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Heightened threats against pro-life advocates

Mat Staver

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Just days BEFORE Sen. Chuck Schumer's comments inciting violence toward U.S. Supreme Court Justices, pro-life advocates were ALREADY experiencing violence.

"If I decide not to have a d--n baby, that's my choice," said a woman driving by peaceful pro-life sidewalk advocates. "I'll shoot you right now if I had to. That's preservation. That's basically my choice," she stated.

She was talking to a group of people who were offering help and handing out literature on a public sidewalk outside of a high school in Ohio. The high school's administrator tried to force this pro-life group across the street, and even lied about what was "school property."

The administrator got so belligerent that he crowded one woman, who asked him to back away. In response the school administrator stepped on her foot and said, "What are you going to do about it?"

His question is the same question that I have for you today. What are YOU going to do about Sen. Schumer's comments today?

Those who are on the front lines of saving these babies' lives are being harassed, threatened, and hurt. And Sen. Chuck Schumer just poured gasoline on those fires. Will you let him get away with it?

Reply today with an urgent fax to light a fire under the Senate Republican Leadership to censure the mob-inciting words of Sen. Schumer. - Mat

Unfortunately, that violence is the most recent in a long string of attacks on pro-life advocates. They have had homemade bombs thrown at them, loaded guns pointed at them, been punched in the face, had bones broken, and even had bricks thrown through the door of a home while the whole family was sleeping with little children and a pregnant wife inside!

This violence came simply because they dared to peacefully advocate for innocent life.

Now we have the most powerful Democrat in America trying to blame conservatives for violence against conservatives.

"You won't know what hit you," Sen. Schumer said.

The truth is that we know that this violence stems from the radical individuals who identify with the pro-abortion principles in Sen. Schumer's own party platform! He is about to get away with blaming conservatives for it. Don't let him. Send a fax to the senators who are waffling on whether they should act right now.

There are only 15 senators who publicly support censure against Sen. Schumer's words. In the five days since this motion was introduced, not even one more has joined the original 15. Sign LCA's petition to make your voice heard directly by moderate senators who are still publicly undecided on censure. This is a critical moment to push for progress on this motion.

Today LCA is focusing on holding accountable those who promise or threaten violence. Will you support us as we stand beside these victims of lies and violence with a donation today? The many pro-life advocates I have served have deeply taught me how important it is to stand up and protect those advocating for children's lives. And I invite you to stand with us now.


Mat Staver



P.S. Censuring Sen. Schumer has gotten stuck in the swamps of D.C. I urge you to send an urgent fax directly to our senators demanding that threats of violence be censured immediately.

Then sign our petition to hand-picked senators on this motion. Your donations to LCA help us keep you alerted and empowered to hold these radicals accountable. And finally, please spread this message to other patriots who want to make their voices heard as well by forwarding this email. God bless you!



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