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My left hand was amputated


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Before tragedy struck, Michael was attending the University of Louisiana on a music scholarship. He loved his chemical engineering classes and practicing for the marching band. His life quickly changed after he was forced to undergo an emergency amputation that removed his entire arm from the elbow – and replaced it with a prosthetic hook.


The prosthetic hook led to Michael to struggle with basic daily activities and losing his music scholarship. Michael has asked his insurance company, UnitedHealthcare, for a myoelectric prosthetic that is designed mimic and work like an actual arm and hand – it is a device that would give Michael his life back.


UnitedHealthcare has denied Michael’s claim, calling the device “medically unnecessary.” Michael has started a petition asking UnitedHealthcare to approve the myoelectric prosthetic.


Michael’s team of doctors agree he should be approved for the device.


You can help Michael get the prosthetic hand he needs to regain his independence and some semblance of normalcy in his life. Please sign and share his petition to UnitedHealthcare today.


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