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Greg Caton urgently needs your prayers: On life support after suffering severe, prolonged heart attack

Mike Adams

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Greg Caton, one of the most awakened voices of truth in our world, is on life support after suffering a severe heart attack that caused substantial damage to his heart.

He is currently unconscious but alive, and attempts to remove him from life support have so far not succeeded. His heart is not beating with enough force to allow him to sustain his own blood oxygenation. He is receiving nutrients via IV.

Your prayers are urgently needed, as the people close to Greg have made contact with his consciousness and have confirmed Greg is not yet ready to leave this realm.

Greg is also in urgent need of financial support. A fundraising page is currently being set up. We will update this article and announce the link when it is fully functioning.

We do not yet know what caused the heart attack. There is currently no evidence of foul play. Greg Caton is NOT vaccinated to our knowledge. Caton lives in Ecuador and is hospitalized there.

Spanning many years, Greg has openly shared his urgent message of awakening to help uplift humanity and achieve human liberty and awareness for all. His presence on this Earth is extremely important for the “dark winter” we are all attempting to navigate.

Here is my most recent interview with Greg Caton, from a few months ago:

We will post more updates as they become available. Right now, send your prayers for miraculous healing!