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A couple of ominous questions remain. What will you say when they ask what you did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our republic?

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I spent the last week off the grid, no internet, and if I was lucky I could get a text out just to let my wife know I was alive. I had plenty of time to think about things while I was sitting in the woods alone. Reflecting on all that has gone on and what I fear may be coming, it wasn’t pleasant.

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It is blatantly obvious, and should be to anyone with a pulse, that this election was stolen. From the mail-in balloting to the Dominion voting machine mess, things just don’t pass the smell test. If you check in on the Mainstream Enemy Media, which you should, this thing is over. They are laughing at Trump for his baseless claims with no evidence produced to back him up. It is really quite telling to see the level of disrespect that has been ramped up towards him since they anointed Biden the Presidency.

“But Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and Rudy Giuliani assure us they have the goods and we need to keep the faith.” I’ve heard that kind of crap for four years now. Did Hillary get locked up? Did Trump drain the swamp? Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Holder, etc. Any of those communist been arrested for their crimes that we all know and have seen committed? I, like you, want to believe that there is some great war playing out in the shadows that is going to bring the Deep State to its knees and have them begging for mercy. I do, I REALLY DO! But the fact of the matter is, so far no evidence of this has been brought to light or discussed seriously in the MSM. Trumps attorneys have been losing court battle after court battle and not one case has made it to the Supreme Court. That being said I am still making a donation to the fight.

Here’s the thing, Trump is not going to save us, he never was. He was our last ditch effort at reminding our Government Representatives who they work for and who is actually in charge. We have been warning our Government for a long time now, however it seems those warnings have fallen on deaf ears. The Deep State is DEEP! Right down to the local level. There is only going to be one way to root out this evil.

Our Founders were willing to die for the rights espoused in the Declaration they crafted and signed at their own peril. Their document boldly proclaimed our right to live in freedom, a freedom to be protected, not threatened, by the rule of the government. The basic rights and freedoms enumerated in the Declaration of Independence included the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These rights were God-given and could not be eliminated even by a King or a Government. Now it’s our time. Our time to pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

It is startling that the injustices that led to the revolution pale in comparison to what we are witnessing today. It was heavy-handed authoritarian control and unfair laws our founders were against! There are many similarities between today’s issues and the issues the colonies experienced leading up to the declaration. You want to talk about taxation without representation, we’ve been past that point for some time now.

Most of the time a man will tell you his intentions, good or bad, if you’ll just listen hard enough. I think back to all the things I have said and written and others as well.

Election Theft = War

I will fight not because I desire it, but because I cannot justify any other course of action – when the enemy attacks, you must fight – you must kill or you will die.

This country is done! Pick your side. Choose wisely. Prepare for the most brutal war that this world has ever seen. It’s coming. I don’t think anything stops it now. Hopefully we can set things right if we win, or at least die trying.

The fight is unavoidable at this time. Freedom is on the line. The whole world is on the line. This is it boys, if America falls to this coup, darkness will take over the world. We owe these traitors nothing: not respect, not decency, nor mercy. We Owe Them Nothing!!!

The time for talk is over. Sides have been chosen. Their side is openly at War. We just wanted to be left alone to raise our families in peace. Sadly they are not going to give us that option.

This is our time. It’s why we are here at this point in time in history. It’s what we were born for. It’s time to fight for freedom.

These are not idle threats. I believe myself and others who have voiced their opinions are ready to make their stand. We are at a moment in time where everything is on the line. For the whole world, not just us. They have used a virus with a 99.6% survival rate to terrify the nation and also used it to help steal an election. Two crucial dates are approaching. December 14th and January 20th. The communist are making their play for the country and it’s going to be up to us normal folks to do something about it.

People keep expecting a leader to come out and lead the whole nation in this fight. I got news for you, I don’t think that is going to happen. We are on our own. This is going to be a balkanization. You may get leaders in your individual counties, but that may be about as far as it goes at first. Our founders were called terrorists and radicals when they rebelled, but soon they gained momentum and the people joined them. This will be no different. I can’t imagine the things our media will say and do once this fight for Freedom begins. Remember the media is not your friend, ever. They deserve to die a traitor’s death along with the others.

This corruption throughout our country must be eliminated, right down to the very smallest of local levels. It’s not going to be pretty. Millions of gallons of blood must run the streets. Once this starts, it is going to be messy like nothing you’ve never seen. Best harden your hearts and get your mind wrapped around that. Do not even think of shedding a tear for them. They are enemies of our Republic and they hate everything that we cherish and stand for. We tried doing things the right way. We have exhausted all our options. The cartridge box is all that is left now.

When it comes down to it many Americans simply don’t have the spine or fortitude to stand up and fight, even with liberty on the line. There are those among us that say nothing will happen as long as the power stays on and people have food in their stomachs. I guess we are close to finding out who will be right on that point also. Each individual is about to have to make some hard choices. There will be no peaceful transition of power this time, although they never peacefully transferred when Trump won. For neither side is going to accept the outcome, no matter which way it falls.

A couple of ominous questions remain. What kind of country are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren? What will you say when they ask what you did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Republic?

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