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8,400 missing due to sex-selection abortion


 February 18, 2020

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

For years, China has imposed abortion on women who have more children than mandated by the communist regime.

The consequences have been horrific. In a society in which male children are valued more highly, unborn girls have been targeted with abortion. Millions of men now will never marry because of a shortage of women.

The "gendercide" also has triggered unprecedented levels of trafficking of women.

Now, there's evidence of that phenomena in the United States, according to a study by the Institute for Family Studies.

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The report -- titled "Has the 'Global war against baby girls' come to America?" -- concludes that as many as 8,400 girls may be missing due to sex-selection abortion for the years 2014-2018 alone.

"These new data are worrisome, if not alarming – for they demonstrate that large-scale female feticide has been taking place among certain U.S. sub-populations over the past decade," said authors Nicholas Eberstadt and Evan Abramsky.

The president of the pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List, Marjorie Dannenfelser, said that Democratic Party leaders "purport to be champions of women’s rights but are silent about lethal discrimination against baby girls in the womb."

"In contrast to the strong pro-life leadership of President Trump," she said, "every Democratic candidate for president in 2020 supports abortion on demand through birth, paid for by taxpayers, and even infanticide – but they do not state, and have not been asked, whether this includes a license to discriminate against our most vulnerable little sisters. Forty-four percent of rank-and-file Democrats say they are most likely to vote for a candidate who supports common-ground limits on abortion."

Eberstadt previously documented "troubling evidence that new and biologically unnatural imbalances in sex ratios at birth were emerging in Eastern Asia, Southeastern Asia, South Asia, Western Asia, and elsewhere."

He found "demographic data were registering a surfeit of male infants—excesses far above what would have been expected from the universal norm of roughly 103-105 baby boys for every 100 baby girls observed in large human populations throughout history."

The consequence was "mass female feticide: a phenomenon driven by the collision of ruthless parental son preference, low fertility levels (whereby the gender outcome of each birth took on added import for parents), and the advent of widespread and inexpensive prenatal gender determination technology in the context of easily available or unconditional abortion."

For decades, about 105 boys have been born for every 100 girls.

Many sub-populations are in that range.

"Asian-American SRBs are another story altogether. For one thing, variations in SRBs are higher for this group than for other ethnicities in America. Most important, SRBs for Asian-American mothers were strangely high in the 2010s—averaging 106.6 boys per 100 girls. This is a curiously elevated level—and with over two million births to Asian-American mothers over those nine years, the finding cannot be dismissed as an artefact of small sample size. It merits further scrutiny and deeper analysis," the report said.

"If we posit a hypothetical 'norm' of 105 for the 'natural' SRB for foreign-born mothers, the data … would imply over 1,700 'missing' births of newborn girls between 2014 and 2018 among third and higher-parity deliveries for foreign-born mothers of Indian ethnicity. By the same token: such calculations would hypothesize over 6,700 'missing' newborn American girls to foreign-born, Chinese mothers between 2014 and 2018 (summing all birth orders). By such an illustrative reckoning, the scale of the 'missing female newborn' group in these two sub-populations would have been on the order of 8,400 for 2014 to 2018 alone," the report said.

It said that "regardless of whether one identifies as pro-life or pro-choice, readers may be highly unsettled by these findings."

"Our figures suggest all but incontrovertibly that the 'global war against baby girls' has opened a front in the United States of America."