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Silhouettes of 'armed' Revolutionary War soldiers now offensive

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'Do we have to do guys with guns when guns are killing our children in schools?'

 November 9, 2019


Decorative silhouettes of Revolutionary War soldiers

It's not just guns that raise the ire of leftists these days.

It's their shape.

A house key shaped like a gun, a Pop-Tart eaten by a student into the shape of a gun, a gun-shaped logo on a pencil, a shirt and even a "hand gesture" have stirred controversy.

Even was a cloud shaped like a gun drew attention.

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Now, flat pieces of steel attached to a fence in Port Angeles, Washington, are causing problems.

They are silhouettes of Revolutionary War soldiers holding guns that adorn a new fence surrounding the city's replica of the Liberty Bell.

The Peninsula Daily News reportsMayor Sissi Bruch is insisting that the "guns" be removed.

"Can we find other symbols that give that bell respect?" she asked the paper. "In my mind there are more creative ways of doing that."

The mayor wants "a symbol that celebrates what the veterans fought for, which is democracy, rather than using the tools."

The mayor claimed in a note to the town council that the soldiers "with guns" had drawn "objections."

"I've had comments from people saying do we have to do guys with guns when guns are killing our children in schools?" Bruch told the newspaper.

But opposition is growing to the mayor's stance.

"My phone has not stopped ringing," said former Port Angeles mayor Karen Rogers.

She led the drive to fund the fence with Gary Velie, president of the Clallam County Veterans Association.

Bruch should drop the idea, Rogers said.

Velie and Cherie Kidd, a council member, already have sent Bruch letters urging her to stop.

"Velie said that the design of the fence created by Port Angeles sculptors Bob Stokes and Gray Lucier was approved by the Port Angeles Parks Commission, a city building permit was issued, and a contract was signed in August," the Daily News said.

Rogers said the images have "to do with the historical period of the Liberty Bell."

"It's a beautiful artistic piece," she said.

Kidd noted the design is "historically accurate."

"We are a free nation only because of the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom."