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Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Reveals China's Biggest Fear


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Former Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Reveals China's Biggest Fear

Before serving as Ambassador to Russia for President Trump, Jon Huntsman served as Ambassador to China under former President Obama.

Huntsman is now revealing the biggest fear of China and the ruling Communist Party, transparency.

According to The Daily Caller:

China’s Communist Party fears transparency more than anything else, former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman said Monday.

Huntsman praised a letter sent Monday by 18 attorneys general demanding a congressional investigation into China’s coverup of the coronavirus outbreak in its early stages, saying on Fox News that such an investigation is necessary.

“Well, I’ll tell you why this letter is such an important one, by these attorneys general. The Chinese have invested a lot in their relationship-building in our nation’s capital. But they’ve also spent a lot of time and resources — listen to me, we have 350,000 Chinese students at our universities across this great country — they have also invested in state-by-state relationships, thinking they can use one against the other,” Huntsman said.

“What is the one thing that the Chinese Communist Party fears more than anything? They like control, they like domestic stability, they control the airwaves for the most part. They hate transparency. The more voices coordinated in this country, even at the state level, that speak out about what happened, and the lying, the cheating, the disinformation, and let’s be very clear about this.

Huntsman also said their needs to be coordinated voices from Congress, states, the business community, and the administration because the effects on China's economy is what will get them to listen.