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Biden Declares War on Guns!

Dudly Brown

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It’s no secret that our Second Amendment rights are facing the largest assault in decades.


Democrats are armed with control of the White House and both Houses of Congress, with Vice President Kamala Harris as the tie-breaking vote in the Senate.


Just four months into the Biden Presidency and lawmakers are already advancing some of the most radical gun control legislation in thirty years -- as the White House works to impose new, unconstitutional “executive actions” targeting law-abiding gun owners.


On paper, this reads like a worst-case scenario.


In reality, the flood of opposition to any new gun control from members of the National Association for Gun Rights is making it extremely difficult for anyone in Washington, D.C. to rubber stamp any anti-gun legislation.


So please sign your “Stop Biden’s Gun Ban” petition right away!


Biden Says, Ban Guns! Click here to fight back!



Weeks after Joe Biden took office, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) moved to pass H.R. 8, the Universal Gun Registration bill, which would ban all firearm sales not pre-approved by the government and ensure a traceable paper trail for virtually every firearm transfer in the country.


Though Pelosi’s Democratic majority was wounded in the election, H.R. 8 passed the House narrowly with the aid of eight Republicans, as did two other gun control bills, H.R. 1446 and H.R. 1620.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is moving rapidly for a vote on these anti-gun bills in the Senate, which could be taken up any day.


But it’s considered just round one of what will likely be multiple gun control fights in the months to come.


Facing pressure from the media to go even further in the wake of recent attacks in Georgia and Colorado, lawmakers are revisiting more radical measures -- such as Dianne Feinstein’s so-called expanded “Assault Weapons” ban, and bans on magazines.


Experts warn debate on bills like H.R. 127 -- dubbed the “Gunpocalypse” bill for including nearly every gun control proposed in the last 20 years -- is possible.


Thankfully, Senate rules (for now) require ten Republican Senators to sign off on any gun control deal before it reaches Joe Biden’s desk.


Unfortunately, several Republican Senators are showing signs of weakness.


Florida Sens. Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are pushing a deal centered on “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation.


Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey is again pushing his failed Obama-era gun control bill with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV).


Even Sens. Ted Cruz (TX) and Chuck Grassley (IA) are floating a bill known as “Project Gestapo” for its heavy-handed approach to enforcing existing anti-gun laws.


But President Biden wants to take matters into his own hands.


Well before taking office, Biden’s transition team was in communication with the ATF as early as December over ideas like banning common pistol braces and cracking down on 80% lower receivers.


More recently, the administration is now threatening unenforceable executive actions such as banning 80% receivers and banning stabilizing braces for pistols.


That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your “Stop Biden’s Gun Ban” petition right away to fight back against these gun grabs!


Biden Says, Ban Guns! Click here to fight back!


Whichever unconstitutional and unenforceable gun controls the Biden Administration tries next, the National Association for Gun Rights and National Foundation for Gun Rights are prepared to combat them with a massive petition campaign, and even legal action.


With our backs up against the wall, the situation in Washington is reminiscent of President Obama’s failed 2013 gun control push, when Joe Biden was tasked to lead a gun control coalition against the Second Amendment.


As reported by outlets like the USA Today and Politico, the National Association for Gun Rights was instrumental in defeating Biden’s 2013 push through grassroots lobbying and outspending the establishment gun lobby.


The good news is, once again, the persistent action of NAGR members is messing up the gun grabbers’ well laid plans.


Faced with NAGR’s massive direct mail, phone, and internet campaigns, Congressional offices are expressing frustration with the volume of pro-gun Americans and NAGR members who are demanding an end to the gun control negotiations.


Allegedly, through a vendor, Senator Schumer’s office attempted to shut down delivery of NAGR’s pro-gun fax petitions because the pressure is making an impact.


But with votes pending in the Senate, and three and a half more years of the Biden Presidency, gun owners will have to sustain this pressure for the long haul -- and double down with each new wave of gun control to prevent it from reaching the President’s desk.


It’s a tall order, but pro-gun Americans have a history of winning against the odds, and punishing politicians of either party during the next election cycle, for voting to curtail our constitutionally-protected freedoms.


So please sign your “Stop Biden’s Gun Ban” petition TODAY!


If you’ve already signed your petition, I hope I can count on you to forward this email to friends and family who care for the Second Amendment.


Once you’ve done that, I hope you’ll consider chipping in to help us fight against every single egregious gun control scheme in Washington, D.C.


For Freedom,


Dudley Brown


National Association for Gun Rights



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