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Charles Miller

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by Charles Miller
January 20th 2019
Open Letter to government and its actors.
The below Letter, and this Monograph, is intended to be served via email on the leaders from both parties in every Congressional committee. This will be done, somehow, no matter what! To be done by the authors and then publicly noticed.
WHY? No contract or legal relationship can be enforced when the contract is not in evidence, the contract is not called due and payable, the parties properly identified, and a demand to perform is not presented. Basic contract law.
Thus the Letter following this explanation is delivered into the public records establishing the foundation for all government actors to choose their loyalties carefully. Public Records are property of the government which must be accepted as correct. Law of the Constitution at Article 4 section 1. (F.N. 1)
The below Letter is constructed in such a manner as to be a simple cut and paste into an email to be sent to the readers individual congress critters both state and federal. At the end of this Monograph are cut and paste emails, simply insert the recipient and hit send. Then attach this Monograph, including instructions. Please note the single point solution questions to the Congress critters which clarifies what and who each serves. Be a real American and simply act. Simply deny this Monograph as an attachment, and the below email to your congress critters, both state and federal.
No telling what could happen!
Major Premise: All Law is derived from Contract, all Law is private between the parties, all Law deals with property and property rights.
The Fundamental Questions: What happens when you the reader signs on to the founders contracts, Declaration, Original and current State Constitutions, Articles of Confederation, as principals?



Are you then the Grantor, the Bailor, the Beneficiary, the Creditor to all governmental authorities or powers? Does this act of becoming a signer set you as Master to all government servants? Is there any power of this world that could deny you the right to become a founding father. If so, would you then be treated as a political subject, a SLAVE to those who deny the right to choose the political forum you live in?
Read on to find out what your real powers are.
Identifying the root problem is the key element to resolution of the problem of governments confusion being allowed to harm, or, injure, or disrupt the People.
Dealing with the results always, always feeds the problem. This is true, if, for no other reason than the energy spent discussing some undefined problem is used up before solutions could be discussed.
This premise opens real dialogue exposing the possibility of resolution.
Second, in order to reach a resolution, the destination of the dialogue must be defined.
"In other words, work the problem backwards from the the solution desired." "As this process flows, the elements needed to resolve the issues are exposed."
Understanding the legal relationship between the People and government provides the key to address the problems while at the same time exposing the solution.
The majority of the American People know there are problems of fundamental impact on each of us in our daily lives. We all live with corruption controlling our lives every day. There is no escape from this knowledge because it permeates our whole society.
The root problem certainly appears to be that federal employees in particular, do not understand that their contract of employment is actually with the People. This piece of public record exposes a personal relationship between every American and our public servants individually. This is because those administering the contract exercising the People’s powers through our created entities called governments, are merely pass throughs, having no real authority to Contract of their own. "The good People are the source and authority for all governments existence." So says the foundational documents, as the Supreme Court has declared numerous times. Thus, all public officers or employees are servants to and of the People.
The fundamental disconnect between the good People, and our created agent called government, is the lack of understanding and execution by government servants honoring their own oath, the Contract, under the terms We offered known as Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. See Article 6 Constitution. (F.N. 2)
Minor Premise.
In the form of questions, with answers below.



What is the legal relationship between the People and governments?
Is there a contract in evidence defining the legal relations between the People and our governments?
Are the contracts valid and enforceable?
Who holds the right to enforce the contract?
Are the Original contracts of the good People, We the People, still valid to day?
What happens if the servants to the Peoples contract refuse or fail to honor their obligations?
Is the Office of President the position to enforce the contract, with the absolute duty to do so?
If the recipients refuse to act, fail to respond, is that self generated admission and confession of DIVIDED LOYALTY, resulting in exposure of the fact that We the People are held to INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE under BREACH OF CONTRACT?
Is BREACH OF CONTRACT relatively easy to prosecute with a threshold for evidence proving the breach available as public record?
  1. What is the legal relationship between the People and governments?
The Constitutions to which all government servants pledge personal loyalty is the contract to be served!
We the People engaged with each other to construct the documents ( CONTRACTS ) creating artificial entities called GOVERNMENTS, holding the use and application of force, both of law and physical action executing our law of Constitutions, the founding contracts!
Our personal and collective engagements are contracts!
The proof of this statement is contained in our foundational documents, 1776 Declaration, original State Constitutions, Articles Of Confederation, Treaty of Peace 1783, N W Ordinance 1787, and then the States Constitution 1789/1791 creating the administration of Confederated powers are all CONTRACTS between the good People.
We the People are the only Parties Principal to these contracts.
We the People are the Grantors and source of authority of all governmental operations, by and through our joint and several contracts,
We the People are the political Creditors to all government operations.
We the People did not grant our governments the authority or power to interpret our contracts; alter our contracts; circumvent our contracts or usurp our contracts!
We the People are the owners of government because We the good People created them! (F.N. 3)
We the People never granted our governments the authority to legislate over We the People as a class, nor individually, because We knew no one holds authority or power over their neighbor.
We the People are the sole beneficiaries of the administering of our Contracts.
Thus, and very clear as fact and law, We the good People collectively and individually are MASTERS over government and all its actors!
Governments created and constructed by the good Peoples sole purpose is to serve and protect the good People.
Reading the contracts and identifying the parties to them, brings forth their purpose and cause that settles the issue completely.
There are only two positions available in government relations, Master or Servant.
All other relations with government are derivative to these two positions, in short servants by license, franchise or assignment.
If you are a government servant you have a contract to serve the good People, that’s the law of the good People.
  1. Is there a contract in evidence defining the legal relations between the People and our governments?
The simple answer is YES!
Article 6 of the Constitution for the United States Of America, which is part of the People’s contract, requires every individual serving, working for, or exercising governmental powers or authorities, to pledge their personal bond, and fidelity to, the good Peoples CONTRACTS!
This oath requirement is the personal individual recognition of the servants position.
This contract is a personal individual legal relationship between every American and every government servant.
No honest servant would ever interpret, supersede, circumvent nor usurp their administrative powers.
Failure to act in complete accord with the contract terms pledged is BREACH OF CONTRACT, for which there is no defense. This is specifically true and correct and complete in the context of Article 4, Full Faith and Credit to be given to all government records and documents. In other words government records are not only property of the government, yet proof of acts or omissions by the servants creating them.
Proof of what?
Proof that those pledging fidelity to the good People performed as promised or failed to do so.
The oath is required by law of contract called Constitution.
ThE public records prove absolutely UNDIVIDED LOYALTY! The public records prove that government officers, employees or contractors, either operate correctly according the good Peoples contracts or they do not. There is no escape from these records. There is no denying the proofs contained therein because the servants created the records. No one, particularly government systemites may deny their own records.
The oath, the terms of service, the payment for honest services prove conclusively all government actors or posers have a duty under the contract to serve that which They've voluntarily engaged.
The contracts are either in evidence or they are not. Which is it?
The Constitutions, both state and national, are Contracts in evidence.
  1. Are the contracts valid and enforceable?
The simple answer is YES!
"Now, please argue with me." Be advised you will be required to produce the source of authority for your argument. Good luck!
Any attempt to argue by a government actor claiming power or authority to act outside enumerated powers is in BREACH OF CONTRACT.
Any attempt to argue any point whatsoever outside the personal pledges to loyalty from government servants results in DVIDED LOYALTY becoming public record.
Government servants either keep their word given in oath, or they don’t.
Those that keep their word will be proud of their record of proven performance. No one would ever challenge honest servants.
Those that do not honor their pledged oath to the People’s law and governments, act in breach of their own contract, BREACH OF CONTRACT.
This charge against any government actor leads to other misdemeanors and high crimes. . . right up to Treason.
The enforceable contract being presented to any public servant is available to any American to pick up and execute by merely demanding performance!
The servants contract is public record. Having a copy of that record in hand, along with the Constitution that the servant promises to act under -- oath or employment contract -- authorizes any American to demand the right of performance. We pay our servants to perform.
The standards of performance are memorialized in the good People’s Constitutions.
Our contracts with each other creating governments do not in any manner authorize our servants to interpret, circumvent, alter, amend nor abolish the very source of authority creating the positions of servants.
In the event the People’s servants circumvent for any reason, their own contractual obligations, the result is BREACH OF CONTRACT!
4. Who holds the right to enforce the contract?
The simple answer is the good People!
We the People created governments. We did so with contracts between the good People legalizing force for each of our protection.
If we the People do not have the right to enforce the contracts Under which We created governments, who does?
Under what law, theory of law, operation of law, context of law or contract, are parties to the contracts -- our American foundational documents -- allowed in any manner whatsoever to be denied the absolute right to enforce our contracts by all means necessary? NONE!
Under what law, theory of law, operation of law, context of law or contract, is denial of access to the protections of the good People’s contracts particular to the Bill of Rights, not a BREACH OF CONTRACT a TORT and a crime of massive compounding import?
Are contracts to be applied under the known intent and specific language as written and agreed to? Yes!
"If We the People do not act to control our servants We get what We deserve."
Under what set of circumstance should We the People look to our servants to solve the problems of corruption, DIVIDED LOYALTY, BREACH OF CONTRACT, other wise known as either sedition or treason? None!
Do We have enough evidence on the open public record to prove that a very large portion of our government servants refuse, have refused, will continue to refuse, to honor their own contractual obligations to investigate and fully prosecute known proven wrongdoers? Yes!
  1. Are the Original contracts of the good People, We the People, still valid day?
The simple answer is Yes!
Because only the parties to the contract hold authority to void, cancel or invalidate their contracts.
Is there any evidence any where, in any form or forum, on public record available to the People indicating in any manner whatsoever, that We the good People cancelled our contracts creating government? NO!
This one statement proves conclusively that our Republic is alive.
However, this Monograph would never have had to be written were it not for the People’s Republic government(s) having devolved into such a massive state of confusion as to Their proper function.
Did the People cause the confusion and corruption so rampant at the moment? NO!
The worst We could be accused of is being lazy and not supervising our servants in a manner that serves our own best interest. In truth and fact our negligence is the cause of many, many of the problems Americans face today.
What this statement indicates is very simple and direct.
If We the People fail to exercise our authority in direct action the future of our country is doomed.
  1. What happens if the servants to the Peoples contracts refuse or fail to honor their obligations?
The simple answer is BREACH OF CONTRACT!
Then the crimes begin.
Then the form of the People’s government changes.
Then We loose access to the law of our Constitutions through acts of our servants.
The servants failure to perform alters the form of our government, which means the People are denied the right to the benefits of our contract creating governments.
What this really means, and the full result of the actions We are all living under now, is that the government servants are now acting as SLAVERS controlling each of us Americans as HUMAN CAPITAL, to be managed for their benefit.
The result is our servants failure to honor their own obligations is that We are denied access to the law.
That means there is no law, merely rule by men operating a SLAVE system for MANAGING HUMAN CAPITAL!
  1. Is the Office of President the position to enforce the contract, with the absolute duty to do so?
The simple answer is YES!
See Resolution and Solution Letter below for one simple mechanism having the possibility of opening a new dialogue.
When the Congressional Committee leadership receives this Monograph and the Letter below, addressed to individuals, each will expose completely to whom and to what their loyalties lay.
Did We the People elect Donald Trump or not?
Is the Office of President required to order it’s Department of Justice to investigate and prosecute wrong doers?
If the Department of Justice and its minions, refuses or negligently fails to execute the laws, is the President required under his own personal oath -- bonded word by inauguration acceptance -- to act in Chief Magistrate capacity, make findings of fact, issue arrest warrants, and turning over those arrested to the civil courts? YES!
Does the Office of President hold the power and the authority backing the power, to arrest public officers or employees who place the security of the People and Nation at risk to foreign or unknown parties? YES!
Would this act by the Office of President call to account in public forum, every systemite having knowledge of the act to review their own positions?
  1. If the recipients refuse to act, fail to respond to the Letter below, is that self generated admission and confession of DIVIDED LOYALTY, resulting in exposure of the fact that We the People are held to INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE under breach of contract?
The simple answer is YES!
When we the people simply ask our Servants to tell us if they are honorable and show us the records, We will know who they work for! The People and our country or someone or something else.
In the context of this Monograph, in particular this section, what do We the People have to loose by sending the Letter with the Monograph attached?
What do We have to gain?
  1. Is BREACH OF CONTRACT relatively easy to prosecute with a low threshold for evidence proving the breach is available as public record?
The simple answer is YES!
Public records belong to the public, We the People.
Does every American hold the right to sue any government actor in a CIVIL ACTION for breach of contract? Yes!
When the government actor can not, will not, prove from public record, to the plaintiff, one of the good People, the contract in the form of Constitution was complied with, is that admission and confession of a crime? Yes!
If any other government actor, fill in judge or attorney here, attempts to assist the defendant in circumventing the simple demand to publicly declare their loyalty, will those individuals convict themselves of BREACH OF CONTRACT and DIVIDED LOYALTY?
Resolution and Solution
A very simple direct mechanism found in the Constitution at Article 2 section 3: “ he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States. “.
This is the Chief Law Enforcement position which functions as the Chief Magistrate in charge of Executive Tribunals. These Tribunals exercise the power of legalized force to execute the law of the good People’s Contracts.
These kinds of tribunals have never been set up by the executive branch even though the executive branch holds the power, right and duty to do so. This is particularly true when the public records show, as they currently do, a systemic breakdown in the Rule of Law.
When DOJ, FBI, and Judges, blatantly act outside the law by protecting either known felons or individuals illegally in our country, the President must act.
The executive branch tribunal making a finding of fact, conclusion of law that a public employee or officer, is found to be in breach of contract, is the charge fully capturing all resulting acts which are now causing so many problems for We the People.
Neither the Legislative or Judicial branches are authorized to trespass on the duties of the Executive, particularly when executing the mandate to enforce the law of the Constitution. In the event Congress or the courts do trespass they will be identifying their individual DIVIDED LOYALTY and BREACH OF CONTRACT.
The executive branch tribunals do not exercise judicial power and therefore would be required to turn over those accused of breach of contract to the civil courts for full open trial.
What this means in very simple terms, is that the charges once made capture all of the records concerning that individual. The charges require the accused have the opportunity to defend themselves. The only valid defense would be production of the public records involving the accused. The records prove either proper compliance with the oath promise of UNDIVIDED LOYALTY, or they prove BREACH OF CONTRACT and DIVIDED LOYALTY!
At that point, when the discovery is requested, the facts will begin to flow and we the American people will know who is an honest public servant and who is not
The duties of the executive branch, the Office of President, to execute the law, requires that these tribunals be set up now in order to bring charges immediately.
Executive Tribunals being in open public operation call out every corrupt government actor. More to the point, Executive Tribunals place the Legislative and Judicial branches -- along with all their actors -- on the hottest of seats. How could these characters challenge direct action to enforce their personal contracts to serve the government properly with out convicting themselves of DIVIDED LOYALTY and BREACH OF CONTRACT?
The secondary operation then becomes Military Tribunals judging known proved foreign agents infiltrating and invading our country and governments on behalf of foreign parties. The proofs of record exposed by Executive Tribunals are full faith and credit, judgement on evidence from public record!
Let the fun begin!
Every one must face not only themselves, yet those around them at some point.
Simple direct on point actions always produce results. What those results are is determined by the consensus.
When enough Americans directly challenge the status quo, things change. Thus it has always been. The Court of Public Opinion controls and passes judgement.
Manipulation of Public Opinion is only effective when the People sitting as the jury refuse to act individually; "thus resulting in the people becoming subjects, with out Their consent".
In your hands right now is a tool, call to action, which may change your world for the better.
Send the Letter in the form of an email as provided to exercise your right and duty to hold ALL public officers, employees, and contractors to account.
What do you or any of the American People have to loose?
What do we, ALL of us Americans have to gain?
How would we, the authors of this Monograph, explain to our children and grand children, that we did nothing and foreclosed their liberty and future?
This Monograph is the culmination of years of activities by a few who have affected the international cabal in their slave process of managing human capital. We look forward to exposing what has been done at some point, by all of our actions.
To the American People, our Law exists: Is your access to personal liberty, a future for yourself and your children and grand children, worth investing 20 minuets of your time to simply present this gift to those who claim to serve your interests?
If, yes, then We as a nation will survive and prosper.
If, no, then We the People as as a nation will dissolve, descending into feudal servitude to unidentified masters, the human capital managed for benefit of the few unidentified Slavers.
Make your choice!
Remember your choice affects every one around you.
Thank for your time in reading this Monograph.
Thank you in advance of going into action, serving the emails, and sharing what you did with the whole country.
For those who choose to attempt to subject me to your personal Slavery by refusing to act, F. O.
F.N. 1; “ Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State. And the Congress may by general Laws prescribe the Manner in which such Acts, Records and Proceedings shall be proved, and the Effect thereof. “
F.N. 2; “ The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same. “
F.N. 3; “ We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, ‘do ordain and establish’ this Constitution for the United States of America.
‘Emphasis added.’
Both, state and federal servants are the same. This Monograph, email and delivery system applies to every government actor from the lowest county position to the highest federal judge!
(These same emails could be used for any government actor, simply insert the servants name at their official contact.)
Simply insert the email address. The position is recognized by government email address.
Attach the published file containing the above Monograph.
SUBJECT: Verification of Loyalty.
I am, Your name , address, contact information.
I am one of your constituents.
You represent me.
Given the massive confusions surrounding so many government activities at the moment, I am confused as to who to trust. This lack of trust is well earned by witness in the public of so much corruption and civil, human rights abuse.
Please read the attached file. It is published, thereby being public record, now presented to the Office you serve for official records.
In order that I do not mistakenly identify individuals operating in DIVIDED LOYALTY, and BREACH OF CONTRACT, I have a simple request.
My question to you is very direct and simple. I require an answer now!
Who do you work for and represent, me and all of the People, or, do you serve some other interest outside your publicly promised loyalties under your contact?
You Will please:
Return an email to me with one of the below statements underlined and in bold.
A. I, , am a loyal servant to the good People, understanding I am honor bound to recognize the fundamental law given by the good People through their constitutions, and all records concerning my performance will verify my contractual obligations are in complete compliance with the terms, and conditions of service to which I pledged my oath. I will hold no defense against Breach of Contract charge that is supported by public record.
B. I am a loyal government employee and serve the government or others as my first obligation.
The simple fact is, if you as a government actor do not serve the good People first, last and always, you operate under DIVIDED LOYALTY! Then the question becomes who you really work for, and are you deceiving me?
The context of this request is presented by the attached published document.
Please take the time to read this attachment carefully.
This request is a formal Letter of Wishes from a Beneficiary, your constituent, to the government office you serve and get paid to perform according to the Peoples Constitutions, first, last and always.
Be advised this email, in particular your response or lack thereof, will be used as evidence.
I believe every American wishes for honest properly functioning government.
Do you?
Thank you for your prompt response, I and other constituents look forward to your actions on the public record.