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Help us put up a billboard

Mat Staver

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We got on our knees and passionately prayed for a more effective way to help protect newborn abortion survivors. I’m excited to share that God may have given us a plan to do exactly that. - Mat


Almost 80 percent of voters support laws requiring medical care be given to newborn abortion survivors. The crux of the problem is that to pass this law, 14 legislators need to feel the persuasion of voters more than the pressure from Speaker Pelosi. 

To do that, we need to expose their actions to their voters.

We want to develop an advertising campaign to specifically target the districts of legislators who have not signed the Born-Alive discharge petition. By waking up their constituents, voters can apply pressure from within their own districts to stop their representative from providing legal cover for these brutal murderers.

But first we want to take the radio commercials and ads directly to these legislators and try in one last meeting to show them the ads they will be facing in their district if they don’t sign the petition by our deadline.

If the legislator does NOT sign, we run the ads, and isolate them from 77% of their voting population.

If they DO sign, (as we are praying, they will) we will thank the legislator and roll over the money to buy ads for targeting the next legislator on our list of 14 needed to pass this bill. This way, Lord willing, we might be able to make your dollars work overtime to push this bill.

BUT we cannot get in front of these legislators without having the money in-hand for this ad campaign to happen. We cannot risk damaging the honest reputation we have worked hard to maintain on Capitol Hill with empty threats.

Again, U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright would be our first. He is a Democrat that considers himself pro-life but has not signed the discharge petition. His district includes the mostly rural area around Scranton in northeast Pennsylvania. In addition, President Trump won 54 percent of his district. We believe that the born-alive issue will strongly resonate with him and his constituents.

See below for an example of a PROPOSED billboard:

Help fund this campaign to get this urgent message to Rep. Cartwright!

  • $2,500 would get a prominent billboard along interstate I-81
  • $1,000 for a high traffic billboard within Scranton, PA
  • $500 for 17 anytime Christian radio commercial spots (30 seconds)
  • $110 for eight weekend radio commercials
  • $35 for two M-F radio commercials
  • Or any amount to where it is needed most.



I want to take a moment to thank you! Liberty Counsel Action has sent more than 28,300 of your faxes to Capitol Hill. Our lawyer in D.C. has met with legislator after legislator and told these heart-wrenching born-alive stories. And we have explained how nearly 80 percent of voters support the Born-Alive Act.

Now is the moment to bring all this work to fruition. It is time to make our legislators take a stand for—or against—life. And if against, for them to feel the results of having educated voters in their districts.

I hope that you will take action right now to partner with Liberty Counsel Action to expose this evil in our nation.


Also, I ask for your prayer as we are fighting to save these innocent lives. If you haven’t already CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE COPY OF OUR DAILY PRAYERS FOR LIFE.

Thank you for making an impact in our nation’s future. And for being a powerful defender of their sacred right to life.


Mat Staver



P.S. Now is the time to rise up and expose legislators that refuse to protect our most vulnerable citizens by supporting the Born-Alive Act. Donate to our ad campaign to send a clear message to Rep. Matt Cartwright to plead with him to sign the discharge petition.

I hope that you will get involved today. Sign our petition to protect newborn babies from being harvested for research. If you are able, please donate directly to LCA to help us. Your support bolsters our team in our fight for these lives. Then help us spread the word about these legislators' dangerous blockade against the Born-Alive Act by forwarding this email to your friends.



This message can be viewed on our homepage.

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