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FDA pushing to mandate “supplement registration” scheme while completely ignoring the 50,000+ Americans injured each year by over-the-counter pharmaceuticals

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is actively conspiring with Big Pharma to restrict consumer access to dietary supplements.

Under the guise of protecting the public against “dangerous” vitamins, the FDA wants to create a “mandatory product listing and registration” scheme for dietary supplements that would require them all to be tracked and traced in order to remain on the market.

A House Appropriations Committee report includes funding provisions for the FDA that include language about creating “regulations requiring mandatory product listing and registration to create transparency in the supply chain” for dietary supplements.

“This language isn’t enough to give the FDA the power to create a mandatory list; Congress would need to pass legislation giving the FDA this power,” warns the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH-USA).

“What is concerning, though, is that this issue is on Congress’s radar, so we may see such proposals in the not-too-distant future. We also know that the authority to create a mandatory list of supplements is something that the FDA has asked for a number of times.”

The revelation comes at the same time that the mainstream media has been reporting about “bad actors” in the dietary supplement industry who are supposedly using illegal ingredients in weight loss, sexual enhancement, and bodybuilding supplements.”

“This can’t be a coincidence,” says the ANH-USA.

“… the FDA already has the authority to go after companies that break the law and use illegal ingredients, including those referenced in the news articles this week. The agency can, and has, enforced this law, as it should.”

FDA, also known as the Fraud and Death Agency

The FDA has been after dietary supplements for years, always acting on behalf of Big Pharma to vilify things that are natural and praise things that are unnatural.

This is Western “medicine” in a nutshell, by the way. If it is patented and comes from a factory, then it is “legitimate.” If it comes from nature, then it is “dangerous” and “ineffective” and must be banned by the government for your safety.

The overwhelming consensus based on actual scientific evidence is that dietary supplements are generally safe and effective. Very few people ever encounter any trouble with them, and those who do typically encounter an adulterated product laced with something synthetic.

Meanwhile, pharmaceutical drugs as “properly prescribed” result in an astounding 1.9 million hospitalizations every single year. Where is the outcry about the need for greater oversight and transparency concerning Big Pharma drugs?

“The idea that supplements are unsafe and more regulation is needed doesn’t pass the laugh test,” says the ANH-USA. “So why would the FDA want more power to go after supplements which are overwhelmingly safe, during a pandemic in which the evidence shows supplements can help support health?”

The answer, of course, is that the FDA is lusting after monopoly power over everything that might help a person stay healthy and protected against disease. The FDA basically wants to control every single thing that goes inside your body, and would prefer if only synthetic patented drugs make the cut.

“A mandatory list of all supplements and a completed ‘new supplement guidance’ would be potent tools for the FDA to efficiently remove thousands of supplements from the market,” the ANH-USA further warns – learn more about how you can help stop it at this link.

“With a comprehensive list of products, the agency could very easily create a supplement ‘hit list’ and remove supplements that it believes have not complied with the guidance, which is already expected to eliminate as many as 41,700 products from the market. A mandatory list makes the FDA’s job that much easier.

The FDA will also promote pharmaceuticals and vaccines while vilifying dietary supplements because the federal agency is an extension of the pharmaceutical industry. To learn more, visit

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