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Jim Stone

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Ocr. 10,2016


Obviously, "best gun" is relative to the situation. I am, in this context, saying what the best thing to snipe with is that an average Joe could afford. Sniping out only those who actually stole the election will be better than blowing away brainless morons following orders en masse. Obviously that will probably be necessary, and in that scenario any gun is the "best gun". But for sniping, one "affordable" gun stands out very well.

I have played with 30.06, 8mm, 50cal, shotguns, hand guns, old Chinese surplus, bb guns, .22's, NUMEROUS AR-15'S and intentionally purchased high precision sniper rifles. "Owned them all." I KNOW WHAT THE BEST IS THAT AVERAGE PEOPLE CAN GET AHOLD OF. It is the .270.

Folks, No other round you can buy short of a 50 cal penetrates solid steel like a .270 does. Yes, I have shot at many different types of targets. Fired tens of thousands of rounds. Practiced up GOOD. Bought the best before my life was destroyed. I KNOW WHAT CUTS IT, AND IT IS THE .270.

This is a .270: A shoot through the weeds with it still going straight long and heavy projectile with a super flat trajectory that does not catch the wind, keeps a huge amount of it's down range energy (far more than a 30.06) that will penetrate steel FAR BETTER than anything short of a .50 cal. Nothing else short of a .50 cal will cut through steel like a .270 will and a .270 will penetrate very close to as well with a smaller hole made. I KNOW THIS FOR CERTAIN, I have played with that. And if you are going to have to put things right, you need something that will rip through body armor. A .270 is that IN SPADES. And as a bonus, you can't possibly pack more bullets that are better bullets than the .270. You can carry as many as you might need.

Yeah, I guess an argument could be made for a NATO round so you can go get ammo when you win a fight, and there are others that are more common and easier to get, but for the delicate work the .270 kicks ass and will probably penetrate an armor plated limo. The reason? It is a long round with a small cross section and the SAME FULL LOAD as a 30.06. Absolutely nothing out there is more accurate than a precision made .270, my testing made that clear, where when equipped with my favorite scope, I could nail clay pigeons at 500 yards with 60 percent of the shots. Yes, clay pigeons are for shot guns, and if you can hit one with a rifle from that far away that's good enough to snipe ANYONE.

There, I FINALLY SAID IT and the rigged Drudge poll is what set me off. One way or another we HAVE TO save the nation. "they" have been offered a peaceful way out, and if they choose not to accept it, whatever happens next is THEIR OWN DAMN FAULT.

Semi auto is less accurate than bolt action (I had bolt action on the .270) but it is still really good and would probably rule in combat because working the bolt is a huge distraction that forces you to re-aim. Full automatic would be the worst choice anyone who is not the military could make, because bullets are not free, and "per bullet" a well aimed semi auto will be many times as effective and really is almost as good as full auto anyway.

October 9 2016

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