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Movement in the Supreme Court


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In the next few weeks, I will hear whether the U.S. Supreme Court will hear our challenge to the free speech-killing Election Speech law.

And our chances are looking good.

The Court traditionally only hears fewer than 5% of all cases submitted to them every year...

...But just last week, the Supreme Court requested that the State of Montana submit a response to our petition -- a move our nation’s highest court typically only makes on cases they intend to hear.

If taken up, it will rapidly become the most important free speech case in a decade or more. And I need your help to be ready no matter what.

On the one hand, the Supreme Court could side with the notoriously left-wing Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and REFUSE to take up our case -- giving the green light to states like yours to DEMAND the names and addresses of our supporters and regulate what gun owners and other patriots are “allowed” to say politically.

Should that happen, Second Amendment supporters will find ourselves muzzled in 2020 or have to risk fines and jail time to exercise our rights (and work our way back to the Supreme Court).

Or they could grant our petition, consider our case, and set the stage for you and me to WIN one of the most important Supreme Court decisions in over a decade...

And it will all happen THIS YEAR, -- an election year that’s likely to go down in American history as one of the most hard-fought and decisive our country has ever seen!

FIVE YEARS of legal wrangling and more than $350,000 spent has all come down to this moment. Some of the bills for the recent filing are coming due now, and if our case is taken up another $500,000 or more will be required. And I’m worried we’re not ready...

So will you please click here to support our important Supreme Court case today with a generous TAX-DEDUCTABLE contribution of $100?

I know that’s a lot to ask for, but this is serious.

And if $100 is just too much to ask for right now, please give as generously as you can -- whether that’s $50, or even $30.

I can’t stand the thought of leaving any battle to the gun grabbers.

But I also know that without your support, nothing we do would be possible.

So please click here to make your generous TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution of $100, $50 or $30 TODAY!

For Freedom,

Chris Stone

Director of Communications

Pennsylvania Gun Rights

P.S. Every last bit of paperwork the Supreme Court has requested from us is now before them. Our five-year, $350,000 court battle is now under review, which means I now face up to $500,000 or more to WIN the case if it is taken up, or defend an onslaught of new regulations, fines and threats of jail.

But even at this HUGE moment -- when more could be required of us than ever before -- I want to be sure I have your full support!

And with the Supreme Court recently requesting a response to our petition from the State of Montana, we could be sitting in front of the Supreme Court in no time.

So please, click here to make your tax-deductible contribution to this important fight today.


The National Foundation for Gun Rights Inc. (NFGR) is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to NFGR are fully tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.