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Hunter Biden Accidentally Confirmed to Therapist That Joe Biden Has Dementia

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The Hunter Biden saga continues. A riveting new account of the “Laptop from Hell,” by fantastic New York Post writer Miranda Devine, provides a harrowing new insight into the well-known struggles of current President Joe Biden with dementia.

In Devine’s new book, she recounts an exchange between Dr. Keith Ablow, a therapist who was close to Hunter Biden.

Dr. Ablow had offered to provide the Biden campaign with a ‘mock endorsement’ in Joe Biden’s run for the presidency beginning in 2019.

“Any man who can triumph over dementia is a giant. Think what he could do for our nation’s needed recovery.’ Dr Keith Ablow,” he quipped.


Dr. Ablow and Hunter Biden actually discussed this anecdote on Ablow’s podcast in February 2019. In the process, Hunter backed up the assessment that his father had dementia.

Hunter texted to Dr. Ablow: “Dad is our first guest.”

“Does he recall details tho, with the dementia and all,” Ablow responded.

“Not much these days but since it’s all fake news anyway I don’t see the problem,” Hunter Biden replied.


The book provides the backstory on how this information came to be known: A DEA raid in February 2020.

“Ablow was never charged over the raid, but agents seized a second laptop belonging to Hunter that they found locked in a safe in the basement. Hunter had left it behind the previous February, and just as he had done in Delaware, he ignored repeated messages to pick it up,” the book says.

Furthermore, Joe Biden may have had progressive dementia for nearly the last decade.

“Reached at his Massachusetts office, Ablow declined to comment, but he once diagnosed then-Vice President Biden as having ‘early onset dementia’ during a 2012 appearance on Fox News, so that background may underpin the banter,” the book added.


There has been consistent dismissal in the mainstream U.S. press over concerns that Joe Biden has dementia and isn’t up for the job of president.

“If you’ve been listening to the Trump folks in recent weeks, you may believe that Biden is a doddering senior citizen, a geezer who certainly couldn’t remember ‘person, woman, man, camera, TV,’ probably couldn’t pick out a picture of a rhinoceros, and definitely can’t speak in complete sentences,’ Business Insider said prior to the 2020 election. “Trump’s principal line of attack, the very fulcrum of his campaign, is that Biden’s too senile to be president.”

“The problem with basing a campaign on your opponent’s supposed mental incapacity is that the opponent can vanquish it simply by appearing moderately capable,” the article continued. “The Trump campaign set an exceedingly low bar, and Biden hopped right over it. He gave a very good, thoughtful speech on Thursday night — the speech of a man who obviously has a brain and a heart in working order. No one who watched it could possibly think, Oh, this poor old guy is gaga.”

“The campaigning is just beginning, and Biden could certainly bomb at the debates or make a gaffe in a few speeches, but the convention did a very effective job of turning the senility attacks back against Trump,” the author David Plotz claimed.