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Mat Staver

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Tomorrow is a really big day! We are focusing on the U.S. Supreme Court. The Justices will be hearing oral arguments regarding whether Louisiana can require abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

Earlier, my legal team spent many days preparing an amicus brief on this case supporting Louisiana’s law. We ask the court to protect equal care for women. Even if a woman just underwent an abortion, she should not be excluded from the same level of care that every other woman automatically receives!

This law simply ensures that women experiencing a medical emergency caused by an abortion will have access to continuous care.

But Planned Parenthood doesn’t want that.

It will be devastating if this law is struck down. The safety of women in these emergency situations rests on what the U.S. Supreme Court decides in this case.

My staff will be joining with national leaders and speaking before a rally of hundreds of people in front of the United States Supreme Court tomorrow as this case is being argued. You can help us with a donation today for tomorrow’s opportunities. Then keep reading to see Planned Parenthood’s double standard exposed. - Mat

There is an important legal aspect of medical care that you might not know. It’s called “Patient Abandonment.” In the most basic level of medical training, it is drilled into caregivers that if they begin treating a patient and then walk away, they can permanently lose their license or certification.

This even applies if they turn a patient’s care over to medical personnel who are less qualified or have less training then they do.

However, abortionists have a special loophole around this requirement. These “doctors” can send a patient in a critical emergency situation off in an ambulance with a newly graduated Basic EMT and wash their hands of the situation they just created.

After these women arrive in an ambulance, the hospital is unaware of what medications have been administered, how much blood has been lost, how long it has been since the abortion or how quickly the patient deteriorated into an emergency situation.

Allowing this patient abandonment for post-abortive women has been devastating, life threatening and even deadly to women who chose an abortion. Regardless of poor choices women have made leading up to such a moment, they still deserve the same high standard of continuous medical care that any other woman receives.

But Planned Parenthood is fighting against this law that would give an equal standard of care TO THEIR OWN PATIENTS.

They don’t really care about women; they just care about abortion.

And Liberty Counsel Action wants to expose them! Donate today to help us get this message distributed to our nation’s key policy makers. It is time to expose the myth that Planned Parenthood cares about women. All that organization cares about is their own bank account – and it’s time for America to wake up to this reality.

Donate today so that we can keep pushing this truth at the Supreme Court rally tomorrow and across our nation!

This is the first major pro-life case heard since President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominees, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, have been on the bench.

With your faxes and prayers, plus LCA’s efforts on Capitol Hill, I believe we can turn the tide! In this case, we have seen a growing number of legislators making their voices count. This case has the highest known number of amicus briefs ever submitted by legislators to the High Court!

If you are nearby tomorrow, I welcome you to join us at the rally in front of the Supreme Court! If you are far away, please join us in prayer for the nine Supreme Court Justices and the decisions they will have to make.

Also, I ask for your prayers for LCA as we fight to save these innocent lives. If you haven’t already, CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE COPY OF OUR DAILY PRAYERS FOR LIFE.

Thank you for making an impact on our nation’s future. These efforts and resources are made possible because of your donations. We stand ready to defend the right to life of anyone whose life is threatened by Planned Parenthood. You can be someone’s hero by becoming a powerful defender for these women’s right to life!


Mat Staver



P.S.  I hope that you will get involved today. Donate directly to LCA to help us. Your support bolsters our team in the fight for innocent lives. Then help us spread the word about exactly what Planned Parenthood is doing by sending this email to your friends.



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