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NEW TALK: Dr. Buttar reveals CIA-declassified research on millimeter-wave radiation

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Blockbuster pre-Summit interview

This one is big. In a special pre-summit interview I just did with Dr. Rashid Buttar, he walks through the CIA-declassified document revealing massive bio-effects from 5G millimeter-wave radiation. See it now:
» Watch this special pre-summit talk now & see the declassified report for yourself

In the second-half of this interview, we screenshare a 5-page, CIA-declassified report summarizing 7 Russian studies on the significant bio-effects caused by millimeter-wave radiation levels between 37-60GHz -- exposure levels which government agencies tell us are "safe."

Published more than 40 years ago but kept secret, this report was marked "GOVERNMENT USE ONLY."

There are several pages of very specific and shocking conclusions made by the scientists. Please see it for yourself.

In addition, Dr. Buttar and I discuss (and show) a recent troublesome statement by a European politician touting the "benefits" of using 5G for crowd control purposes.

When you watch this talk, you'll also save a front-row seat for the free, online 5G Summit taking place on June 1-7, 2020 — over 40+ experts teaching you more about EMF and 5G dangers and how to implement better solutions in your community.

The time is now to see the bigger picture. As we have the courage to go deeper, we meet like-minded people, and we see the encouraging LIGHT side as well, in this epic story unfolding before us.


Josh del Sol

P.S. Don't miss this explosive talk by Dr. Buttar -- watch it here.


Summit Speaker: Magda Havas, PhD