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The Caduceus Decoded: Secret Symbols Reveal Dark Agenda of Western Medicine (updated 6/27/09)

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

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June 25, 2009

(NaturalNews) Everywhere in western medicine you find the Caduceus symbol: It's the staff entwined with two serpents, with wings at the top. You'll find it emblazoned on medical texts, medical school certificates, medical websites and even in hospitals and medical buildings.

But what does the symbol mean, exactly? I decided to conduct a bit of research to find out some possibilities.

The Caduceus, it turns out, was a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes. Hermes is best known as the messenger of the gods, but he is also well known as the protector of liars, gamblers and thieves. He's also prominently known as the guide of the dead.

According to Wikipedia, the name of the staff, Caduceus, is adapted from the Greek word kerukeion, which means "herald's wand" -- the staff of the public messenger. It's related to the words kerux and kerusso, which pertain to someone who announces information to the public.

From a Biblical point of view, the two serpents on the staff are, of course, symbols of evil and deception. There is a Greek myth about the two serpents on the staff which states that Tiresias found two snakes copulating and he beat to death the female snake with his staff.

So far, then, we have a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes, a protector of liars and thieves (who is also the guide of the dead), named as a staff or wand related to announcing information to the public, encircled by two serpents representing evil, and tied to yet another Greek myth about the female being beat to death.

This is the symbol of modern-day western medicine.

The evil of western medicine revealed

The part about the female being beaten to death is especially relevant, given how our male-dominated western medical system considers virtually all female physiology to be disease (pregnancy, menstruation, etc.). Women are treated like animals in many ways, through endless breast cancer screening and mandatory HPV vaccines. Female organs are considered useless or disease-ridden, such as when hysterectomies are performed to remove women's "hysteria" (madness). That's where the name "hysterectomy" actually comes from, of course.

That the two snakes representing evil would encircle the staff of public announcement could be an indication that the purpose of the staff is to announce evil (the propaganda of western medicine). At the same time, the mythological carrier of the staff is the protector of liars and thieves (the drug promoters and drug companies).

Once you understand the symbology, it becomes quite evident that this prominent symbol of western medicine was not chosen by chance: It sends a powerful subconscious message, much like the symbols of secret societies used on dollar bills, for example (the all-seeing eye floating above the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill). It might even be said that, through the repetition of this symbol which adorns the most important documents and texts used in the medical schools, doctors are, in a very true sense, being continuously indoctrinated with the powerful symbols of evil and death.

Once these impressionable young doctors graduate from their medical schools, they are given the tools of death to "treat" patients: Chemotherapy poisons, toxic pharmaceuticals, scalpels and radiation machines. They slice off women's breasts and call it "cancer prevention." They poison children's brains with chemicals and call it "medicine." They damage and destroy key organs like the heart, liver, kidneys and brain through the forced application of toxic chemotherapy agents, sometimes at gunpoint (as with the case of Daniel Hauser).

And all the while, they sit in their offices, with a dozen diplomas on the walls, many containing the Cauceus symbol that is effectively broadcasting a message into the office space of that doctor, further imprinting his mind with the death agenda of modern medicine.

Do symbols really have power?

If all this sounds a bit odd to you, it might be worth asking yourself this question: Why are all the institutions of power in modern society obsessed with the secret use of such symbols? The entire layout of Washington D.C., for example, is based on Satanic and Masonic symbology:

Why are such symbols printed on our currency? A floating all-seeing eye above a pyramid... Isn't that a little spooky? But check your own dollars right now: It's there, keeping an eye on YOU. (It looks similar to the Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings...) Why is the Pentagon, the building occupied by creators of war and death, shaped like a pentagon? The five-sided geometric structure is, of course, closely related to Satanism. If you really want to explore deep down the rabbit hole of bizarre Satanic symbols in the U.S. military, read this report:

By the way, I don't claim to agree with everything I'm listing here. These are just links for further exploration for those who are interested... some of it gets quite bizarre.

If you really want to delve into the bizarre world of symbols and secret societies, read books by David Icke ( Or check out this book on by Jim Marrs, Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids.

Of course, you can also find a fair bit of this material on with Alex Jones, or on with Jeff Rense.

Some people even say that our national leaders frequently flash Illuminati hand signals openly, in public. Here's a YouTube video that shows several interesting examples:

A true symbol of health and healing

I don't profess to be any kind of expert in secret societies or hidden symbols, nor do I believe every single thing I read about the topic, but there's no question whatsoever that symbols dominate the power institutions of our world. The choice of those symbols says a lot about the secret agendas behind such institutions. And the institution of western medicine is symbolized by the Caduceus, a staff entwined with serpents, held by a protector of liars and thieves, to be used for announcing information to the public while beating to death the female of the species.

Don't you find that more than a bit curious?

If I were creating a symbol of health, it would be a simple choice: The radiant sun and a collection of plant leaves. Mother Nature. A river, a stream, a mountain. Something along those lines. It would definitely be based on the sun.

Modern medicine, however, has chosen different symbols to represent its true agenda.

Forget about the TV ads, the press releases and the disinformation spewing forth from Big Pharma and conventional doctors. The true agenda of modern medicine is clearly encoded in its primary symbol: DEATH.

Modern medicine is, as Dr. Gabriel Cousens says, "a culture of death." And he's right: The whole system ultimately delivers death, not health. Its tools are poisons, its goals are to eliminate knowledge of natural remedies, and its primary symbol is based on broadcasting evil while protecting liars.

What could possibly be more fitting for the failed institution of modern medicine?

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From: J
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 8:56 PM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Pertaining the article on the site.

I posted it in another forum. And, here is a reply I got.

I take articles in fourwinds, that I feel the people need to know, and I post them there. trying my best to spread the truth.


Geez; the writer of your article seems a bit paranoid to me and looking for conspiracy theories.

First of all the True Staff of Medicine is the Staff of Asclepius; the Caduceus is used by commercial medical entities and the Military

I am an MD that practices Integrative Medicine. And the meaning of the Symbolism was NEVER described to me this way in Medical school. Back in the Day when Doctors were the most learned of Men having studied the GREEK and LATIN languages; I am certain they tended to name things according to what they had learned and I don\'t believe anything Sinister was ever intended. In Medical School the advent of the Staff of Asclepius was explained to me as follows:

The probable medical origin of the single serpent around a rod: In ancient times infection by parasitic worms was common. The filarial worm Dracunculus medinensis aka \"the fiery serpent\", aka \"the dragon of Medina\" aka \"the guinea worm\" crawled around the victim\'s body, just under the skin. Physicians treated this infection by cutting a slit in the patient\'s skin, just in front of the worm\'s path. As the worm crawled out the cut, the physician carefully wound the pest around a stick until the entire animal had been removed. It is believed that because this type of infection was so common, physicians advertised their services by displaying a sign with the worm on a stick. [See graphic photos -not for the faint-hearted or Benjamin.]

I am sure there are corrupt and evil people everywhere; but most physicians I know entered into medicine with the intent t help people. If there is some group of Doctors somewhere meeting in some back room to discuss how we can \"Stick IT\" to everybody; I never have heard of it.

In addition, I am sure some Pharmaceutical companies have done some unethical things to make a buck--No different from any other industry. For the Most Part; I feel that they spend a lot of money developing very useful medications and as you would do if you were an owner of this business you would want to protect your investment and make a profit on product. That is not to say that bad things don\'t get done; and this is were the BUYER must beware. Don\'t allow yourself to be Programmed or BrainWashed by what you hear on either side; be well informed and make the decision that is best for you; This is why I practice INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE-They Both have their PROS and CONS and together can be a Powerful help to many of my patients.

Well I am sorry if I rambled too much; you did touch a nerve with that one; and I do want you to know; In none of this is it my intention to be condescending or negative.



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From: DR
Sent: Thursday, June 25, 2009 10:32 PM
Subject: re. The Caduceus Decoded
So far, then, we have a staff carried by the Greek god Hermes, a protector of liars and thieves (who is also the guide of the dead), named as a staff or wand related to announcing information to the public, encircled by two serpents representing evil, and tied to yet another Greek myth about the female being beat to death.
the staff of Hermes, or Isis, or the tree "trunk" Osiris did resurrect in/by, or in general ... is the human spine. 
The two Caduceus are energies, or holograms of energy, which ascend from the base of the spine within the 'Pillar of Light' that surrounds the spine. This energy is also understood as kundalini (the "sleeping snake" rising from the base). When finely attuned one can see/feel these energy's/hologram's during healing sessions - atonement to the Caduceus brings about balance of the 7 main chakras as they pass along the spine upwards before those energies exit the body above the crown chakra. The double-helix fashion of the snakes is closely related to the nature of human DNA, and the number of twists along the "staff" does correlate with the number of chakras (depending on the depiction of the Caduceus - this picture of a babylonian Caduceus shows 6 twists ... which is correct in my opinion as these "snakes" originate from the 1st chakra, the base.
They're two snakes because these two energies complement each other, one could understand them as male/female in nature.
The symbol of the snake does not stand for evil per se - but for infinite causality within the cycles of duality in separation from God - see the Ouroboros eating its tail. 
It's an interesting subject altogether - but not a substitute for spiritual praxis experiencing these ancient relationships of energy when healing the human condition - only then do we fully appreciate the meaning of sacred symbols. 
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From: RT
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2009 12:35 AM
Subject: :SPAM: Re: Caduceus Symbolism
 I concur with DR about the symbolism behind the Caduceus as I had read about the naga or serpent kundalini fire energy in East Indian literature years ago.
In addition to this particular symbol there is the Pharonic helmet with a cobra at the third eye that represents the risen kundalini at the 6th chakra as being active. The original Pharaoh kings were adepts who had a higher development spiritually than the commoners under them. 
 Also in Mexico you can see on some of their coinage an eagle or a hawk flying with a serpent in its claws and this is the same idea of the kundalini in the highest position and if you see this in real life as I have on at least three occasions in my life you can count it as a good omen.
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From: CD
Sent: Saturday, June 27, 2009 3:13 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

 Concerning the 'caddeus'. Research shows that it has nothing to do with Greece. Understand that there was never a place called Greece. Rather, it was Gees or Geez, meaning the land of the people of Ethopia. Gheez is still their language. The ancient Ethiopian negroes, who populated Ancient Egypt, and gave us such wonders as the pyramids, also gave us the caddeus, which meant healing or bringing the male and female energy into balance, thereby causing harmony of the whole. His name was I-M-Hotep......