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David Kupelian

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WND Founder, CEO Joseph Farah Suffers Serious Stroke


Nation's first online news organization pulling together in leader's absence


Dear WND readers, friends and allies,


Since WND is a Christian organization, when adversity strikes we strive to remember that God is firmly in charge.


Recently, adversity hit hard when our company’s founder and CEO, Joseph Farah, suffered a serious stroke. After spending several days in the hospital undergoing extensive testing and evaluation, he is now home, resting comfortably and recovering.


Although no one can say with certainty how long he will be away from WND, what I can say with certainty is that Joseph and his family are extremely appreciative of your prayers, as are all of us at WND.


Joseph’s medical crisis, in addition to being a difficult trial for the Farah family, is likewise tough for those of us staffing the news organization he founded and has led for 22 years. I’ve known Joseph Farah for three decades, and for 20 years have worked closely with this pioneering journalist as a colleague, good friend and fellow Christian. I know him as a man of enormous talents, integrity and genuine faith.


Many may be wondering: What does all this mean for WND? With God’s help we are not going anywhere except forward. Our editorial team is the best, and most of us have, like me, labored side by side with Joseph for the better part of two decades. Everyone in our editorial department is stepping up to fill Joseph’s shoes as much as possible while he takes whatever time he needs to recover. So, beyond the absence of Joseph’s daily “Between the Lines” column, I don’t believe you’ll see any change nor notice any holes in our news and commentary presentation.


We’re all living through a period of unprecedented turmoil, wherein one political party has somehow become totally disconnected from reality – promoting insane, catastrophic “solutions” to nonexistent crises while denying obviously real crises and slandering or censoring all who disagree with them. I can honestly say, having personally spent more than 35 years in the news media, I’ve never seen a greater need than right now for genuinely truth-oriented, pro-Constitution, pro-Judeo-Christian journalism. That’s the niche WND has striven mightily to fill since its founding back in 1997 as America’s first online news organization. And with the Good Lord’s help, that vital work will continue.


Meanwhile, we appreciate your loyalty, readership, prayers and support. As you know, we are under attack in a war on independent news waged by the lords of the Internet who have decided to silence voices like ours. If you’re able to support us, either directly at WND, or through the newly formed nonprofit WND News Center, that blesses us greatly.


Most importantly right now, I ask that you please pray for Joseph’s recovery, for his wife (and WND co-founder) Elizabeth, and their wonderful family during this difficult time.


Thank you so much.



David Kupelian

Vice President and Managing Editor, WND

Editor, Whistleblower magazine

Author, "The Marketing of Evil," "How Evil Works"

and "The Snapping of the American Mind"