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These Gun Owners Are Standing Up Against the Crime Wave

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America is witnessing a massive crime wave and everyday citizens are becoming victims on a  daily basis. Among those citizens are those who refuse to be victims, gun owners. Many Americans have opted to carry firearms in recent years, ever since the onset of the pandemic Americans have been buying up firearms en masse. These record breaking years are a direct result of the rampant crime that is plaguing the nation. 

These gun owners are laying down the law when the going gets tough:


Armed Citizen Who Shot Carjacker has a Message for his Attacker

Gun Concealed Pistol Firearms Handgun Weapons

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a gun owner was confronted by a criminal who was looking to steal his car.  The criminal aimed his gun at the intended victim and demanded that he hand over his car. The intended victim retrieved his handgun and fired at the criminal several times before the criminal fled the scene. The criminal would ultimately surrender at the local hospital and the would-be victim gave a message to local media “Stay in school. Don’t play with guns. Don’t rob people. Work for what you want.”

Lyft Driver Ends Carjacking With Legally Concealed Handgun

An FN509 Midsize with ammo and a spare magazine / Photo by Jack Shepherd-FullMagNews

A Lyft driver in western Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was out driving people around when two men approached his vehicle with more than a ride in mind. The dastardly duo was after the vehicle and brandished firearms of their own while telling the Lyft driver to hand over his keys. The Lyft driver had a passenger at the time and managed to negotiate that passenger’s release, then as soon as the criminals had let their guard down the Lyft driver drew his own firearm and fired at the two men and they fled. The two criminals would surrender to authorities not far from the scene.


Anti-Gun Politician Saved by Gun

An anti-gun politician was saved by a firearm in what is the ultimate twist of fate. Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford has always been a proponent of gun control but her husband managed to prevent their being carjacked with his legally concealed handgun. 

Kimberly Lightfort and her husband were out and about in the city of Chicago, Illinois when a carjacker spotted them and saw an easy score. The criminal began to shoot at Lightfort and her husband, Mr. Lightfort drew his own firearm and returned fire. The couple got away unscathed and even Kimberly Lightfort accredited her husband’s legally concealed handgun as the reason they got away unharmed.


Retired Firefighter Fends Off Would-Be Robber

Cinematic Shot of a Robbery / Photo by Lucas Edmonds

A retired Fire Department Captain, aged 77, was in his garage in the city of Chicago when a criminal approached him looking to rob who he thought was just some old man. Unfortunately for the would-be thief this was not just some old man, this 77-year-old was packing. 

The criminal blocked the man’s car in his driveway, brandished a firearm, and demanded that he hand over his money and other valuables. Before the criminal even finished listing his demands the retired Fire Captain drew his firearm and fired at him. The criminal died at the scene as a result of his injuries and the retiree was unharmed in the shootout.

A Court Order Didn’t Stop Him, But a Handgun Sure Did

A woman in North Dakota had obtained a restraining order against her boyfriend because she believed that he was a threat to her life. Having no faith in this restraining order she invited some of her friends over to keep her safe, thankfully one of them was carrying a handgun.

At around 2AM her ex-boyfriend broke into her apartment and tried to attack her, her friend who had been carrying pulled out his gun and stopped the attack. The suspect would die on scene and another restraining order proved futile.

Armed Father Stops Man From Attacking Daughter

M&P 9 Shield EZ / Photo by Grace Boatright-FullMagNews

A man was relentlessly beating his girlfriend when her father had decided that he had seen enough. 

A Georgia man is in the hospital after having assaulted his girlfriend and being shot as a consequence. The Georgia man had been attacking his girlfriend when her father repeatedly begged him to stop, when he refused the father drew his firearm and shot the man.


Ohio Woman Kills Home Invader Who Was Attacking Her Husband

A close-up shot of a Ruger Blackhawk / Photo by Grace Boatright-FullMagNews

A home invasion turned deadly in Ohio when a woman shot an intruder who was attacking her husband. 

In a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio an elderly woman and her husband were fast asleep when someone broke in. The criminal began attacking the couple and managed to pin the husband onto the ground, this is when the wife drew a firearm and shot the attacker. Police were able to confirm that this attack was entirely random and no planning had been done prior to the break in, scary stuff but thankfully this family was armed.

New York Shooting Ended by Armed Citizen

A 9mm magazine with ammo / Photo by Jack Shepherd-FullMagNews

A would-be mass shooter in New York was stopped by an armed citizen. 

It was just another day in Onondaga County, New York when suddenly a man armed with a handgun began firing into a crowd in front of a courthouse. One brave citizen drew his handgun and returned fire. The shooter died on scene and the armed citizen was praised as having saved over 50 lives that day.


Phoenix Man Goes Toe to Toe with 4 Home Invaders and Walks Out Alive

FN509 Midsize / Photo by Jack Shepherd-FullMagNews

A homeowner in Phoenix, Arizona was able to fight back against 4 home invaders and walk out unscathed. 4 criminals ran out of a car and onto the porch in Phoenix, Arizona, then quickly beat down the door and ran in. Waiting just inside was the homeowner who was armed with his firearm, he fired at the home intruders and they quickly fled. The suspects managed to get away in their vehicle and were never caught.

Bonus: Teen Defends Self With Bow and Arrow

Photo by A Healthier Michigan via Flickr

A teen in Missouri managed to defend himself from a man on his family property with a bow and arrow.

A man had snuck onto a family’s property in Missouri and was attempting to steal some machinery on the property; the man was spotted by the teen who alerted his father. The father confronted this man and when the man was confronted he lunged at the teen. The teen had his archery equipment handy as he was to go hunting when he ran across the alleged thief, he quickly knocked an arrow and fired it at the man.