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A new strategy for newborns

Mat Staver

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Now is not the time to be discouraged. It’s time to press forward to protect these newborn children! There are just four U.S. Senate votes standing between us and overcoming the filibuster against the Born-Alive Act. So, Liberty Counsel Action wants to offer YOU a brand-new opportunity on Capitol Hill.

To win, we can’t be doing business as usual, so we are going out on a limb to offer this to you.

If you are coming to D.C. in the near future, we’d love to coach you and help you meet with your Representative or Senators on Capitol HillThis offer would have the most impact if focused on partnering with anyone from Ohio, Montana, Illinois, Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota, on the Born-Alive Act. Contact us at (407)-875-1789.

Obviously, this offer is limited to the availability of our staff, so don’t wait. Let us know before you arrive in D.C., preferably 2-4 weeks before. If our calendar is free, we’d love to join with you to provide free legal expertise, facts, and details on why the Born-Alive Act is critically necessary in America.

This will be a battle, but we think it’s an excellent opportunity to actually change the minds of these legislators. Our staff is up for the fight, but we need the resources to carry this all the way to the end of infanticide in America.

Will you help us out today? - Mat

If you can’t come to Capitol Hill, we are bringing D.C. to your fingertips! Radicals think this battle to protect newborn babies is over.

But it’s just beginning.

Liberty Counsel Action created a brand new “Tears and Cheers” fax campaign where, in a few simple clicks, you can send a message condemning each Senator who left these babies out to die. And in the same moment, you can deeply thank each Senator who voted for these protections in the Born-Alive Act.

Your faxes let these legislators know that America cares about these little children and we are watching what they do. Send a fax now to start out their work week tomorrow. Click below to get started.

I firmly believe that together we can have a much more powerful impact on these legislators’ minds than either you or I could independently. You can help support your fellow patriots who are excited to travel to Capitol Hill to have a front row seat to this effort. Sending your fax is an excellent way to hold these Senators accountable.

Many Senators are gearing up for the 2020 election. At Liberty Counsel Action, we are praying that this will be the end to an era of infanticide. Help us educate these Senators and draw their attention to what is going on with your urgent fax right now, and Lord willing, help change their minds.

On Thursday, our staff on Capitol Hill was honored to accept an invitation to the White House from the President and Mrs. Trump. We were so blessed to have this opportunity to spend time with some of the most influential leaders in our nation! Thanks to your support, we can deepen these incredible relationships and help restore America!

Liberty Counsel Action relies 100 percent on your donations to have our full-time staff in D.C. We could only say yes to this powerful opportunity because of the financial support and donations from our friends that allow us to be on Capitol Hill day in and day out. Please consider a one-time donation to allow us to continue this ministry.

Again, thank you for making it possible for our team to attend events, like that at the White House, so that we can continue to build relationships and make a difference for our nation!


Mat Staver



P.S. It is unbelievable that Congress continues to shield Planned Parenthood from facing the consequences for murdering these children and selling their organs. I hope that as a nation, we will rise up to protect these newborns' right to life. Send a fax today to urge Congress to name and shame each Senator responsible for blocking protections for these newborns.

If you are able to, please donate. Your support bolsters our team in our fight for these lives.