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SOTN: 5G & COVID-19, Electropollution & Disease

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by Arthur Firstenberg


Translation of the French summary by Sosthène Berger, Dipl-Ing

Received by Email from

also at 5GExposed Website

Spanish version



This book documents the high probability that radiation sickness is caused by all forms of electricity including 5G, microwaves, and all other forms of emission.

The Spanish flu specifically, the current Wuhan virus – and the cruise ships particularly – as well as cancer and diabetes – are all arguably associated with electromagnetic pollution and exposure.

Shutting down the towers, putting the ill in Faraday protected areas, and giving them large doses of calcium radically reduces the epidemic.

This is not as definitive a book as one might wish, nor is the author as balanced as one might wish, but in light of the Wuhan virus, the Wuhan 5G and separate extreme low frequency submarine communications antennas, in combination with the cruise ships “spontaneous epidemic” far from China, I conclude that the author’s assertions merit a full hearing.


Radiation Sickness Explains


all Past and Present Flu Outbreaks including

Wuhan Virus and Radiation Sickness on Cruise Ships,

5G in Context


Table of Contents and seventeen page full text online summary:


Part 1 From the very beginning …


1. Captured in a Bottle

2. The Deaf to Hear, and the Lame to Walk

3. Electrical Sensitivity

4. The Road Not Taken

5. Chronic Electrical Illness

6. The Behavior of Plants

7. Acute Electrical Illness

8. Mystery on the lsle of Wight

9. Earth’s Electric Envelope

10. Porphyrins and the Basis of Life