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Mat Staver

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Tuesday, we saw grotesque evil on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Thirty-nine Democrats and two Independents filibustered a bill that would have protected newborn babies from having their hearts cut out of their chests while they are still alive.

That was something that should activate every person in America. Pastors should be giving passionate sermons about the importance of protecting life, knowing what the Bible says on this issue, and getting active in the upcoming elections to vote biblical values.

But for now, too many pastors are scared to even whisper about it. We need to get a message to pastors that they have the freedom to speak out ... and the responsibility to not be silent in the face of this horrific evil.

After receiving our resource, a nationally known pastor called me to say, "I felt like a prisoner let out of prison. Everyone tells me what I can’t do, but you told me what I CAN do."

This is the power of our Silence Is Not an Option resource. You can help free these pastors to become leaders in our nation. Click the link below to send this packet to one pastor today. Then keep reading for a free way you can help! - Mat

Tuesday my staff grieved after the vote on the Born-Alive Act. But I want to encourage you with the same words I gave them. We are just four votes away from breaking this filibuster.

Last year, the vote to break it was 53-44 (it needed 60). This year the vote was 56-41. In just one year, we had three more votes for and three less votes against this bill. We are making progress! 

One of my favorite leaders is William Wilberforce, who dedicated his life to eradicating slavery. He faced defeat, after defeat, after defeat, in England’s House of Commons. He didn't see victory until just a few days before he died, but Wilberforce got to see slavery eradicated in many countries across the globe because he never gave up. Remember, he also reformed "manners." His work had the far-reaching result of ending the common practice of Hindu widows being burned alive when their husbands died in India.

Protecting these little babies, both born and preborn, is what God used to lead me from the pulpit to speaking in front of the Unites States Supreme Court. Victory will not happen until Christians rise up and get involved ahead of the 2020 election.

I feel a call on my heart to equip pastors, to free them to become the shepherds and prophets needed to restore our nation. You can turn this vision into a reality ahead of the 2020 election by giving one, or more, pastors these specially created materials.  

"This is not about abortion ... it's about babies that have survived a botched abortion," said bill sponsor Sen. Ben Sasse. "This should be a 100-0 no brainer."

Liberty Counsel Action has been working with Sen. Ben Sasse and Sen. Mitch McConnell’s staff. We took a portion of this morning to regroup, brainstorm, and proactively create a path forward. Out of that meeting we created. and are sharing, fresh tools with you today.

A shocking number of people don't know what is happening, so we created Facebook memes you can share to help educate people on how their Senator voted ahead of the 2020 election.

Click one or several of the links below to share a meme on your personal (or professional) page or group. If you're not connected to our page, I invite you to follow us now. Help spread the truth by clicking a link below:

      Illinois: Dick Durbin

      Michigan: Gary Peters

      Minnesota: Tina Smith

      Montana: Jon Tester

      New Hampshire: Jeanne Shaheen

      Virginia: Mark Warner

We are here to give you the ammunition you need to be a community leader. We create Facebook memes, research and write breaking news, and provide legal analysis so that you can lead those around you to restore our nation. Please consider a monthly or one-time donation so that we can never give up on protecting these precious little babies.

It is a deep honor to partner with you in the service of our littlest Americans.


Mat Staver



P.S. Tuesday's vote was chilling. The Born-Alive vote revealed that our nation is condoning and protecting the murderers of innocent children. This is why we must reach thousands of pastors and churches in battleground states. Help me get SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION into the hands of these pastors today.

Your donation directly to LCA helps us research and create these opportunities for passionate Americans to change the future path of our nation. Then help us spread the word about this powerful opportunity by sending this email to your friends. 



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