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From Zachary:  The message below is a great example of how fortunate we are to be living in Australia, where we have a very good (if not excellent) public health system, in stark contrast to a nation like the US.

However – although I am a strong supporter of homeopathic / naturopathic / alternative medicine and turn to those systems on the rare occasions in which I fall ill – my view is that allopathic medicine has some practical benefits as well.  For example, if you are one of the estimated 30 million Americans – that figure was presented in a report on Australian television just last night - who have no health cover whatsoever, then access to a traditional (allopathic) doctor might look really, really good.......  

I have seen docos on TV here that show the huge turn out in impoverished places like West Virginia or wherever, when a group of doctors and dentists get together and offer free services at a temporary medical station set up in tents or whatever.  There were huge lines of persons that turned out whenever such services were presented to the local community!

One really good thing that former President Obama did in his first term in office, was to get the so-called “Obamacare” bill through Congress.  Before that was passed, an estimated 50 millions Americans had no health care whatsoever.  Obamacare covered about 35 million uninsured persons then, leaving an estimated 15 million still without health care cover.  Now that figure has doubled under President Trump.  Although I am a supporter, generally speaking, of Donald Trump and what he has done and tried to do while in office, the fact of the matter is that he should try to get some health care cover for those estimated 30 million Americans who have no cover whatsoever.  For their sake, I hope he at least tries to rectify this situation.

It would be nice to think or imagine that the government – any government – would prefer to sponsor medicine based upon homeopathy, naturopathy or any alternative medical procedure, but that is wishful thinking in today’s world.  So access to allopathic medicine – with all its flaws and faults, and it does have many – remains the practical way for most persons to go.




I don’t have any health insurance whatsoever, and thank God I don’t.   I have car insurance, and that’s enough.   If I get in a car accident I will get scooped up and sewed up and that’s all I need or care to have.  Trauma care is more than enough ‘health care’ and about all allopathic medicine is good for, if that.

As to the rest, you’d never see me in any of those line-ups you speak of.   I run away fast from all the allopaths.  They are okay for trauma, like in a car accident – MAYBE.   I don’t trust them for anything, really.  They are killers, and people need to stop and realize this.  The reason our loved ones go in the hospitals and come out dead is not because they were incurables usually – but because they were killed by their doctor’s treatments.   This is the norm, not the exception. 

I hope you will read the links below supplied by Dave Martin of his own experience with these Doctor Frankensteins.  Just think of your own childhood experiences with these monsters.  Think of your vaccines full of nasty cancer viruses and things designed by Satan to sicken you later on.  Rely on your own judgment and intuition and JUST SAY NO!   The Hippocratic Oath says, “First Do No Harm.”   These allopaths obviously think that is a huge joke and they cannot wait to get their greedy hands on us and shove us into their machines and jam their tubes up our veins and up our rear ends and inject anything and everything into our bodies, and bill the taxpayer a bundle as we get sicker and deader.  And the sicker they make us, the more treatments they can arrange to charge the taxpayer from the bottomless pit of Health Insurance money.    They are drunk with the smell of all those Trillions of dollars of free money for anyone of them who is willing to go-along-to-get-along and sell their souls.  

Money is the root of all kinds of evil – as Jesus taught us.   He wasn’t kidding around, and we would be wise to pay attention to the Creator of the Universe who came to live with us, teach us, and die for us to save our miserable souls if we could only have ‘ears to hear’ and repent.  Those who ‘love and make a lie’ the Bible tells us, bottom line (ie go read the last pages of the Bible), will be ‘outside Heaven’s gates.’   All these greedy liars are going to spend eternity in Hell and so will all the dupes who believed the liars.   We better get over our fascination with worldly glitter and greed and popularity and go for simple truth instead.   The allopaths and their sorcery drugs have nothing there for any of us but temporary covering of our symptoms, but an earlier and more horrific death in the end.

And the dentists too.   How can most of them continue to put mercury fillings in our mouths?   You can’t tell me they don’t know that mercury is a deadly poison.   And root canals – excuse me?   Dead teeth are in no way healthy for anyone, yet they are deliberately killing teeth and filling them up with inert matter, but it’s still a nasty, dead tooth.   Dead teeth cause,  at the least,  rheumatoid arthritis and heart attacks.  And depending on which tooth it is, each tooth is connected to a certain part of the body – so each dead tooth is capable of bringing on terrible illness and death.   Do these dentists care?   Most of them go along to get along (ie get rich) and don’t care a bit about what is real healing.  

Money blinds people so they do not notice or care for Truth or Mercy.  It’s all about money, money, and more money; and about who are the people who have it.  These “successful rich people with money” are the ones who get to call the shots. People are selling their souls right and left for the money and for those who have money.   Not just in the movie business, but in every other business as well.

Satan is the God of this World, and the Bible tells us this.  This is a shame on us.   We have Truth in our faces to embrace, and if we run after filthy lies and money and greed then we have failed out earthly test and missed out on the high prize.   If we don’t love the Truth and seek and find it and then stand on it, we have failed our short test on this planet, with God.   Our Bibles warn us that we will be ‘outside Heaven’s gates’ with all the others who ‘love and make a lie.’   These warnings are repeated in the last pages, God crying out with His last pleas to all of us.   We cannot allow ourselves to be tested and found wanting, and miss out on eternal life with God.  

That’s just the way it is when it comes to final judgment by God.   No liars, cheaters, self-promotors, gossips, trouble-makers, people who like to hurt others, or anyone who ‘loves and makes a lie.”   We have piles of Bibles, and God tells us these things repeatedly, especially on the very last few pages of our Bibles.   We don’t hear this preached, and God’s Last Words in the Bible seem to go unread and unheeded.   Truth is number one with God.  We must love it and live it, or we are in big trouble with God and we’ll lose our souls as a result.

If we go running after the liars, even if we are not liars ourselves, it shows that we still love those lies, and that is reason to disqualify us from Heaven.   We must love the Truth enough to go running after THAT, and see through the lies, and stand on the Truth.   If we are so gullible and willing to be deceived, that shows we don’t love the Truth and we are disqualified for that reason alone. 

If God let those people into Heaven, those who ‘love and make a lie’  it would ruin it.  Heaven would be ruined.  God is looking for people to enhance Heaven and make it even more wonderful for everyone – and the ones who would ruin it are being carefully tested and winnowed out.   God is not stupid.   Obviously, God knows what He’s doing.   He’s not unjust and He’s not stupid.   God is busy right now working on making Heaven more wonderful every moment, for those who love Him and love the Truth.  Part of God’s job is to winnow out those who don’t care what is true or not, and invent their own reality, and don’t care to seek out the Truth.

BIG FAT LIES!  All this nonsense about free healthcare for poor people being a blessing – doesn’t pan out in the statistics.  It’s a big fat lie!    The countries with the most so-called ‘health-care” are the ones with the lowest general life spans.   How else better to measure health than by how long people live?   The U.S. spends more money than the rest of the planet put together on ‘health care,” and U.S. lifespans are at the bottom of the pile.   I won’t do the stats for you, but refer you to some Dr. Joel Wallach lectures on YouTube, also Naturopath Dr. Peter Glidden.   Catch Dr. Jennifer Daniels from Patrick Timpone archives, also RBN archives.   Do your homework.   All this government sponsored ‘healthcare’ is really poisonous death-care, and if you have any sense you will run, and not walk, away from the allopaths and their Frankenstein, poisonous medicine.  

Same goes for the food the world rulers are orchestrating for us to be eating – food grown through weedkiller and specially bred to ‘suck it up’ – and kill us.   GMO.   “Do not love this world or the things of this world:” quote from Jesus Christ.

This world is run by greedy, murdering monsters who want to get rich off our sick and dying bodies.   That’s just the truth of it.  I’ve been listening and studying this subject for hours and hours over the past months and years, and I just don’t do doctors, period.   Not allopaths, certainly.  I do see a chiropractor occasionally, and there are good ones and bad ones, but even the bad ones won’t be outright killing you like the allopaths do.   I say, run don’t walk, to get away from the allopaths.   Their drugs are poisons, designed to cover up symptoms and bring on worse conditions to follow after the original illnesses.   Their drugs are concocted in Satan’s laboratories.  And we don’t need the allopaths’ vaccines full of sorcery drugs, nasty scummy viruses, and unmentionable disgusting things to make us ‘immune.’   What we really need is clean water and wholesome food that is not processed and/or denatured, or grown in weedkiller, or genetically modified to suck up herbicides invented for the Vietnam War – all for us to eat.

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