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SOTN: People, they’re spraying massive volumes of GRAPHENE OXIDE into the atmosphere…(MUST VIEW Video!)


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…via the swiftly intensifying chemical geoengineering operations being conducted across the USA.

State of the Nation

The Primary Vector of


Graphene Oxide Dissemination

Worldwide is Chemtrail Aerosols

CHEMTRAILS: An Ongoing Planetary Catastrophe Created by


Chemical Geoengineering (PHOTO-DOCUMENTARY)

The following video presents irrefutable proof that immense volumes of graphene oxide are being dumped into the global environment.  The only way that so much graphene is showing up on beaches all over the world is by means of chemical geoengineering. 

In point of fact, the chemtrail spraying across America has seen a dramatic uptick since the very day POTUS Imposter Joe Biden took office.  Therefore, it’s clear that the New World Order globalist cabal is determined to overwhelm the environment with graphene oxide…in order to expeditiously get the extremely dangerous poison incorporated  into the human body.

Graphene has proven to be the key chemical compound by which The Powers That Be are implementing their mushrooming agenda of Transhumanism.  This is also why graphene oxide has been found in the various Covid vaccines.  The end goal is to connect every human being on the planet to the rapidly expanding constellation of 5G satellites surrounding Earth. 

Be sure to watch the entire video below in order to understand the relevance of this global BLACK Operation to the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda

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What the entire planetary civilization has been experiencing is the slow-motion fabrication of the long-planned Global Control Matrix (GCM).  However, it is now the physical transformation of the human race into homo graphenis that represents the capstone of this nefarious NWO project to exert complete command and control over humanity via a One World Government.

The technological superstructure of the GCM has been stealthily put into place since the advent of the Information Age.  Each successive generation of computers, tablets and smartphones have been specifically engineered to fulfill a carefully hidden agenda   The buildout of the IT infrastructure worldwide is the integral piece of the emerging tyrannical technocracy witnessed by every digitally connected individual today.

The final piece of the GCM puzzle is to so transform the human body via graphene and/or graphene oxide, depending on the application, that every person will be forever and irreversibly connected to the Global Control Matrix.

State of the Nation

November 24, 2021