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  • 2020-04-30
  • Source: TTN
  • by: TTN Staff

Ancho. via Flickr


Joe Biden has multiple women accusing him of sexual assault and or sexual misconduct, the media is failing to report on any of this as he is thier only chance at beating Trump, the myster of the Biden-Burisima scandal still looms over the heads of many American’s. While all these things need more coverage in this busy cycle the allegations of sexual misconduct are the most pressing, here are the stories of the 8 Women that are accusing Biden of sexual misconduct:


1.) Alexandra Tara Reade


Alexandra Tera Reade claims that while she was working for Biden as a staffer she was sexually assaulted by the then-Senator. According to her Biden pushed her up against the wall and stuck his hand down the front of her pants. This behavior is sickening and many have come out to corroborate the story. This is by far the worst accusation Biden is facing and is one of the most well documented.


2.) Caitlyn Caruso


Caitlyn Caruso claims that after she recanted a story of her being sexually assaulted to Joe Biden he had hugged her and laid his hand on her thigh.  This would result in the average American being fired by the HR department.

3.) Vail Kohnert-Yount


Vail Kohnrt-Yount claims that while she was a White House intern in 2013 Joe Biden had pressed his forehead up against hers and called her a “Pretty Girl” while introducing himself. While this behavior wouldn't have raised many questions in the 80s, the left has made this sort of thing a major taboo. If a Republican had done this or was even accused of it they would have been endlessly harassed by the media until they resigned, will the media give Joe Biden a free pass because he is a Democrat?


4.) Ally Coll


During a 2008 guest reception, Joe Biden allegedly grabbed Coll by the shoulders and held her like that for what she described as a “beat to long” during their exchange of greetings. This is the type of behavior that is seen publicly all too often by Biden.

5.) Lucy Flores


Lucy Flores claims that at an event in 2014 she was kissed in the back of the head by Biden. She is saying that she was shocked and embarrassed after the incident.

6.) D.J. Hill



D.J. Hill claims that at a 2012 fundraiser Biden had laid his hand on her shoulder and ran it down her back. This is the type of behavior the media crucifies people for, although Biden has had good intentions this is bad behavior that is no longer allowed in today's society.  

7.) Sofie Karasek


Sofie Karasek is often described as a sexual assault survivor and when she meets with Biden at the 2016 Oscars he was caught on film grabbing her hands and pressing his forehead into hers. This type of behavior doesn’t fly anywhere when you have direct knowledge that someone has suffered some form of abuse you do not do anything that could resemble abuse to them.


8.) Amy Lappos


Amy Lappos is accusing Joe Biden of Sexual misconduct that occurred while she worked as an aide for a congressional representative in 2009. Lappos claims that Biden had grabbed her by the neck and pulled her close to rub noses. This behavior is disturbing and shows a significant lack of judgment in Biden’s day to day interactions.