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Holder hospitalized as precaution for faintness

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Feb. 27, 2014


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department says Attorney General Eric Holder was taken to the hospital Thursday as a precaution after experiencing faintness and shortness of breath at work.

A department statement said said Holder was "resting comfortably and in good condition" at a Washington hospital after feeling the symptoms during a morning meeting with senior staff.

The department said he was alert, talking with his doctors and undergoing further evaluation.

Holder, a trim 63-year-old, is known inside the department for bypassing the elevator and taking the stairs at a brisk pace to reach his 5th-floor office. He also plays basketball.

The White House says President Barack Obama was notified and wished Holder a "speedy recovery.";_ylt=AwrBEiQ.hA9T3yIAb__QtDMD