who find themselves pregnant and it’s just the very worst moment in their lives to be pregnant because they may be fleeing, they may be displaced, they’re separated from their families, from their support structures,” Hickson is quoted as saying.

“To be pregnant at that moment in time may be devastating for some women, and they also need access to emergency contraception and to abortion care … It’s absolutely vital for survivors of violence and it’s also incredibly important across the board.”

Since the beginning of the invasion, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has also been flooding Ukraine with “emergency contraceptives” to prevent as many new life from forming as possible.

Some 88,000 pounds of “desperately needed” abortion supplies, including drugs and equipment, have been shipped into Ukraine from the West to help terminate more human life.

“Additional kits will be delivered to war-torn cities soon as stocks in health centers run dangerously low,” said Jaime Nadal, a UNFPA representative in Ukraine.

UNFPA has also distributed about 33 post-rape kits to 19 hospitals across Ukraine, and continues to stock 30 other facilities across the country with other anti-life tools, as needed.

“Women’s and girls’ needs are increasing, but health services for women who have suffered sexual violence, including rape, are scarcer on the ground,” Nadal insists.

“Facilities have been damaged or destroyed, and resources are being stretched or diverted to respond to the needs of displaced persons. Many service providers have themselves been displaced.”

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