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Democrats Snubbed In 9th Circuit Loss Trump Strikes Blow To Liberal Holy Grail

Ben Dutka

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February 25, 2020


Donald Trump is a confirmed champion of traditional America.

He stands up for old-fashioned morality and decency, and he also fights to protect the lives of the innocent.

The innocent includes unborn babies, of course. And the Trump administration just scored another victory in that area.

And perhaps the most surprising part is this: it came from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which many view as a very liberal group.

However, this time they voted to uphold a Trump admin rule.

As a result, they’ve basically cast a vote to protect the innocent children who have every right to life, in my opinion.

Via Fox News:

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld Trump administration rules withdrawing Title X funding from any medical facilities that provide abortions.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals … lifted preliminary injunctions against the rules issued by lower courts in cases from three different states.

Great news!

This means medical facilities that provide them will NOT receive Title X funding.

The court cited similar rules adopted by Ronald Reagan, which had been previously approved by the Supreme Court.

In other words, they aren’t willing to against the highest court in the land. And I say that’s a darn good idea.

The Reagan administration did the right thing back in 1988. And the Trump team was simply looking to uphold those rules.

This really is a big win for all pro-life citizens.

And Justice Department spokesperson Mollie Timmons said it best:

We are pleased by the en banc Ninth Circuit’s decision upholding HHS’s rule forbidding the use of taxpayer money to subsidize abortion through Title X grants.


In my view, terminating the unborn has nothing to do with “family planning.” It basically STOPS families from happening, right?

And giving establishments taxpayer money to perform them makes no sense to me.

This was the right move by the Ninth Circuit, though I’m sure liberals everywhere aren’t too happy…