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Charles Miller

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Dear Donald John Trump, President Of The United States Of America,



I approach you as trustee holding my property, my political will, the exercise of my right to choose the political forum which I inhabit.


Thus, this presentment is a Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes to the trustee sitting as CEO over the executive branch of the United States as the Peoples government.


"Your National Security Advisor -- Mr. John Bolton -- in his public statement ratifying the People as Sovereign is accepted as an executive order governing National Security."


Proper lawful service to the Peoples Constitutions, Rule of Law, the highest source of law, is the first and highest National Security.


The policy of Recognition and service to bona fide Sovereigns, Beneficiaries and People, is now set in stone from the Chief Executive Office representing the Peoples Sovereignty.


We the Sovereigns, duly noted to the White House, present this Letter of Wishes as a formal Beneficiaries Request.


Please request that Mr. Bolton establish a contact point and team to address National Security issues caused by divided loyalty government actors refusing to recognize the People as Sovereign in performance of public duties to the Peoples Constitutions, and respectively request to be advised of same for immediate reporting needs.


"The current corrupted agencies now being exposed are not trusted to receive reports of Divided Loyalty as proven by public record." Thus, this request is intended to invoke the proper jurisdiction to address Divided Loyalty, particularly pertaining to foreign principles.


"Also please note that we, Miller, Westover and Provost, have not been contacted by your Secretary Of State."  The confusion between the acts -- or failure to act -- of the Secretary Of State and Mr. Bolton’s statements ratifying services owed by Mr. Pompeo, certainly appears to raise National Security issues inside State Department operations.


Thank you for your prompt action.


Charles Miller -



Dear Donald





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