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Charles Miller

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Dear Donald John Trump, President Of The United States Of America,



I approach you as trustee holding my property, my political will, the exercise of my right to choose the political forum which I inhabit.


Thus, this presentment is a Beneficiaries Letter of Wishes to the trustee sitting as CEO over the executive branch of the United States as the Peoples government.


We the Sovereigns, duly and properly noted to the White House, recognize the powerful statements made before the World at the U. N.


A mistake in character of Sovereignty and positions of sovereignty left open an assumption that must be cleared up.


Our office of President and our governments, state and national, have no sovereignty of their own. Our governments, We the People created, REPRESENT THE PEOPLES INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE SOVEREIGNTY!


As Beneficiaries of all government operations, this Letter of Wishes, is the formal request for our President, to correct the record through your mastery over the TWEET jurisdiction and public opinion court.


You will please make the public statement that as President, along with all executive branch agents, you are the representative of the Sovereignty of the People and governments duty is to make that clear to the World.


This statement will send the message to every true patriot and those in government service, and international partners, that the policy of the United States is to serve and be responsive to the People now and in the future.


We will ratify this Letter with a formal writing, under Seal.


God Bless you Donald John Trump.


Charles Miller -


Dear Donald
        John Trump



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